Breaking: YouTube Banned in Pakistan


We are receiving information which indicates that YouTube has been blocked in Pakistan on direct orders of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf has reportedly directed Ministry of Information Technology to block the access of YouTube website in Pakistan.

“Blasphemous content will not be accepted at any cost”, Prime Minister was quoted as saying.

ProPakistani users confirmed us that they were unable to open YouTube on some ISPs. Internet Service Providers are reportedly in process of blocking YouTube, as a whole website, which will be completed in a while.

Earlier in the morning today Chief Justice of Pakistan had ordered PTA to make all copies of blasphemous videos un-available to Pakistani internet users. However, due to fast replication of video on YouTube, the anti-Islam video was still available on the website.

A statement issued by PTA in the evening said that Authority has been vigorously monitoring and blocking the Anti-Islamic video placed on worldwide web.

Earlier, YouTube had denied a request from White House for removal of the film in question by saying that Video Film doesn’t violate its community guidelines but it had maintained that the controversial film was blocked in selected countries in accordance with local state laws.

It merits mentioning here that Afghanistan has already banned YouTube for same reasons.

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        • the monkeys at ptcl can never do anything right. just when you need to use google docs very importantly- they fail-block it. :|

      • Anything related to google has a slow load time,

        Even opening this article took 2 minutes
        Browser was Waiting for Google analytics.

        My own website has not been working for 3 days (its for a game, before people accuse me of something else), Lunar Pages’ hosting site has not been opening in my area as well. (Checked at other people’s homes)

    • It’s not possible for YouTube to block every single video, It is also not possible for them to watch every single video that is uploaded.

      Similarly, It is also not possible for our government to do the same. There are countless other sites out there that host them and it takes a single internet search to find them.

      The best thing we can do is accept that this world is a big place and we should only care about what we, as a Country, Religion and Community do instead of trying to control what the rest of the world’s population do.

      Peace be upon you.

      • Well put. Any jerk in any corner of the world can get millions of hits and cause chaos just by putting something stupid like this out there.

        The more we react to it, the more they benefit. Only solution is to ignore such filth, let it die a quiet death and move on.

      • Previously, Facebook didn’t deleted the page against Hazrat Muhammad (SAWWS), same case here. Youtube is not deleting the video despite complaints have been sent by Muslims around the world to block such video.

        • @Someone

          While its not possible for YouTube to watch every video posted, it is still easy to rather notice and respond/act on going unrest caused by this particular video in large Muslim populations around the world.

          This blockage is justified because of fact that YouTube hasn’t shown a single effort to act on this on its own. We have the right and responsibility to restrict whatever goes against ideology of our people. Even if its not possible to block all the content, its not a reason to do nothing.

          We like every other nation have right for our way of life. Its as simple as that.

          • YouTube removes one video, Trolls upload 10 more. YouTube acted according to their own laws, they’re a private company. If you don’t like their services of providing you with every single verse in the Quran with translations just be typing the Surah name in the search then don’t use it, Why stop the rest of the country from using it?

            This whole “outrage” and what is happening right now in Islamabad has finally changed my views about the mob mentality of this country.

  • yes.. youtube has distributed this film so youtube is also involved in such activity….must be blocked.

  • excellent step… We must unite and block all those sites which have such offensive material. This is question of our faith and our love for The religion Islam and Prophet Muhammad SAWW……
    btw https working on Wateen. i want to report this to PTA… how do i do that??

      • Doesn’t work for me (PTCL DSL Lahore). Also Google+ is blocked.

        I am amused thinking of all the morons who quit Facebook and joined Google+ because Facebook allowed blasphemy (their feeling, not mine).

  • I dont support this … Well banning the youtube aint the solution here…
    I mean what about the 1000x ov islamic lectures? wat abt 1000x ov videos (naat) praising our beloved prophet (SAW)… so by banning youtube , you’ve also banned that…
    Particular links or videos containing the blasphemous content should be blocked…

    • It is only solution, because it will decrease YouTube profit. and Pakistanis use YouTube so much. So we are forcing them to remove those videos. It is definitely good solution.

      “Particular links or videos containing the blasphemous content should be blocked…”

      Do you know all the video links? obviously not, it is not easy to block specific videos.

