PTCL Announces Economy Broadband Package

اسے اردو میں پڑھیے

PTCL Economy PackagePTCL today announced that it is offering economy broadband package to its customers, with 1Mbps speeds but a monthly limit of 10 GB for download/upload at a monthly charge of Rs. 499.

This package, that can be suitable for those with limited internet activity, will allow customers to use extra bandwidth (after exceeding their quota) at Rs. 100 per additional GB.

Having said this, PTCL’s Economy Broadband Package comes with Freedom Package only, that will cost you Rs. 250 extra – but will allow you unlimited free calls, nation wide.

Package Details:

  • Download up to 10 GBs is inclusive in the Package Price
  • Rs. 100 per GB will be charged for downloads greater than 10 GBs
  • Total DSL charges will be capped at Rs. 1,500 which means that after 20 GBs the Package will become unlimited.
  • Rs. 1,500 will be charged as downgrade charges from other (Student & Regular) packages if they Opt into this package
  • All other charges will be charged as per prevailing policy.
  • This Package will be available with PSTN Freedom Package (Rs. 250) for new customers and existing customers can also avail Freedom Package with Broadband Economy Package.

  • Salman Abbas

    lol not without gimmicks, as usual.

  • llGooglell

    Superb Offer for Students of Universities and Family…. it will bring alot of members..over the PK

  • raja maja

    i like it.

  • AK

    Rs. 1,500 will be charged as downgrade charges from all 1 Mbps and Higher Packages (Student & Regular) if they Opt into this package —- why they are charging such very big amount for downgrading ??????

    • Muhammad Anas

      why they won;t charge? I mean what is PTCL for? They have to clear government dues too so they are right to charge for anything including but not limited to upgrading/downgrading.

  • good offer, i think

  • arifktk

    A very shrew way of telling students that you are not welcome. Will i ever see a package from PTCL without any ifs and buts.

  • Zareen Khan

    i’m agree with you Salman Abbas.

  • Customer

    A very affordable package and required now that student package is available at Rs. 1099 per month. I think it makes commercial sense to cap the package if you want to make it affordable :).
    And downgrade charge of 1500 are on the higher side but that is something that happens anywhere else in th world as well. At least in USA they do charge you for downgrading your packages.

  • It takes a year for PTCL to think of new packages and implement them on last date of the year still not impressive..

    • Shuja

      PTCL has come up with many attractive packages in past one year and all are pretty impressive for a regular internet user like me. Witribe, Wateen, Qubee and other internet services have failed to offer such customer friendly packages. You can compare the packages on PTCL with any other ISP. I, as a user, am totally satisfied with the EVO and Nitro packages which i use in my home as well as in office.

      • kaka

        10gb is very less if u use to watch utube or other video websites.

      • PTCL Employ

    • Amir

      Dude you got the answer. It take years to make a new package because there are
      thousands of things to look out for, that’s why if we find any short end in the
      package, it is because of other expenses. We should be thankful if something better is happening.

  • Ahmad

    199+499+250=948 , not 848
    monthly line rent of Rs.199 not applicable on freedom pkg i think

    • james

      499 +250 for freedome package and new landline subs

      499+199 for existing landline subs who order new dsl

      ab iss say aur sasta kia hau ga telephone aur DSL

      • guddu

        yani kay total hia 749 for freedom package and 698 for existing customers with landline. Good hai and i think freedom package ke option zayada achi hay at 250 Rs. unlimited landline to ptcl landline calls


    freedom package has no line rent, make yourself correct !

  • LALA

    please confirm about line rent….i think its not applicable on freedom package.

    • hasan

      no it is not.

  • i think this gonna b the flop package people will discontinue after using number of months just because the reason they may b unaware of using excess of their limit, and it will leave them with lots frustration of the usage of some extra GB charges

    • Kamran

      Why people like you, always try to find dark sides of the things. One thing is for sure that this package is very economical and we should be satisfied with it.

  • good offer but PTCL has two issues
    1. Its not easy to get connect
    (especially in my area)

    2. PTCL goes down for 1-2 days and ppl pay bribe to lineman for restoration

    • Faisal

      I ve heard so many complaints like this.. and thank god i have no such issues in my area… Broadband and service works great but you have to put a little pressure on them… :-)..
      This is how things work in pakistan!

  • amazing package

    • hani

      yeah for basic users. remember as soon as you cross the 10gb limit you’ll be charged extra. LUCKY You that YouTube is not working :D

  • i dont want to use phone line just want to use dsl service so freedom package cost .250 and dsl charges 500 under 10gbs total 750 ,wht are the line rate ???if 200 then the total amount will be 950 …dont makes any big difference for me

    • Ali Bhai

      Sohail there is no line rent if you are paying for freedom package. Call 1236 to understand in case you are still confused.

  • so we simply say that 1mbps connection and unlimited nation wide calls in just rs.750

    download limit is 10Gb’s ,rs 100 charge per gb exceed and if user use more than 20 gb’s the download limit goes unlimited for rs 1500

  • Hasan

    Just called 1236. If you want to avail this service as a new customer. You will be charged 1000 Rs installation fee. Freedome package is not mendatory to avail with this service but if you want to avail freedomepackage, you will not be charged line rent with it. Wifi modem will come free with new connection. So you will be charged with freedome package 499+250= ? , without freedome package 499+ line rent = ?

    Does this help you? Hit “LIKE ” to keep it alive, so others can see.

    • no bro freedom package is compulsory means without freedom package u cant avail this offer , well line rent is not charged on freedom packgae and u can call unlimited on ptcl to ptcl and vfone no. nationwide

      • Hasan

        i’ve been informed by one of sales representatives of PTCL that it is not mandatory and is optional service.

