Ufone Knocks Down Telenor with Hisaab Do Service

Knocks Down

Telenor recently kicked off a campaign (read war) against all other operators by accusing them of stealing balance from mobile phone users.

Telenor, with its blunt TVCs, claimed that all operators steal balance of their customers while Telenor, according to its TVC, is the only operator with most honest and transparent practices.

In response to Telenor, Ufone has come up with a service that sends customers one SMS a day with daily summary of all the costs and charges that were deducted from the account on the previous day.

This service, called Hisaab SMS, is sent to customers daily with not only call and SMS costs but details of all charges associated with any value added services (that a customer is subscribed to) are also shared.

Here is a sample screen of Hisaab SMS:


Most importantly, Hisaab SMS is free of charge and all Ufone prepaid customers are automatically subscribed to the service. Though they can unsubscribe it by calling helpline.

Unlike Telenor – that just claimed to be the most honest operator – Ufone has shown us the perfect example of what the honesty and transparency is.

We will have to see if Telenor has guts to be transparent enough to its customers by starting a similar service that clearly communicates all the charges that are deducted from customers?

Just in case if you missed, below is Ufone’s TVC about Hisaab SMS:

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  • Faizan Ali

    well the message used to be others* instead of the details of each service and believe me when I say “ufone is the most dishonest operator when it comes to hidden charges and active service subscriptions”

    • iLoveCricket

      Which Service r u using brother, wud u plz suggest one :) tnx

  • and I thought the commercial had something to do with Musharaf’s trial. . . . :D

  • Red Beard

    Pardon me saying this but the tone of the article seems to me from someone on the payroll of Ufone :):).. woh kehtay hain ‘Chor ki Daarhi main Tinka’ so telenor got exactly what they tried to achieve with Sachi Yaari :):) (if you got my point)… Unfortunately i myself is a customer of Ufone for the past 5 years so even if they keep on deducting hidden charges with hisaab SMS on daily basis then what gain you can see in it?? Geo Insaaf k Saath… :):)

  • Ahsan

    I agree with fellow commentator, the tone of the article is extremely biased. All my friends who use Ufone have one single complain about Ufone, that they deduct balance in all possible ways without informing the customer.

  • guest

    a bit agree with Red Beard

  • guest

    the hisaab sevice is good though it doesn’t cover up their sins

  • Rambo

    One suggestion to Propakistani. Be Neutral and post Neutral views.

    • Osama


  • Novice

    Such a biased tone actually harms a web site if it is to position itself as a credible source of industry news and reviews. What we know for a fact is that TP’s ad claimed it to be the most honest/transparent service provider. At the other hand, Ufone’s ad actually uses TP’s tag line to hit back. May be they suffered by TP’s campaign most out of all market players ;) Say a lot about other comments here and the market perception.

  • EZ

    Nice little initiative by Ufone. I have received the SMS and for once, I know exactly what I’m spending.

  • Khurram Zia Khan

    Unlike Telenor – that just claimed to be the most honest operator – Ufone has shown us the perfect example of what the honesty and transparency is. I agree with the article in totality. This is a unique initiative launched by Ufone and with this launch Ufone strengthen its leadership status in Pakistan’s telecom industry

    • Mad cow

      by becoming no 4 player from 3rd position. They are loosing customers everyday due to massive hidden charges.
      What leadership are u talking about.

  • Danish

    but what if they give HISAB of something which wasn’t used by us?

    • Haris Humayun

      they have ecare to check the details for me ufone has never deducted any single paisa extra since I port in to ufone i have used each operator and at last ufone is best in service offer etc

  • Waqar

    Dear Telenor, Action speaks louder than words from Ufone

    • Haris Humayun

      well said and I think a common man cannot understand the telenor network as it is so much complicated

  • SSyar

    ooper diye huay screenshot mey.,., SMS k charges bhe deduct huay hein.,.,
    herat ki baat hey.,.,. k SMS Package nahe liya hua ,,.,,
    aur ye Info Service kya manjan hey.,., !!

    • Ahsan

      kya point pakra ha lalay di jan

    • Osama

      i didn’t understand your words….?? please explain…. !!!!!

      • SSyar

        ye kon hey jo Ufone pe SMS ka package nahe leta,.,., !! i hope u get it..,

    • junaid

      package agar nahi hoga to balance charge hota hai per sms dhakan,

      • SSyar

        ye kon hey jo Ufone pe SMS ka package nahe leta,.,., !! ab ghutnon mey agae hogi baat

        • amir

          There are many sensible user of mobile services still in pakistan who only use sms or call on purpose and dy dont need thz sms and call packages…

  • receiving this sms since more than month, but it was without ‘hisaab sms’ branding, they branded it couple of days ago. nice service though!