      Use your mind bro! :)

      • Do you know who is behind youtube bro? im using my mind that’s why em saying that.. n dat is google…
        look at the products you’re using…
        evening this site is earning revenue via google and playing it’s role in the promotion of google…
        i know if you’ll search that on google, fb, bing, yahoo.. u’ll find more than that video..
        then you’ll ultimately say that bann internet? is that what you want?

      • YouTube profits from Pakistan? That’s funny.

        And why are you searching for blasphemous content? No sincere person would do so and therefore, blocking it is pointless and just gives publicity to those idiots with a camera.

        And this cuts both ways. What happens if YouTube decides to honor everyone’s beliefs? Would you accept the removal of all Quranic material because it offends a non-Muslim?

  • This is what those ________ film makers want… Unrest in the Muslim world. WE, as Muslims should promote the personality of Our Beloved Prophet (Peace be upon Him) on youtube and else where on the internet, TV channels and other mediums.

    So, blocking access to whole youtube is not the solution as it prevents those people who are promoting Islam and Our Beloved Prophet (Peace be Upon Him)

    • plz be united. Protest is the need of hours. V hav to protest by all means. And if u want to promote Islam then try to find, initiate and adopt alternate means.

  • why can’t they just block only those creepy videos???
    In what world do they want us to live in. They can’t just block a source of entertainment! they should learn how to moderate it. dumb ______.

    [Comment Edited]

      • Look at the other comments on this page (and related pages about the film). It’s not just the government.

      • — No one wants to watch those videos,

        Then why block the site? I mean, the lack of thinking on your part is just amazing.

        I don’t want to visit whores, so my solution is to simply not visit whores. Not to burn down every city that has whores.

        • Blocking the site is not to prevent your access to informational videos but it is in protest to their action. plzzz realize tat v hav to protest by all means. every time u click, u r giving your moral and financial support to Youtube. Till now youtube hasn’t agreed to remove tat vid completely then how can v agree to strengthen our relations wid this site???!!!!

          • No matter WHAT THE REASON for the block, I am 100% prevented from accessing informational videos (and Google Drive and Google Play and many other Google services). It is VASTLY more inconvenient for me than it is to Google.

            Again: traffic costs Google money. Cutting traffic to Google costs them less. They are benefiting here.

            — plzzz realize tat v hav to protest by all means.

            Good, please go blow yourself up in your home. Be sure to upload the video to vimeo.

            — Till now youtube hasn’t agreed to remove tat vid completely then how can v agree to strengthen our relations wid this site???!!!!

            I don’t care about YOUR relationship with any site.

      • The protest is pointless. YouTube respects local country laws and has honored them for Malaysia and many other Muslim countries. Just because we don’t have a functional government, it doesn’t mean we get to block services willy nilly.

        • Amazing bro! “YouTube respects local country laws” but wat abt respect of our beloved Prophet (Sallalaho alaihe wa alai wasallam)? do your YouTube has concern wid tat as well???? I think no! and tat is the reason tat YouTube has rejected so far to remove tat blasphemous clip bcoz YouTube consider it Okhay according to its so called “Terms & conditions”. For God sake brother! if you can’t support this protest then kindly plz don’t oppose it.

          • — Amazing bro! “YouTube respects local country laws” but wat abt respect of our beloved Prophet (Sallalaho alaihe wa alai wasallam)?

            Look: it’s very simple. India and other countries asked them to block it officially. They did it. Our government HAS NOT ASKED THEM OFFICIALLY. They have stated that. NO OFFICIAL REQUEST RECEIVED.

            So it is OUR GOVERNMENT that is responsible here, not Youtube.

            Secondly, blocking anti-Islam videos in Youtube WILL NOT MAKE PEOPLE SUDDENLY LOVE ISLAM. They will still share their anti-Islam comments and videos elsewhere. And you cannot turn off the internet, no more than you can jam 100% radio and tv signals worldwide.

  • Please comment out the google plus button in your page code bcoz of it, ur site is taking hell lot of time in loading..

  • @inscrutable:
    @Abudul Qadir:

    youtube is not blocked for is only blocked for a while. It became vital to block youtube as google refused white house request to remove that video. They said that video fall within their guidelines so they will not remove it.
    Well, Then it is time for google to make amendments to their guidelines. They will have to do this. This kind of stuff hurt feelings and faiths of billions altogether. This kind of stuff is an extreme act of hate causing violence all over the world. There are billions of Muslims around globe who use google services on daily basis and google earns massive revenue from Muslim world and from Muslim users. google do not operate in just usa. It operates globally. So they have to make their guidelines according to global scenario, not just according to what americans want. google have to realize that few matters are too much sensitive and they have to realize consequences of such acts.
    So youtube should be block in all Muslim world. This way we will be able to realize google that how much this matter is sensitive to billions of humans and we will be able to force google to make amendments to guidelines permanently if they want to run business in Muslim world.

