Google Agrees to Launch Localized Version of YouTube in Pakistan

Google Agrees to Launch Localized Version of YouTube in Pakistan

Google/YouTube has conditionally agreed to launch localized version of YouTube in Pakistan that will work in-line with local authorities to block blasphemous content with-in Pakistani borders, reported

Citing the Minister for IT and Telecom, Ms. Anusha Rehman, the paper said that this new arrangement will give birth to or YouTube.PK, a local version of YouTube in Pakistan.

Ms. Rehman was cited as saying that government of Pakistan has succeeded in convincing the Google management about religious sensitivities of Pakistanis.

She was explaining the situation to a Standing Committee of Senate yesterday.

Anusha Rehman further unveiled that Google wants not to be held responsible for any blasphemous content uploaded on its sites as that will be a personal action of the individual. Google, however, will work closely with government of Pakistan to get any such blasphemous content blocked in Pakistan.

Google, according to the minister, has asked Government’s guarantee in this regard, for which a detailed draft is being prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Anusha said that this draft ordinance – after finalization — will be processed by the ministry for enactment as law.

After this localized version of YouTube, Ms. Rehman further explained, Pakistan won’t require any costly filtration mechanisms. Instead Google will easily be able to block blasphemous content on the request of the Pakistan government.

“Saudi Arabia and Malaysia have also reached a similar arrangement with Google,” Anusha Rehman said.

Localising YouTube would also mean that Google will not be violating its own company law of hindering freedom of expression, the state minister explained.

Responding to a question from the members, the minister said she could not give an exact date for the re-opening of YouTube.

It maybe recalled that YouTube is banned in Pakistan since September 17th, 2012 for not blocking blasphemous content in Pakistan.

        • with this localized version they’ll be able to block any anti-gov content. well you know what i mean. they all are hypocrites.

          • Yes you are right. In fact the real reason behind the youtube blockade is to prevent the sharing of content which goes against gov.

            • Don’t think that could be the reason, usage of FB is more than of Youtube, so then why Only YOUTUBE ?

              I think Our Gov should have some cntrl over websites atleast to minimize hatred material.

        • Uzair Betay Papa Se Aasi Baatain Nahi Kartey..
          Tumhari Mom Ne Tumhain Zara Se B Tameez Nahi Sikhai :P

        • no one should like Blasphemous material irrespective of Religion, i dont know whether you are muslim or not (although you have islamic name) but that kind of material should not be liked, it must be condemned whether against islam or any other religion.

          • “but that kind of material should not be liked and condemned whether against islam or ***any other religion.***” are you serious? What about Shias, Qadiyanis etc?? Will they be able to ban something from youtube?

            • blasphemous material should not be liked,
              What is wrong in my comment? I could not get your point in denying that fact

              • Blasphemy for one could be a belief or point of view for another. How would you define blasphemy for *everyone* aka *any other religion*? I always wished apostates to get death penalty in all religions.

                • making fun of other religion cannot be a belief or point of view, Islam also prohibits from doing so, there is difference between Blasphemous material and your personal point of view, if you dont like any religion keep your thoughts with you dont make fun of that religion

          • What I do in the privacy of my own home is my own business. Especially when it’s not causing anyone any harm to anyone, or costing anyone anything. Heck I’m not even breaking a law here. So I don’t know what the fuss is all about.

            • so if you want to have illegal relations with someone in your privacy (both of you agree) it should be allowed??

              Islam is complete system of life, it does not allow you to do bad things whether in privacy or public.

                • i understand all part of “not breaking a law”
                  i want you to understand that it is not about any law of country, its about doing right or wrong, having relations with prostitutes is not illegal in many countries, so if you are talking about “not breaking a law”, will you do it in your privacy, eating haram meal is not against any law of pakistan, will you do it in your privacy? come on dear, grow up, Islam is the best, i would like to invite you to Convert to Islam if you are not already Muslim, (sorry to say because if you like insult of Our Prophet, you are not the one)

        • You also like incest, and bestiality & private photos of your parents. So, when is your next home made movie due? I am looking forward to it. What do I know anyways? Maybe ____ runs in the family.
          @rest: On one hand, we have religious zealots and on the other, liberal fascists. Lets exterminate them both.
          @Amir: Can you share the possible identification of this douuutche with relevant authorities? You should make an example out of him. This rabid breed is the reason that we are facing a new ban every other day.