  • Content User

    so the telenor brigade is still out to ridicule the only operator that has made a point not to cheat its customer. Naukriyaan bachaoo TVC’s pe itnay paisay jo charchay hain.. BTW as far as i can recall i left both telenor and mobilink due to their ridiculous charging and call drops… was it my fault their networks were so bad that i had to pay out of my nose not to be able to remain connected or have a continuous conversation?

    Way to go Ufone once again your customers will be at ease the rest can just scream out loud for not being the first to do so.

  • sara

    Ufone is on a roll once again …. looking forward to the brand war but am sure Ufone will be the only operator to live upto its promise… as for the conspirators they will just sit and watch themselves be bowled over ;)

  • Saeed

    Telenor ab tumain bhi hisaab daina paray ga.

    Panga lay kar ghalti kardi telenor tum nay. Ab hisaab do, Hisaab do :)

  • Ulover

    hey man, how much salary you draw from Ufone BTW? :)

  • Hasan

    This service by Ufone is really useful!
    This country needs to show Hisaab for their actions, which in turn is a great initiative shown by this telecom company.

  • Zoya Altaf

    I agree atleast whatever is deducted from the balance, Ufone has the courtesy to let the user know how much is deducted, unlike other telecom brands that claim no hidden charges yet the balance just flies away.

    • Farhan


  • Ahsan Haseeb

    Warid needs to stop their spam messages and come up with a service like this. #DownWithWarid

    • TK

      Seriously, they just bombard with spam everyday with no sensible packages to offer

  • ade

    hahaha sachi yaariyon ka zamana shuru, im going to thoroughly enjoy the war. btw telenor u suck. Call tau connect hoti hii nahin

  • HD

    I am a Ufone user and I just love this Hisaab service as I don’t have to type a certain number every time to get to know the available credit in my phone and the best part about this service is that it’s FREE!

  • Amy

    I have been a Telenor customer since its inception and have
    faced extreme connectivity issues related to it in the year 2013 which was the
    worst year for Telenor I would say. Now that I have finally switched to Ufone I
    am content enough that I can actually USE my phone which I wasn’t able to one
    year ago. For all this blame game going on by Telenor I would just say your
    tagline should be “Chor machaye Shor” rather being “Sachi Yari Sab Pay Bhari”
    as you were the one who had started cheating their customers before any other
    telecom operator could even think of. Kindly try to add some innovation to your
    business than just criticizing others who are trying to be honest to the users
    and please stop dragging these stupid ads of yours further cz such boredom it
    is watching them!

  • Sachi Badmashi

    And another paid article…sometime propakistani simply sucks

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    Jesi karni ….wesi bharni!!! i think telenor has understood ……………………………………………… so give all the accounts if ufone can why not you (as claims to be one of the honest operators)

  • Truth

    Actually Ufone give the advertisement to Propakistani so that’s why they only promote to UFONE.

  • CheetaLagaHay

    Seriously Aamir, you need to ask Telenor to start paying you – you really are biased. I used to work for a telecom and it was a known fact that they paid you to keep quite, please ask telenor also send them an invoice.

  • Bilal Iqbal

    what is the need if there is nothing like this…chor ki darhi main tinka… using telenor since last 5 years and converted to post paid 3 years ago and i am happy with pricing.. good rates and no hidden/auto deductions…

  • Bilal Iqbal

    This article needs some modification of tone.. because being one sided is not considered good for a forum like this… so be honest and stay respectable..

  • Farhan

    Ufone Rocks….;-)

  • Farhan

    Telenor U cant compete Ufone in terms of Ads…so next Beware…

  • LOL dunaya kaha se kaha pohnch gai yeh Pakistan ki telecom wahin ki wahin hai

  • saliraza

    Saachi Yaari.. Jeab pay Bhari ;) LOLs that’s the good one.. Ufone always come up with cool funny and creative TVC.. Thumps up for Ufone !

  • Maqbool

    Yes they send this SMS but unfortunately only superman can block the services which they activate without any request.

  • kas

    Now ufone will steal people money and bold enough to tell them on there faces :)

    @Aamir Attaa are you working in Ufone? or you worked in this commercial because you are standing somewhere in the background? :D

  • abobobilly

    I think some people don’t know that this exact service is being provided by Ufone since a year (maybe more). Only now, its been Rebranded as “Hisab SMS”. Previously, i used to receive SMS titled “Ufone” .. but now its titled “HIsab SMS”.

    That being said, NO Telecom operator is the most “Honest”. Sure they “brag” about it, but we all know their honesty (not to forget that additional 16 paiasas they are charging us). However, strictly talking about Ufone, never have i got any “hidden” charges deducted.

    I have been a user of UFone when no-one even cared about them. (That goes like 10 years or more, approx). I have been through all the ups & downs. In the end, Ufone have always satisfied me with their packages, charges as well as network reliability. Telenor however, have been nothing but a huge inconvenience & expensive (my mother is using one for same 10 years or more).

    Mobilink ki to he baat he na karo. I consider it to be the “most expensive” in Pakistan, and would be my “Least Recommended”. However, does have the advantage of immensely wide coverage.