  • @moderator: how can i post links? sometimes ppl need to the solution to a problem and the solution may be in the form of a guide at some blog.
    should i enter it in the field of website? and then mention about in the comment?

    • Bhai jaisy aap comments likhtay ho isi tarah website paste kardo Textarea main.Agar aap website ki field main link paste karogay to woh aapkay name kay under aayega jaisy aman says:

  • 1st woh sub loog jo kehtay hain ke youtube block nahi honay chahye the un sub ko me bass itna kehna chahta hoo ke youtube se ap ager songs kuch din nahi sun sakain ge then kuch ho to nahi jyega 2nd ager ap technical feild walay banday hoo to ap behtar jantay ho ke youtube kaisay open ki jati ha.

    2nd jo kehtay hain ke youtube forever block ho jye woh zara itna sochain ke world top ranks me
    1st google
    2nd facebook
    3rd yahoo
    4th youtube
    ha aap itni ziada high qualified site ko forever block kerwana chahtay ha, all news media, entertainment channels, Doctors surgeries, commercials even Islamic material sab waheen available he youtube is waqt ek high ranking social media advertising network he har company ka apna social medai channel he or har channel ke workers and fan boys har jaga mojod hain so yeh ek stupid decision he isay permanently block kerna.

    3rd buhat acha decision he isay block kerna tab tak ke liye jab tak un begherato ka napak iraday na tabah hoo jyen google plus, google play store and google drive bhi block hain yeh bhi buhat acha ha kyunki insay bhi content sharing ki ja sakti he no doubt so guys humaray HAZOOR PAK ki toheen kernay waloon per LANAT BESHUMAR yeh ghark ho jyeneg INSHALLAH.

  • — So youtube should be block in all Muslim world. This way we will be able to realize google that how much this matter is sensitive to billions of humans and we will be able to force google to make amendments to guidelines permanently if they want to run business in Muslim world.

    Wake up, little man. China has blocked Youtube since February 2011. China, not US or all countries in Europe, has most internet users of the world: OVER 500 MILLION USERS.

    And yet, Youtube has not changed their policies to please China.

  • Whats the use of blocking youtube?
    if they truly want to protect islam then they should catch the culprits who destroyed public and private property yesturday in karachi in the name of islam
    And btw is islam all about protecting the nabuwat, why dont mullahs protest over other stuff such as 10 people getting killed everyday in karachi for the last year or so because from what i have learned islam might at times tolarate insults and abused but it has no room for injustices or for paitence while the innocemts blood spills

    • Banning YouTube is not useless in anyway. Please read previous comments to get your answer.

      Secondly, everyone should agree tat ban on YouTube is not the ultimate step. The govt. and publc should proceed further in a peaceful manner as precribed by our religion Islam to punish the insolents.

      Thirdly, those who are involved in spreading of violence in the name of Islam should also be punished.

      Moreover, don’t put each nd every burden on Mullas. v ppl r also having duties. And how can u say tat the Islamic scholars r not protesting against bloodshed in various regions of Pak. They use to even demand for rights of Muslims of Palestine and other occupied regions then how can they forget their Pakistani brothers!!!!.

      and regarding Nabuwah, neither Islam nor Muslims can tollerate in anyway. V can tollerate our insult or insult of our family, race or nation but when there’s matter of dignity of our beloved Prophet (Sallalaho alaihe wa alai wasallam) then v can’t tollerate in anyway. It is our duty to struggle nd struggle to punish the culprits and to eradicate the evil and fitnahs.

      • — The govt. and publc should proceed further in a peaceful manner as precribed by our religion Islam to punish the insolents.

        How do you peacefully punish people? Wow, I don’t know how you manage to put a sentence together without even thinking about what it says.

        Next, you say

        — Thirdly, those who are involved in spreading of violence in the name of Islam should also be punished.

        and then you say

        — and regarding Nabuwah, neither Islam nor Muslims can tollerate in anyway.

