Chief Technology Officer of Mobilink Resigns

Chief Technical Officer of Mobilink Resigns

Ramy Reyad Kamel, Chief Technology Officer of Mobilink has resigned from his position, we have confirmed.

Name for the new Chief Technology Officer is yet to be decided.

Resignation of CTO came at a time when Mobilink is undergoing a network upgradation and automation project that is contracted by Ericsson.

Under the terms of this infrastructure contract, Mobilink recently fired more than 250 employees, mainly from technical department.

Ramy Reyad Kamel was made Chief Technology Officer of Mobilink in December 2008. Earlier, Mr. Ramy, an Egyptian national, had served the Mobilink’s technical department for four years as a director.

New name for CTO of Mobilink is likely to be decided with-in next month.

It maybe recalled that Chief Financial Officer of Mobilink is also being replaced.

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  • Telecommunist

    The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!
    I hope they bring some Vodka and lighten up the mood in the telecom industry.

  • harryWah

    aamir bro my youtube is working from todays morning, asa kyu ?

  • Jawad

    250 employees were laid off and not fired. There is a difference between firing an employee and laying off an employee.

    • Shahrukh Arshad

      kya difference hai ji ?

      • Shahid Saleem

        Fired = let go because they did something wrong
        Laid off = let go because the company did not need them any more (for whatever reason).

        From an employee viewpoint, it is easier to get another job if you were laid off. Not so easy if you were fired for stealing from the company or being incompetent or something like that.

      • Jawad

        Lay-Off: Employee gets benefits as per agreement in offer letter. Employee will get encouraging experience letter. Lay-Offs are done when services are no more required.

        Fire: Results due to any negative action. No recommendations from the employer. Experience letter may not be as per desire. Termination letter is issued etc.

        I hope Mr. Shahid’s explanation along with this might be helpful in clarification the difference.

  • A

    I think there is no need to cover these kind of news, we have nothing to do with the companies’s internal matters.

  • uni

    Correction please he was chief technology officer

  • saliraza

    Thanks for this news.. I’ll apply for this vacancy.. Wish me Good Luck !! ;)

  • saliraza

    I don’t know why you post such useless information? Hum ko kar karna hai unn ki marzi jiss ko nikalen jiss ko rakheen.. hamari sehat par konsa asar parey ga

  • test

    Any how its a good decision, now maybelink might become mobilink

  • Shahrukh Arshad

    @sahahid saleem & jawad: brothers … all i wanted to say was that the bottom line is … “They lost their jobs”…

    • Shahid Saleem

      Allah does not guarantee employment anywhere in Islam. So, it is just a fact of life, like getting an illness.

  • patriot

    If Mobilink’s revenue is flat, then it is Chief commercial officer who should be fired first. He is responsible for sales and marketing, not CTO. Looks like the Russian hammer will be coming down on other executives also.

  • Rashid Ali

    Not interested to join u as CTO