Warid Offers Free Data Usage Alerts for International Roaming Subscribers

Warid Offers Free Data Usage Alerts for International Roaming Subscribers

Have you been roaming abroad, using data and have been shocked by your bill upon returning home? Warid brings an end to your bill-shock worries and offers for the very 1st time in Pakistan, real-time based,Warid Data Usage Alerts for all postpaid International roamers!

Facility is said to be aimed at helping such users who keep their data services active during International roaming. Now they will be able to get timely alerts so they can keep a check on their data usage and can roam around without worrying about their bill.

The postpaid customers roaming abroad will be informed of their data usage through an SMS after every 4 hours. Data roamers can now manage their monthly bill through these usage incurred alerts. For example, after every four hours subscribers will get a message saying “Dear Customer, Last 4 hours DATA usage for your number is —KB. Smartphone users can stop Data Services/Auto Sync options anytime to avoid over billing.”

Postpaid customers using data roaming can avail this service free of cost.

To unsubscribe from this service customers simply have to dial 321 to talk to Warid’s Customer Service Representative and unsubscribe this service.

Warid offers International Roaming network that connects to some 264 International partners in 152 countries for 2G roaming followed by 192 partners in 115 countries for GPRS/Data roaming and there is pre-activated roaming offered for Warid Prepaid that is available in major countries across the globe.

Warid also offers in-flight roaming with Aero-mobile and On-Air that allows subscribers to use their mobile phones during flights and Marine time roaming that facilitates sea travellers.

Bringing consumer convenience to its next level, Warid continues to stand-out and strives for excellence in connecting people beyond borders.

  • Nasim Bari

    Mobilink should start it, last time i had issue while there is still no solution to it

    • test

      Come to warid I ported in 2007 from maybelink to warid and found best network never even think about going to any other network