              • No one is barking “at you”. He is expressing his opinion. You are expressing your opinion. Except with your opinion, you want him dead.

                • One dog bit me, and the other one was barking at me. You need to understand who is who.
                  I am talking about two breeds, not just individuals.
                  At least my opinion will not cause riots and chaos. If we hang traitors, why not obvious menaces of society?
                  Dont downplay the disaster ‘mere’ words can bring. Did you forget Mulla Radio and other ‘sufis’ of Swat? How about recent example of Mr.’wise’ guy who declared Hakimullah shaheed? and OUR soldiers satans?
                  As far as ‘his’ opinion is concerned, isn’t b.s. like that a sufficient reason for Ansar Abbasi to go to courts and cite him as an example? This deuche may as well be admiring child p0rn. We do not give a fluff about that. But he may cause even more bans. Wana give this theory a try? Tweet this blogpost to Ms. Anusha Rehman. Do I need to remind you that cybercrime laws are in the making AND they will ‘use’ examples to make it very ‘efficient’ and ‘elaborate’?

                • An attention whore is now reduced to rubble i.e. blame game. Pot is calling kettle black.
                  Where is your “pair” btw? Why did you have to remove your pic when you had glasses on? Authorities?

          • No relavent authority will or can do shit about what I do on the internet since I’m not breaking any laws. So sue me!

          • Calling others religious zealots and then asking to exterminate them in the same sentence. Idiots like you is what is wrong with this country.

            • I pointed out two menaces of society. Religious zealots (so many examples) and liberal fascists (your species). Both should be exterminated. Thats the key to success of Pakistan. I am not whats wrong with Pak. I am whats missing from Pakistan i.e. sanity.

              • Yeah, sanity is exterminating people. You’re the same kind of sane that Stalin and Hitler was. You’re nothing but a hate monger, an extremist, a zealot in its truest sense. You’re one of those who will happily commit mass murder in the name of a peace loving religion.

                • If your breed should be left alone, why punish sympathisers of TTP and the likes?
                  Hitler? Stalin? Were you born and bred on streets with no chance of education? Am i talking about genocide or racism etc? I am simply mentioning a tiny faction of society which creates chaos besides causing all sorts of bans for EVERYONE. Authorities should hunt your breed down and leave us alone. We do not like blasphemy.

        • Don’t just be an Internet Warrior. Please paste your home/office address here. If you cannot disclose that because out of fear then please paste your email. That way we can chat about why you like something that ridicules Muhammad peace be upon him. Thanks.

          • Oh fuck off. No where did I say I want to watch ridiculous stuff about prophets. Were you brain damaged during birth or what? Do you even know how many websites are blocked in the name of ‘blasphemy’? 99.9% of them have no blasphemous content what so ever.
            Aida tu Islam da warrior.

            • “No where did I say I want to watch ridiculous stuff about prophets”.
              Another old school method of liberal fascists. Context as well as choice of words matter dear. You know exactly what the whole matter is about, and you still vomited. Do not chicken out. Authorities arent gonna do anything about it anyways. And wheres your pic with glasses on?

      • Do you think they banned IMDB because of blasphemy? No. It was because of one 29 minute movie that made them scared. All because a movie about Baloch missing persons made them afraid people will become curious about the Balochistan problem.

        It is 100% fact that videos removed from local version of youtube will not all be blasphemy. And you ESPECIALLY should be interested in what contents the government is afraid you will see. Don’t you know that when wikileaks started publishing, people tried to get the site banned? And it is only because of wikileaks that we know for a fact that our own military and goverment supported drone strikes in 2004 onwards.

        Stupid fool, you still think the government is trying to “help” you and is on your side.

        • if you are pointing towards me as “stupid fool”, i would like you to know that i am not interested in blockade or unblock, the comment was made based on the reported context.

          there are so many videos related to Balochistan or pakistan’s other issues (other than youtube), so i dont see it in that way that govt is trying to banned material related to Balochistan.

          the most important thing, if govt wants to ban any material that can disturb law n order situation, it is their right to do so.

