Smarty Ring: Probably the Best Wearable Gadget so Far

From Google Glasses to Smart Watches, wearable computing devices are clearly a latest trend and it appears everyone has a wearable concept for the days to come.

Cashing in on this new trend, a small startup has triumphantly raised funds to mass produce the Smarty Ring, a wearable ring that allows you to control your digital life right from your finger.

But what exactly is the Smarty Ring and what does it do?

Smarty Ring is a wearable ring, which is the first of its kind, and has been devised to allow its users to check alerts from their smartphone and manage calls right from their finger using Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity; it ensures that you don’t miss any significant text or any Facebook update. Concisely, it is a device which would apparently beat all other wearable gadgets out there.

Smarty Ring: Probably the Best Wearable Gadget so Far

It has some pretty notable features like, users can manage the settings for their Smarty Ring from a mobile app, and can even use the device as a watch, timer or phone finder for instance, if a user walks more than 30 meters from his phone, the ring will beep to warn them that they’ve left something behind. It also allows the customizable remote control and monitoring of your phone, whether it is in your pocket or on a desk nearby.

Smarty Ring: Probably the Best Wearable Gadget so Far

Similar to a smart watch, except with a very small display, the surface is not only chic – but impermeable and vacuum-packed; the stainless-steel ring has a 24-hour battery life, and it comes with its own wireless charging base, which can be used to charge the wearable along with a compatible smartphone. It works with both Android and iOS devices, provided they have Bluetooth 4.0 compatibilities.

Smarty Ring: Probably the Best Wearable Gadget so Far

Some other compelling features includes,

  • Call notifications
  • SMS and email notifications
  • Social media updates
  • Accept or reject incoming calls
  • Make outgoing calls to preset numbers
  • Trigger camera
  • Control music
  • Change profile

The first set of Smarty Ring is promised to be delivered by April 2014; you can Pre-Order it – for $175 — from its very own Indiegogo campaign page here.

  • Shahid Saleem

    You forgot to mention: they don’t have ANY device that looks that yet. All the pictures above (acknowledged by company) are photoshopped. The final device (if they can even make it) might not look as thin and tiny as a ring.

    • Guest

      I admit that it isn’t developed yet but, according to their campaign “Spending more than 8 months of technical research, we have finalised the feasible prototype model to achieve the functions we have listed above. We have confirmed the possibilities of manufacturing micro-components with the manufacturing companies and we all set to go.”, they even designed the PCB layout of the Ring so it is not just a prototype and the final device would eventually look like as it appears.

      People have donated over 300,000$ for campaign whose goal was just 40,000$….i think the rest is self explanatory

  • They have only paypal method for checking out :(

  • Irfan

    male and female fingers thickness varies thats why we have ring sizes………i wonder how will they manage that

    • Guest

      the ring is available in variable size.