Mobilink Rolls Out Biometric Verification System for sale of SIMs in Pakistan


Mobilink announced today that it has deployed biometrics verification system at its 5 Customer Care Centers and 32 franchises in Karachi to meet regulator’s deadline of November 30th, 2013.

Company said that its 789 verification system will continue in parallel with the biometric verification to ensure maximum security.

Mobilink, in a briefing, said that it has completed a test run of the biometric system on all 37 point-of-sales machines at its Franchisees and Customer Care Divisions to ensure uninterrupted verification process and the security system.

Mobilink has also completed the training of more than 150 personnel of the Franchisees, Sales and Customer Care staff and Customer Care Representatives to best serve its customers.

Farrukh Umair, Head of Sales Mobilink expressed his satisfaction on the successful completion of the first phase of the project saying, ‘Mobilink has always been the first to comply with all the directives from the regulator. We have yet again taken a lead in implementing the largest biometric SIM verification system and hope that it goes a long way in ensuring the safety and security of the people of Pakistan.’

Earlier, PTA has directed all operators to implement the biometric verification system for sale of SIMs latest by November 30, 2013.

  • another proof that our agencies cant do anything on their own.
    and now they are making people suffer for their poor performance.
    our privacy will largely compromised with this system

  • If PTA and government are really serious to eliminate illegal SIMs, then the ONLY and best way is to ensure that sims be sold at either Mobile Operator’s business center and Franchise ONLY. As soon as PTA allows these mobile operators to
    sell sim on retail shops, then things start getting out of hand.

    The balance / Load / scratch cards may be sold at any retail shop. But the
    sim, being a Consumer Durable Product, must only be sold at Franchises.

    Further after implementation of Biometric, then a reasonable time be
    given to all 5 operators for Re-Verification of existing operational
    sims in the market.

    Mobile Operators for their own benefit will try their best to sell
    sims at maximum outlets. But now its upto PTA and Government that they
    wish to watch our national interest or benefit of operators.

    I again reiterate my earlier suggestion, thats sims be sold ONLY at Franchises and NOT on retail shops.

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