          • They have shownt ime and time again to ban things that embarrass politicians and other “important” figures. For example why is cryptome site blocked? Because it exposes secrets our government and military do not want US to know (keep in mind everyone outside Pakistan can visit the site and see our secrets).

            Same reason for the two year block of rolling stone website (which works now). All because of ONE article about the military.

            No, the most important thing is the government CANNOT be trusted to ban the contents that are wrong. They work to protect themselves, NOT YOU OR PAKISTAN.

            • Well, People Know More the word YOUTUBE then IMDB.If they had blocked IMDB for BLA related issue,whats abt the Video of Attacking Quaid’s Residency At Quetta in Youtube?

              • It’s called “news”. It was shown on local TV channels. Do you want news blocked too??? Because if you do, then I think the PTA has a job for you: rewriting HISTORY.

        • The Film you are talking about “The Line of Freedom” is produced by David Whitney (might be american or British). i think all of us are aware that Pakistan’s enemies are trying to separate Balochistan from Pakistan then how can you think that story/film by them can represent true feeling/real picture of the situation. this is plot to make the condition worst and create hate for Pakistan Army

          • Danish Bhai, Shahid Saleem is a PROVEN IDIOT. No logic goes through his head so don’t waste ur time on this LUNAT1C.

          • Also oddly your reasoning does not apply to movie “Jinnah” which was also made by and starred non-Pakistanis actors in lead roles. So we cannot simpyl dismiss movies or music or plays or books or anything SOLELY because the creators were not Pakistanis.

            (Yet STRANGELY ENOUGH the main website for “line of freedom” site is *NOT* blocked. Just the IMDB page. Does that make sense to you? it doesn’t make sense to me.)

              • Because first of all NOT EVERYONE IS OUR ENEMY. And by blocking Facebook and Youtube and Twitter and other sites, we have also blocked our ALLIES. This year was the second year I could not view Eid on Youtube Live page. Who was served by this block?

                I used to watch scholar videos on Youtube all the time, when it was blocked, what did my own government expect me to do? Defy their rules and use a proxy? How is that teaching the citizens to respect their own govenrment.

                And my other point is: should we trust the government to tell us who to hate? Because that is clearly what they have tried to do in the past and clearly what they want to do forever.

                They want to CONTROL who we believe, even if they tell lies to our faces in the process.

            • That proves you to be no authentic regarding IMDB Blockage due to “Line of Freedom,” if the true Story DOESNT MAKE SENSE to you

              • So you have some explanation for why the page is blocked?

                Go to IMDB look at any movie. Not blocked.
                Then try to look at the IMDB page for that movie. Oops! Blocked by order of PTA.

                Explain that.

                  • ptcl and witribe: minus. com/m2MzixDFvzWF5
                    witribe redirects immediately to their blocked page so i cannot take a screenshot.

                    in fact, simply google for “line of freedom imdb page blocked in pakistan” and you will see LOTS of articles about it.

                    To say it is not blocked is…stupidity in the face of reality.

      • There is need of policies that which link or URL should be block. It is not like that if you want blasphemous material.

        Our politician use it for their own. If any one upload the video related to them it is also blocked.

    • now only one thing would happen that all material showing the bad governance of ruler party will be filtered.

    • Man, Who says you wouldn’t have access to all available content that way? You’ll be restricted for only what GOV.PK will block…rest all will remain accessable…

    • How did we win? Until we pass the law, no youtube. What does the law do? Protect Google from being attacked legally if there is blasphemy on Youtube. That is what Google wrote to LHC in court proceedings for opening Youtube months ago.

      So it is not Google doing what we want, but we are finally doing what Google wants. Which is the same as what Saudi Arabia and Indonesia and Malaysia and UAE and … all do for Google.

      • And You Again Didnt Talk About India..
        India Is Also Included In The List..
        Wonder Why You Always Forget India!!

        • India has Google office. Saudi Arabia and most other Muslim countries who asked Google to block it do not have a local Google office.

          That is the difference.

    • pyaray,do u think they are running out of business because some how we have blocked them!haha!naive ho tum log maulvion ki baaton mein a jatay ho

  • From the article: “Google, according to the minister, has asked Government’s guarantee in this regard, for which a detailed draft is being prepared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.”