        Well, mr, since those people committing violence say they are doing it FOR THE SAKE OF OUR PROPHET and you say we cannot tolerate it, why do we tolerate them? Why have you not rushed out to file an FIR?

        that is your Tolerance.

  • Shukr hay blocked hoa, bhai sara din movies dekhta jis ki wja se me koi kaam b nhi krskta tha

  • All Google services including YouTube Google search Google plus Google drive gmail and also my anriod play store is blocked. city Attock Service Provider PTCL

  • at least this has happened in Pakistan Allah is greatest & I love His Messenger Prophet Muhammad s a w

  • Banning every other site is not a solution.. it might be temporary.. but its not the long term solution for the muslim world. We, as a Muslims are tobe blamed for this act by the Jews community. We have to make us strong although we are not but Jews have done us weak over the period of time.

    We have to Think and Think Hard on tis. We have to be Mentally smart and sharp enough to develop our own products, apps, website that Jews visit ours instead we go and search them.


  • Well done , it should blocked at govt level and all Muslims countries and i believe there should be a permanent solution either by govt Pakistan and Muslim countries that is some how difficult as such decision required strong faith on Allah that is not visible at this time (All most 99.9% of Muslims countries heads are namely muslims and enjoying this word ) but i am very hopfull to youth of muslims specially that are in hacking fields if they gather at point/fourum and find new technique to hack/down such secure websites as every few months jews try some new way to do such bad actions. Believe me pakistani nation has great intelligence but it required to direct.

  • Geo has started a very gud campaign about I 4 Ilm… We have to strongly beleive in ourselves and develop and think beyond what can be even think.

  • @ Shahid Saleem:

    Well, big fella , I think now youtube is working in China. It was only blocked for few days at that time.And it was blocked for a political reason which was unjustifiable. And that video was going in favor of usa and west(politically). So youtube did not removed it.

    But in this case,matter is not political one. Removal of that video should not offend usa and west governments (literally).indeed this video offend around 50-60 countries (not just one country)
    and billions people (who spread all over globe,including usa and eu). The blockage of such stuff will go in favor of west governments and in favor of youtube also.

  • Aamir it’s the best thing to block all such mediums that do wrong under the freedom sense. They are the miss guided and we should wish that ALLAH pak may get them Hadayya.

    Jazakk Allah Khair for posting this news.

    All I must say is ‘Ghulam hain Ghulam hain, Rasool ke Ghulaam hain, Hurmat e Rasool pa Jaan be qurbaan ha 10000000000000000000000000x Ghulam hain Ghulam hain Rasool ke Ghulam hain.

  • All Google services including YouTube Google search Google plus Google drive gmail and also my anriod play store is blocked….is play store blockled in all pakistan…?

  • Never trust the authority who can block Youtube but don’t want to block USA’s mission in our region. Its deception to lower down the reaction and prove loyalty to their masters. Power that gives protection for blasphemy is the actual root cause and not anything else.

  • Never trust the authority who can block Youtube but don’t want to block USA’s mission in our region. Its deception to lower down the reaction and prove loyalty to their masters. Power that gives protection for blasphemy is the actual root cause and not anything else.

    Its very absurd to block the whole set of services on the web. It simply doesn’t make any sense to block everything instead of just blocking only the offensive contents. Google Drive is not working. Why they don’t take actual action against the real authorities instead of just hurting the end users for nothing.

  • I have my channel on youtube i can’t access that.So in this way its wrong the pakistani people who wants success are struggling and PTA took this stupid step doing so is not a punishment for youtube.The video on the youtube will deleted when they will want to.Not when PTA says.But this step is totally Stupid Step taken by PTA Ever.

    There is also YouTube fault of no deletion of that video.That video really violates the religious rules of YouTube.And so it must be deleted.

    I’ll say YouTube and PTA Both had done Stupid Thing….!

    Well use satellite internet that have no concern with PTA and you can access every site as i purchased this device today from online site of Finland.

  • Blocking youtube is not the solution. Pakistan should block internet and ban TVs and cable television as well.
    We can live in caves and eat shit.
    Maybe this will also help in reducing population of pakistan from 18 crore to 8 crore and then we can live happily in mud houses and show the world how strong we are.

