Legal International Traffic Increased by 8% During Last Month: Anusha Rehman


Collective efforts from all stakeholders have barred the illegal voice traffic during last month resulting an 8 percent increase in white traffic, said Ms. Anusha Rehman, State Minister for IT and Telecom.

During a follow up meeting regarding the monitoring of grey trafficking, Ms. Rehman said that this achievement is attributed to PTA, which had full support from Ministry of IT, ICH Consortium, Mobile Operators and Law Enforcement Agencies.

Mr. Akhlaq A. Tarrar, Secretary IT, Mr. Azmat Ranjha, Additional Secretary IT, Dr. Ismail Shah, Acting Chairman PTA, CEOs and Senior Management of Mobile Operators and representatives from law enforcement agencies were also present on the occasion.

The participants were informed about the efforts made by the monitoring team and the resultant arrests of culprits and confiscations of illegal equipment and gateways during the presentation: It is worth mentioning here that merely one such set up was involved in about 11 million minutes per month of grey traffic.

It was decided during the meeting that after consultation with Ministry of Information Technology, PTA will procure SIM Box detection Service to further strengthen the activities against grey traffic.

The State Minister emphasized on taking the general public in loop so that optimal outcomes might be attracted. In this regard it was decided that an extensive media campaign under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) banner would be run by PTA, using electronic media particularly, Mobile Companies will participate in generating SMS messages and proactive measures to engage public in curbing this menace of grey traffic.

In view of the outcome of these measures, the ICH policy will accordingly be reviewed at the end of December.

    • inKa bus chalta tu yeh skype viper whatsapp in sab par banned laga detay laikin isa karne se sab se bara nuqsan inka hi ho ga kyun ke ptcl broadband fail ho jayega kyunke bhaut se log skype ki wajah se hi yeh device purchase karte he app log yeh samaj lo yeh apne khud ke nahi hamare kya ho ge

  • Are they saying that after all their efforts against grey traffic, they were only able to turn 8% into legal traffic? What does that mean?

    Does that mean they didn’t do enough raids or IP blockings to affect grey traffic? Even after taking down high-profile grey traffickers and blocking 2,00,000 IP addresses, only 8%?

    Does that mean that grey traffic is in reality not very high, that there isn’t much to convert to legal?

    Does that mean most people have shifted to using Skype or Google Hangouts to talk to Pakistani relatives?

    What is the point they are trying to make?

    I don’t know… if I were the minister I would not be impressed by an 8% figure enough to make a news conference crowing about that. 28% sure. 18% maybe. 8%? JOKE.

  • This is such a joke really! I see this picture and most faces have been around the industry (with different companies) since grey traffic started. The problem is that ministers keep coming and going but these people always stay with one of the Operators. The minister should seek the answer as to why these people who have been around for so many years cannot deal with this menace, whether from a policy perspective or from a technical perspective.

    If the industry was really serious to curb this, it can be done in one month with the right policies as witnessed during the time of Shahzada Alam. We usually have derogatory remarks for Ex-servicemen but insiders would agree that with the right policies and the right directives coupled with the right technology is the ONLY way to detect and mitigate grey traffic.

    Reality is the big players like PTCL and LDIs (some, of course!) always have people within the organizations who want to make an extra buck and hence as seen in the previous PPP regime; the regulator was dictated by the industry which led to PTA being a dysfunctional and a corrupt regulator.

  • On top of these stupids is dummy member telecom who is even not worth being a dierctor.taking dictation from these industry tyecons and act blindly just for showing efficiency to his mama minister

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