    According to Badar Khushnood, the situation is totally different from how the pen pushers of Government of Pakistan are painting it. Currently, there is no active cyber crime law in Pakistan and the only way to cease & desist objectionable content is to launch a raid by FIA who will confiscate all the equipment of concerned service provider. As Google do not have a physical presence in Pakistan, this law can not apply on them – and they won’t set up a physical set up until this law is not altered, because obviously they do not want the FIA to take away their computers. So, it is a catch-22 situation.

    The ministry of IT & T and PTA is just playing another dirty game. They are not going to do anything to resolve the deadlock.

    • It is not catch-22. The minister said they will pass the amendment to law. A cyber law is in the works already (see older posts on this site for the draft text of the law).

  • This really a good news and i think our IT minister has really do such a wonderful job as looking she is doing something for pakistan.

    I really appreciate!!!.

    • She is made a fool of you. She is only agreeing to do what Google asked for months ago. In effect, it means she is GIVING IN to Google’s demand.

      (I’m not saying google’s demand is wrong, I am saying she didn’t do ANYTHING.)

      • Bhai – Did you see before

        Meaning that they do something as google agree for this type of domains hosting locally. I am not saying as these servers must be hosted here but might be possible they will host here because is already hosted here in Supernet.

        • Again the pointless domain argument. Man, WAKE UP. Having a .pk domains means N O T H I N G. Amazon has a pk domain, you ever see personalized sale items for Pakistanis there? Nopes. Dawn News has a .pk domain but do you ever see them using that? Domain DOES NOT MATTER.

          Anyone with a credit card anywhere in the world can get a pk domain. Does not mean they have to provide content tailored for Pakistanis.

          • Bhai i think u have to first read my comments and then argument.

            I am saying youtube same replica will be hosted here in Pakistan so before we didn’t see any type of such things here.

            I am not saying about the domain purchasing as i am totally aware of this things.

            What you think as is opening from US server? bhai for load balancing etc and most largest companies has hosted servers in their country.

    • I am sure less than 1% of the population in Pakistan searches for blasphemy content on Youtube. Regardless, You are 100% free not to visit the site if you don’t approve. You always were, you always will be.

  • Our IT minister is just expert on making news. Google just agreed, Pakistan does not have started any paperwork yet. They are still to do the internal work for this, If they would ever be done.

  • Until unless Google does not remove blasphemous content from their system worldwide, it wont be allowed to work from Islamic republic of Pakistan. N no one can grantee their security here…

    • Oey…. Jey Ay Gal Ay Tay Apo Block Kar Lo Blasphamous Videos…..
      Bary Aye Salah-uddin Ayoubi Dy Puttar……

    • People like you are why they have no office in Pakistan.

      Hey, guess what, fool: you wrote comment using disqus system, and disqus has blasphemy comments worldwide. Better stop commenting!

      • to some jew loyals,,, do you take the responsibility of 200 killings as a result of jew riots, take responsibility and do what you want. For few bugs people like you can sell any thing…

        • I’ll repeat my challenge: if you are against Google becuase of blasphemy on Youtube, then you should be against disqus commenting system because of blasphemy content on their service. If you don’t leave disqus right now you are a hypocrite.

  • what this jahil awam doesnt realize is that protesting against blasphemous material makes the person who made this more important and his content more popular!had this video not been made popular neither me nor any one of you would have watched or noticed it! par nai jahiliyat to khatm ho nai sakti

    • There is another enlightened & moderated breed here which vocally says they like blasphemous material. That is fodder for bans in Pakistan. You cant discount liberal fascists.

      • no body says they like it!you like to blame these so called liberals!tell me have these liberals bombed schools,declared vaccines haram,incited violence,declared others wajib ul qatal,supported killers like qadri??who has done these marvelous jobs!!ah the answer is easy!its the maulvis of jamaat e islami and the conservative pakistanis in general

        • I said liberal fascists. btw, bhai tera janaza bhi molvi ne parhana hi. Agar movil na howay tu….. :D
          Thats why, you must come to terms with the fact that not all molvees are religious zealots.

