Uncover the Best Dining Spots with Warid’s MyDining Android App

When looking for a new place to carb up, to eat, or to simply want to try some new scrumptious cuisine, the frequent obstacle is to settle upon where to go, and it is often thinked out by going to the same old place.

For picky eaters and for those who are delving for new opinions for eateries and nightlife spots in Pakistan, there are plenty of apps available on Play Store but one that I’m reviewing today is ‘My Dining’ by Warid.


According to the app description,

“My Dining has been designed to make this task easier by allowing you to look up all the information you’ve ever needed about a restaurant anytime, anywhere.

With My Dining, you’ll have all the information you want about a restaurant including its location, contact information, photos, customer feedback and available promotional offers right at your fingertips.”

The App has the couple of positive as well as negative features. For starters, it provides with suitable recommendations for restaurants and hotels based on your city; yet, it demands the user to register for an account before proceeding, which, in my view, is of no good.

Moving further after the registration, the app introduces the list of some great dining spots in town, with their contact information, address, and most of all, the exact location which is available through the Google maps.

With the “Advance Search” option on the right, user has the influence to search for particular posh points by their name, or a slap-up meal at some luscious restaurant using the built-in list of “Cuisine”.


The third list in the “Advance Search” option aims to let the user search for the eating places based on the city they pick, but disappointedly, the list which is deemed to provide the City names is instead listed the areas of the current City, as shown below, which means, there is no feature to select any other city beside where you are currently located.

image  image

The developers at Warid may have falsely written “City” instead of “Areas”, or it can be a glitch which should really be adjusted, nevertheless, moving further with the app and using a quick search feature (as shown below) presented me the list of all the available branches of KFC in Karachi with their contact details and address information.

image  image

According to the app description on PlayStore, the App equips all the latest promotion offers and deals of the cuisine based on the restaurant,

“Find out about all the latest promotions offered by your favorite restaurant”

But after exploring the app I’ve realized that, not just very few of the restaurants have promotional deals on the cuisines available, but they are also outdated. It has also been discerned that many restaurants and hotels with current offering of promotional deals are not up-to-date in the app, and most of the eateries promotional deals are not even available at all.

You can download app from Play Store by clicking this link.

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