  • and hey you STUPIDS are you mad you prefer money TO respect of our prophet Muhammad PEACE BE UPON HIM
    RIZQ ALLAH NA dana ha tmhain youtube na nahi got it or tm fazool boley jarah ha toheen kar rahay ho awaz badmash and artist samjh jao to bhtar ha warna ALLAH KI PAKAR SA DARO

    • aisy hi kisi py touheen k fatwy nahi lagaty. inhi fatwon ny bera gharq kea hoa hai Pakistan ka. jahan koi nazar aya apny point k against bat karty hoye, us py touheen aur gustakhi ka fatwa laga do.

  • This is totally nonsense step by Govt. Islam is badnaam all over the world, mostly because of the actions of the muslims & Unfortunately Pakistani Muslims have a big contribution in it. I would also give major credit to all the Governments of past 65 years that have rules in Pakistan.
    Poverty, Unstable Economy, Inflation, Paisey hi Havas, Greed, Corruption has made this so-called nation blind. This has increased crime, murders, drugs, hoardings & reduced humanity in people and this had made this so called muslim nation far apart from their True Religion Islam.

    And A Big applause for Mr. PM, who said:
    “Blasphemous content will not be accepted at any cost”, Prime Minister .

    You’ve sent this country to stone age, no power, no electricity, the whole businesses & industries of people are destroyed, it caused massive unemployment, that increase crime rate to 1000%, & today Muslim is killing Muslim.

    Now what Cost is left to Pay today?

  • Google should have restricted this video in first stance .. ! .. i mean if they plea for the ‘community guidelines’ .. i guess that it says:
    “But we do not permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status and sexual orientation/gender identity).” ? .. come on Youtube .. stop double standards .. below is one of the example for hate of speech removal .. and i hv no more words to say .. i would say that we need to move a strong voice to make YouTube declare n block the video under its hate of speech guidelines least this is some thing to be told .. !!!

  • the people who say that what is the use of blocking youtube and giving remarks are not 100 percent right in their place youtube monstors always get a huge shock when they are financially damaged thats why they will remove these videos in some hours cuz these monstz cant suffer financial loss

  • There is no true Muslim in the world but only few, what the hell with Mulahs, what they are trying to do? why they are braking the Muslims in Firka?
    I think the are Jew’s double agents or they dont care about Islam because they want only money$$$ (chanda), Is Islam Mulah’s business? NO!, Please ALLAH help us, catch all the munafiq in azzab.

  • very good…boht acha kia,hmare nabi pak(s.a.w.w) ki shan me gustakhi karne ka ehtajaj karna chahie…we, muslims, never commented on on other people`s religion so other should also not do that.

  • Its now time to compell and pressurize YouTube and everyother electronic media to revise their Terms & Conditions so that no such heartbreaking event would take place in future atleast on such electronic media webs.

    Please get united!

    • Why not? The protest is hurting us more than it is hurting Youtube. Do you not understand that?

      “Those who won’t cut off their right foot with an axe to protest should not at least oppose it.”

      Makes no sense.

    • learn to do protest first, this kind of protest is just like a CHUSNI in a child’s mouth. we should go for some harder actions, sharing pictures on facebook and making more likes and shares will not bring a revolution. It’s not a child play, facebook is still sued in pakistan inspite of what they have done in the past, we all are using it. youtube is not the only site having such material, do you want to block full internet? already there is no fuel, no electricity, no gas, no clean water in our country if internet is blocked than who would bear the loss? We will off course… Boycott american products, dont go to america for so called better future and higher studies. raise your level. dont take aid from america as a compensation for drone attacks and killing our own people. we all will suffer otherwise as we are.

  • Has any one ever thought that Quran is also available on youtube with translation and recitation, thousands of ahadis with explanations can also be found on youtube besides this there are thousands of sensible muslims all over the world making videos explaining the true nature of islam to the world. by banning youtube in pakistan we are not just limiting access to that stupid video but we are also limiting access to quran we are denying our people a chance to come up with a proper reply to that video. We as a nation have become so ignorant and helpless that we start to take out our frustrations on anything that comes before us.

    • I agree with you, but alas, I am too upset to be “amused” any more. This afternoon I seriously was depressed by what my fellow countrymen want.

      Things I can do in the west without paying a bribe:

      – get a phone, electricity, gas, etc connection
      – get water, electricity, gas bills that do not overcharge me
      – pick up the phone and call 999 or 911 and get the police here within a few minutes (impossible here unless you live in cantt or dha)
      – get a driving licence without paying a bribe.
      – get compensation if i am fired for the wrong reason.