        • check ptcl officials website and their facebook page @ed782a0a4d6414306114e1b22f0405bb:disqus

  • freedom package is compulsory means without freedom package u
    cant avail this offer , well line rent is not charged on freedom packgae
    and u can call unlimited on ptcl to ptcl and vfone no. nationwide so monthly chargers dsl under 10gb and unlimited calls in just rs 750

    • Chandio

      10 gb is a very limited bw , you often go beyond that space if one goes upto 20 Gb, which is very likely for a normal user, then you can count what the total will be when every single gb will be charged with 100 pkr.I don’t think it’s a good package only to those who use phone more then internet.

  • Hassan Zobeen

    I think ptcl should stop announcing new package and concentrate on the stability i have a lot of evidences which turn ptcl in a big loss

    • Shuja

      Well PTCL is already focusing a lot on the quality service and it has successfully improved its service over the period of time. I have been a customer of PTCL since past few years and i can exactly relate how has the PTCL improved its quality and customer management system

      • Chandio

        but not everywhere. specially not in small towns and rural areas.

    • Chandio

      yes, exactly, they need more stability speciually in the places where they are copper wires change then optic fiber one for more stability then annoucing new connection and all these gimmicks.

  • Another good package offered by PTCL

  • Saud

    Well I must say superb. PTCL deserves applaus for bringing such a remarkable package. Thousands of people are paying wi-tribe, qubee and wateen etc 1000-1250 as 1MB package for broadband in which only 8GB internet is allowed. I must sat if PTCL is giving 1MB in 499 and then adding to it a freedom package of 250 free voice calls having no line rent. It surely will snatch all those customers i mentioned above from other BroadBand service providers. Is se susti khamoshi he ho sakti he bhai, lols

  • Haris

    dost mujhe ye batao k economy 1mbps pakage k liye ptcl landline ka hona zarurui hai? q k mai ptcl use nahi karta to kya ptcl landline k baghair ye pakage chal sakta hai? aur agar mai freedom pakage na lena chahun to kya mujhe us k pese b dene parain ge ya nahi? plz reply zarur karna q k mai is pakage ko use karne mai interested hon. thankx

    • Hassan

      Landline aur freedom package dono cumpulsory hain. Matlab aapko pehle ptcl ka connection lena pare ga. Us k baad hi aap freedom package aur dsl economy package le sakte hain. To agar aap 10gb se zada download nahi karte to aap k ptcl bill k monthly charges hon gay 500+250=750rs. Freedom package pe ptcl ka line rent 0 ho ga.



    • Shuja

      Then you need to visit nearest one stop shop (PTCL’s service center) to get your package changed.

  • ahmad

    Well i use evo currently and my monthly downloaded data hardly crosses 2 gb(according to evo stats).. despite 2 hours a day usage. Evo speeds are dead slow here:( So this package would be awesome for me. (according to evo stats) i just want to know about its speed.

  • mera ye packege 20 date ko activate huwa hai to kya agli 20 date ko iski donloading khatam ho gi or 21 date ko sar se donloading shoru ho gi answer me PLZZZZZ…

  • waqar ahmed

    How we can find that how many gb i hv used???

  • ptcl ke hidden charges aur taxes per month kiya hain ??? yaani maximum kitna bill aayega 10 gb internet use karne par (is package per) …my friend told me that 150 extra charged
    as local call charges etcccc charges is that true ?????

  • zunera

    hamy kasy pata lagy ga k hm kitny GB use kar chuky han ?

  • ye kese pata chale ga k kitna data use kar chukey hain?

  • umer

    just got dsl modem installed 3 days back…… but still it is not activated…. what to do??

    • umer

      about the modem lights…… power and adsl are green and internet light is blinking…..!!!!

  • daniyal junaid

    Anyone can tell me what are the installation charges of economy package.

  • AyAz Samo

    Landline Monthly Rental: Rs. 199Economy Broadband Package: Rs. 499
    Freedom Package Chagres: Rs. 250
    Total: Rs. 848

  • tsf1903

    10 gb includes downloading+browsing :( bekaar package

    • Chandio

      limited downloads but browsing can be unlimited one can do in 10gb

  • Keith

    check your volume by dialing 1218 or 1236 <—PTCL

    Use NetWorx.
    Pros: Install NetWorx on your all computers and check mark sync option in advanced tab in settings. Sync's usage of all computers on the same network(router) and gives same summed up usage on all computers,

    This software is tested all over the world and is accurate. in case your NetWorx usage and PTCL usage don't match up then obviously PTCL is lying. I mean PTCL is run by Pakistani's and there is likely more chances that your Pakistani ISP (Internet Service Provider) is lying to you…..why?……..profit…profit…profit.

    Also use SoftPerfect Wifi Gaurd, It tells you who is using your network(router), through wifi and directly by line. now if some unauthorized person tries to use your wifi you will know it.
    Q: common question, if my speed is 1mbps then why in download manager it shows 128 kbps.
    Ans: 1mbps = 1mega BIT per second, and 128 kbps = 128 kilo BYTE per second, , 8 BIT = 1 BYTE, note in computer case 1 kilo = 1024 and 1 mega = 1024 kilo. so 1m(bit)ps x 1024 = 1024 k(bit)ps, now divide by 8, becomes 128 k(byte)ps.

    Technically speaking your computer NetWorx software syncs up with other NetWorx software installed on your other computers, also with sync option enabled. so if one of your computer does not have NetWorx installed then your monthly volume reading won't be accurate. same goes for your android device with WIFI ability. i don't know if there is a NetWorx app on google play, i haven't checked.