Qualcomm Announces the First 64-bit Mobile Processor for the Masses

Qualcomm Announces the First 64-bit Processor for the Masses

When Apple announced in September that its latest flagship will be coming with a first-in-class 64-bit processor, we were delighted but knew that the technology won’t reach everyone’s pocket just yet. But now the future seems much brighter with the announcement of the SnapDragon 410 processor.

Rather curiously, the chip isn’t targeting the upper-end category but rather the starter range. They’re made with a 28nm process, same as the high-end SnapDragon 800. It also comes with the new Adreno 306 GPU which supports 1080p Full HD video playback.

Camera modules of up to 13 megapixels are supported.

But the biggest attraction is the rich connectivity-set. The SnapDragon 410 supports worldwide 4G LTE, meaning that the technology will be reaching the masses in the near-future (having LTE in the first place is a must though). There will also be dual-sim and triple-sim connectivity.

Apart from this lies the usual stuff: NFC, Bluetooth, FM, GPS, GLONASS and Wi-Fi support.

SnapDragon 410 will come on Android, Windows Phone and Firefox OS smartphones. Qualcomm says that devices under the $150 margin will come with it. It’s clear that even a budget Smartphone of today is better than the flagships of 4 years ago.

It be making an appearance in the second half of 2014 while Qualcomm samples it to companies in the first two quarters.

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