      In many countries in the West, if someone discriminates against you for being a Muslim and fires you or demotes you, you can go to the government and complain AND THEY WILL LISTEN. Over here, none of that happens.

      people who think it’s easier to be a Muslim in Pakistan have no idea what corruotions they have to deal with on a daily basis, or what the effects are to society. They just like quoting made up statistics about crime and rape and blah blah in the West. But in the west, are women married to the Quran? in the west, are women murdered for marring a husband of their own choice? (the answer is yes, but only if the woman comes from a South Asian Muslim or Hindu family).

      I haven’t felt more strongly about wanting to leave Pakistan again than I have today, not in a long time.

      • brother i think you dont have a problem with the video or youtube, you have a problem with pakistan. if so, love it or leave it.
        go to america, go to west dont blame pakistan (it’s my homeland). every country or place has its own problems, but at least i am not a coward to flee. i will stay here as i stayed in Pakistan when it was in its good days. people saying that “what Pakistan has given us?” should tell that “what they have done for Pakistan?”
        progress demands sacrifice!
        Its not pakistan that is taking bribe, tis the people like us who are giving bribe for traffic chalans and still blaming pakistan.

        Sorry for the english i wrote up here but i hope i conveyed a message.

        • — you have a problem with pakistan. if so, love it or leave it.

          No, I have a problem with Pakistanis LIKE MANY OF THE COMMENTERS HERE. But Alhumdulillah, there are better ones.

          • so did i, i too have problem with some Pakistanis, but i am working to fix my problems rather than fixing others

  • you should be banned until the film deleted and America apologized to all Muslims.we want publicly apologized and give us the surety that this type of never gonna happened again

    • Don’t hold your breath. No one will apologize to you.

      Will you stop using google for search until you get your “apology”? Will you stop using the internet until you get your “apology”?

  • If youtube is not deleting that video then i think some expert persons should have to put holocaust videos on youtube and also start on facebook then see what happened.

    • Islam teaches us to respect all religions, we should do accordingly and should not hurt anyone.

  • blocking youtube is not the ultimate solution, i think govt should take appropriate actions like
    1. America se Sifarti Relations khatam karain
    2. Trading should be terminated with US
    3. PAK should stop taking aid from US and should stop killing their people. (Apni Maa Behan ko America k Hawalay na karain (Aafiya Saddiqui))..

    we are so dumb, youtube kal he open hojaye tou hum sab use karain gey, jaise aaj facebook use kartay hain, aur apna so called protest bhee facebook per he kartay hain, jo k khud kabhi same reason ki waja se ban hui thee.



      CONTACT : 0333 / 0300 – 2640742

  • lol pakis r only making fun of them self. YOUTUBE dnt even give a damn shit to the country like pokistan for blocking its site. YOUTUBE hardly even make o.01% profit from backward country like pokistan.
    if u dnt like any video simply dnt watch that. UTUBE isnt forcing u to watch it. that kinda over reactive behaviour made inocence of muslim so popular.

  • ab ye americans bataien kon extremist ha ye video bnane wale nai han kia? sub jhoote hn obama haram khor bhi shamil ha isme agr ye inho ne nai bnai to block krskte the jo website istarhan ki harkat kre isko permanent not temporary ban krdena chaye ar hack krlena chaye jagooo pakistani hackers kaha margae han ab??????? yuotube hack nai krskte kia moo dikhaoge Mohammad (S.A.W) ko.

  • Bangladesh has also blocked Youtube, but if some one want to download or watch their lectures or all other educational stuff good news for them, you can use “Proxy Sites” or applications for bypassing your identity, e.g “Hotspot Sheild” or any other available for Free.

    Wikipedia can also enlist that “Film” on their database so it doesn’t mean that Pakistan block Wikipedia they should block specific Links or make their system more flexible for such kind of things/Spams.

    For Students or family Youtube was very important and Entertainment Source, i don’t think people using Internet about 1-2 yrs don’t know about Proxies or Applications that can give you access to blocked sites, so the point is that blocking of Youtube wasn’t that good step if they really want to block it they should block access of users who use Proxies to access these kind of Websites.

    Even a Smartphone has now Proxy Applications that can give you access to blocked sites, so please be serious. Stop Playing games!