          • aray bhai!janaza parha likha samjhdar insaan jis to deen per aboor hai wo bhi parha sakta hai! maulvi ki zaroorat

            • Na Bhai Maza Nahi Aaya..
              Agar Molvi Nahi Hoga To Masjid Main Numaz Kon Parhay Ga??
              There Are Good Maulvi & Bad Maulvi..
              Dont Blame All Molvis!!
              Jis Taran Har Chamakti Hui Cheez Soona Nahi Hoti Wesay He Har Daari Wala Banda Molvi Nahi Hota :D

              • o bhai, agar kal to aap woi sab yad kar lo jo maulvi parhata hai to you can do it too!a guy who has just learnt quran his whole life without knowing its tru meaning does not deserve to be a maulvi!period

          • Yet more ignorance from you. Where does it say in Islam that only molvis can lead funeral prayers? Any Muslim male who knows the prayer can lead it.

  • Bhai Agar “ProPakistani” Pe Aana He To Shahid Saleem Ko *Ignore* Karna Paray!!
    No Offense, But 1 Dislike To Paray Gi :D

    • Anyone who clicks on your name to see your posting history can see what a wonderful person you are.


      • It Is What it Is :D

        But You Are So Annoying Nigga. Disagreeing With Everybody But You Ain’t Got No Opinion Of Your Own.

        So Much Negativity Man, Was You Born During The War?? Damn

  • Sue you? Do i need remind you that insane individuals are excused by judicial system in any part of the world? Why would i waste my time? As far as authorities are concerned, when the time comes, you shall crawl into ur mum’s lap and pray for the cloak of invisibility.

  • Whatever, Aaj ki dunya mai koi video ya topic ziada arsa chup nahi sakta, youtube kab se block hai, magar ab bhi jisey zaroorat hai woh chala he raha hai, incapable people jab govt mai hote hain to aisey he steps uthatey hain

    “blasphemous material” upload/search/view karne wale apne EEMAAN k khud zima-dar hain, aap (GOVT) kyun THEKEDAR baney hoye hai?

  • Nice job PP. “Ammar” used the f-word and it went through. My comments are awaiting moderation. Great filter.

    • Ha ha! You talked about KILLING him and he used the f-word so you are offended.

      KILLING A MUSLIM is less offensive to you than the f-word! Ha ha!

      You blow.

      • One is still barking. Anyways, i am not offended. I pointed out what the filter did. Unlike you, I am not suffering from autism. So i do not lose my attention just because someone used f word.

        • Killing a Muslim? and where did I say that? Extermination is carried out by state machinery, not individuals.
          By your definition, even Hakimullah will be a Muslim.

          • Your own words:

            @rest: On one hand, we have religious zealots and on the other, liberal fascists. Lets exterminate them both.

            Last I checked, religious zealots, whether or not they pick up guns, are still Muslims. Same goes for liberal fascists in Pakistan. Allah says that if you come to Him with a world full of sins you will still be forgiven, but apparently that’s not enough for you.

            Who doesn’t forgive? You.
            Who wants them dead? You.
            Who denies his own words? YOU.

            Saying only the state can kill is wishy washy tip toeing around your own words. You said “let’s kill”, you want them dead, no matter how.

  • Fool, if I have no opinion of my own then how can I argue with anyone. Sure looks like you failed reasoning.

    I do have opinions. I have well-thought out opinions. IT IS YOU WHO ARE SHEEP.

    • Oh Come On… You Just Read The Comment & Type Your Comment With Lots & Lots Of Negativity!!
      So It Is True That “Agar ProPakistani Pe Aana He To Tumain Ignore Karna Paray Ga!!

    • You are always right. An authority on wisdom. In fact, you are a crow…sorry, the wise crow. A lot of ‘wisdom’ + kaen kaen all the time :P
      I know your argument has ended. So you are left with insults only. The poor guy only dared to ignore you. I can feel for him.

      • He Is A Loner, Pus sy Boy Has No One To Talk With So Pus sy Boy Comes Here To Argue.
        I Feel Sorry For Him :3

      • What’s the use of reasoned arguments when someone (like your friend here) cannot understand reason?

        Oh wait, I’m reasoning with another fool. Go back to your funeral prayer leading molvis.

  • Cheeta Laga Ha..
    Bata Kahan Rehta Ha Tu, Dekhtay Hain Real Life Main B Teray T8toon Main Itna Pani Ha..

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