5 Things E-Commerce Stores Need to Avoid to Make Black Friday a Success

Now that the Black Friday shopping season is well and truly underway, we take a look at some pretty important thins that stores shouldn’t do if they want online shopping to grow in Pakistan.

Here are 5 things that Pakistani e-commerce stores should absolutely avoid this Black Friday.

Avoid Jacking Up the Prices on Items and Then Falsely Advertise High Discounts on Them

In ‘Things that seem cute but are really not’, this one practice by e-commerce store takes the cake. An item that normally costs Rs. 1000, is priced at Rs 2000 on Black Friday, only to be sold at Rs 950 under a 55% discount. The dubious math really speaks for itself here.

A lot of Pakistani customers are duped into thinking that they are getting massive discounts, when the reality is something else altogether.

You must have seen those Facebook posts where people call out online stores who indulge in fake Black Friday discounts. This is the number one reason why shoppers don’t trust Pakistani online stores.

Please Don’t Mislead People By Saying All Items are Discounted

This is actually a pretty common practice that most if not all Pakistani e-commerce stores indulge in. A lot of eagle-eyed deal seekers can probably spot an online store’s attempt to fool them by putting their entire inventory on sale. This is as big of a Black Friday scam as they come.

The main idea is to deliver a consistent and great user experience for shoppers. Helping them get to the deals helps both you and your store. If you want your customers to trust you better, lets stop with this counter-productive behavior right now.

Avoid Putting a Hot Deal That’s Sold Out in 1 Minute

Some stores, in a bid to attract people with ‘never-seen-before deals’, tend to offer a great price for a great product. The reality? They only have limited quantities of the product in stock.

So here’s what usually happens. A false impression is created in the minds of buyers. E-commerce stores basically cash in on that short-lived hype, and announce that the deals on their hot product is closed.

Only issue? Almost all of the online stores rely on this short-lived (and anti-consumer) tactic.

Don’t Charge Extra on Shipping For Every Item

A lot of stores go out of their way to advertise their free shipping policy. So far so good.

Some of them do mention terms and conditions in order to qualify for free shipping, which is the correct way to go about it. Others tend to hide their shipping costs until and after the customer has loaded up on their shopping cart.

If you want to lose sales at the last possible moment, then please continue with vague sounding shipping policies. Ideally this shouldn’t be the case.

Don’t Think Your Buyers Don’t Know Better

Last but not the least, this is a classic mistake that many stores keep on making. The average Pakistani shopper cares about the price and does their due diligence.

All it takes is one bad experience to lose a customer forever. Therefore Pakistani e-commerce stores should be doing more to bring out genuinely interesting deals for Black Friday.

Do you think we covered the issues more or less? What else should Pakistani online shopping stores be mindful of? Do let us know in the comments below.