    • you right subhan kuch movies block karne koi badie muskil ka kaam nahi hai mager pher bhi ya log dhele bane hoe hai shaam on you PTA pakistan main ek say ek bada computer master batha hai kia is qabil nahie ka moniter kar kay sare link block kar sake

  • subhan bhai apne thik kaha lekin bat ye ha inko dobara aesa na krne se rokne k lye kia krna chaye srf link block krne se inko farq nai prega han youtube pa lessons k lye aur studies k lye acha mateial ha ye sub janbojh k publish krhe hn agr mistake ha to block krden ye konsi speech freedom ha ak 11 sala larki quran burn krti ha to newyork se bayan kyu ata ha k ye to pagal ha agr pagal ha to koi aur book lyu nai jalai inko kia haq ha hamare mulk mamlat me bolne ka inke bap ka raj ha jo ye bolen wo freedom of speech ha aur jo doosra bole wo terrorist subse bare terrorist han ye americans+israelis+indians sub mile hue hna ye haram korr

  • govt has no action but the govt action for few months and after country problems oh pls give at the dollars , dollars thats it

  • youtube open kyu horhi ha na ahl pta wale zardari tuje maut kyu nai arhi yband kroooooo loltube alternative lana chaye aesi monopolistic sites ka alternate video site hi nai ati search engine pa sare google k advertisors han ye bing yahoo ask wale bi wase to computer ma world champions han pakistani lekin loltube band nai horhai inse ab isko loltube hi kahunga ma ban it

  • Please please open the YouTube Please do block that film but please open the you tube. Thankyou………

  • IF THAT MOVIE IS ‘innocence of Muslims’ it is also available at site. what a shame! why doesn’t Pakistani Gov. Officially bicot American and Israeli Products?

  • message to all Muslims of pakistan…..
    youtube block krne ki bjae ap sb muslims ko chahye ke un batn pe amal krna shro kren jin ka hmare nabi pak ne amal krne ko kaha he….

  • mein youtube ban k khilaf nahi lekin soochnay ki baat hai jo mulk DRONE
    ATTACK na rukva sakay us k kehnay pe google videos delete kar de ga kya
    in se strong to brazil nkla jis nay election ke khilaf videos delete
    karve deen ur sari dunya k musliman apni awaz na suna sakay

  • apne bilkul sahi kaha google aur youtube ka kuch krna parega zionist sites ka ab mane agr computer science li hoti to hack krleta pakistani hackers indian site foran hack ka jawab dete han lekin sharam ki baat ha k ye itni bari bakwas ka jawab nahi deske abi tk i feel shame

  • i want to demand youtube to ban all anti Islam stuff and govt.of PAKISTAN should demand it tooo after youtube bann all anti Islam stuff govt. of PAKISTAN unban youtube

  • pleass pleass open the youtube
    Hi Guys as you Know is blocked in Pakistan If anyone want Software for Unblock and other blocked websites Plz Contact..03123365632 pleass sms me

  • Dear all educated and uneducated Pakistani, we lived without youtube, we can live without youtube and we will live without youtube. cause (waja) dekho ap aur boycott karna sekho aur apni nafsaani khawhishaat ko control karna seekho!! We proud to be a Muslim first!

    PLEASE CALL ME AT 03159439315…

  • kitney achey musalman hein hum log k kisi na kisi tarhan youtube kholney k tareekey jaanney mein lagey huey hein .kahan mar gaee hai musalmano ki ghairat ?

  • Why you people dont understand
    You just want youtube
    You dosen’t respect our religious and our prophet
    Guys please stop saying that open the youtube
    Stop telling softwares which will open youtube
    Don’t say “its not our fault or we dont care about that movie”
    Please understand they make a movie against our prophet
    Its above of 100,million pakistani’s
    If they stop using youtube stop watching youtube videos
    I hope they will open youtube
    So hoXla guys sabar k phall metha hota hai

  • If You Want to open Youtube Directly without any installation then Contact with Me 0315-2405552

  • 04-12-2012 Tuesday
    Pakistan Main Youtube Mazeed 2 Months Blocked Rahe Gi.
    So Youtube Open Karne K Liye Contact Karin.

    Mr Rizwan – 03152405552

  • bhai log youtube ka page open horaha hai aap log simpal apne browsers par type karo0 or youtube ka page open with out any proxy or hotspot shield .. but videos nai chal rahe hain abhi .. laken yeh bhi open ho jaie gi so plzz open the youtube completely.

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