  • kas

    looks like Aamir Attaa is knocked down by my comment :D you should be bold enough to face criticism also :)

  • Arshad

    This “hisab sms” give incorrect info. I am receiving it since some days but it only show some details and the other are omitted.

  • muhammad abbas ahmed

    i think this service should compulsory for all telco’s. not only for the users but also to set standards in every other industry as well..
    (i’m turning towards politics now) this is actually one thing which we believe IMran KHan will bring to all offices in pakistan “Transparency”. we as tax payers should definable have a HISAAB detail of all the spending being made in the country through the parliamentarians.

  • Saeed Akram

    Sorry to break it to you this service is not new from Ufone. It’s been there for sometime. They probably named it only after deciding to make this ad in response to Telenor. I have been receiving their daily messages for nearly a year now. However I am not so sure about it’s accuracy and had doubt at times. And by the way Telenor’s ad was specifically targeted at Ufone, you can see the dress color code, says a lot between the lines.

  • guest

    After a month or so they will start charging hisaab sms also….

  • Shehzad

    1. Telenor has serious connectivity issues, as mentioned by @ Amy, at least three redials required to connect a single call in twin cities (Rwp/Isb) at least. Never faced balance/credit misappropriation
    2. Ufone voice quality is worse than sh*t, not a single user I’ve found is satisfied since they started the whole day/month packages, prior to these, it was ok. Plus complaints of undue credit deduction are also in rife.
    3. Hisaab SMS did not mention details of “other charges” previously but is now doing after this TVC which is good. Moreover, it is re-branded as Hisaab after the TVC as well.
    4. More serious/common complaints of credit/balance misappropriation I keep hearing are from Mobilink customers (friends/peers etc.) though Mobilink prepaid users are rare now to find.
    P.S: To me, it is morally and ethically incorrect and unjust to hit/lambast business rivals for sweepstakes like these TVCs.

  • Waqas Aslam

    pathetic hit by ufone to telenor

    • Saeed Akram

      What about telenor?

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    Dear friends it;s not the company who is doing this job it’s you who dont ask for solutions and have a complain and proper knowledge of the relevent service. I use all the sims of pakistan But I like the Ufone and Warid best in there services and customer care responce. all you have to do is to ask for the problem which u r facing from the relevent operator. if not solved u have the option to move to PTA. Simple


    Has any Institution in Pakistan eating why of HALAL ?

  • TiredofYourshitwarid

    Someone needs to write an article about Warid’s massive spamming. I have 14 warid network numbers on my block list.

  • Moiz Naeem

    It has been over a month since I ported to Warid Postpaid from Telenor Persona. Telenor owes me somewhat Rs.1300 as security deposit which they promised to return within 2 weeks. Every time I go to their business centers for a refund, they refuse to refund my money every time with a new lame excuse, plus they make you wait for hours in queues. I don’t think they should be the ones claiming to be “Honest” and “Transparent”. It is a just self-proclaimed Honest Operator, nothing else.
    Telenor sucks :)

  • Dan Xh

    I am using ufone for the last 4 to 5 years, and i have been the victim of hidden charges..! sometimes i call them to tell me where my balance has gone, and i found myself not satisfied with the excuses. Telenor on the other hand, has fair and transparent policy. Funny TVCs can’t make us fool anymore..!

  • umair

    well this is quite good service we don’t have to call helpline and asking them where our balance has gone…..

  • Bulk Likes Store

    I am starting to think that ProPakistani have something personal with telenor. No Offence .. Don’t trust me?
    Check there previous post in telecom section and you will get it!

    For me Telenor is going good and using it since telenor arrived., and ufone is also going good in my area, and never had got any bill issue in both!!

  • Ali Taqi

    Aamir Attaa, dude what do you have to say about Ufone’s Rishta Point Service eh?? Good for little boys like you who are good for nothin :D

  • Peter

    I can prove that Ufone still Scamming.
    If its not then they should have inform you about remaining balance because that way we could see the difference.
    its the same old Thief guys.

  • Ahmad Khan Sabri

    Friends yeh tmam cellular companies walay aapis mai milay huay hain aur sab mil kar ham logon ko bey waqoof bna rahay hain. aur kisi na kisi tarah hamaray paisay loot rahay hain. Apna bal check karain to paisay, costomer care ko call karna, costomer care k representative say baat karna, aur khud bkhud gprs activate karna ya aisi services on karna jo costumer on nhi karna chahta. Yeh aur bhot ziada, jaisay call connect charges. Is liay aap sirf in k TVC dekhain. Aur ham kar bhi kia saktay hain in badmuashon ka.

  • Malkoo

    Tum log apas mein lartay raho saray paisay ufone say Aamir Attaa lay gya :D

  • Ahmad Rehman

    Ufone Its absurd… Warid has started it since its beginning.. And Warid Just sends it after the call so you may know the call rates.. Ufone sends it after a day so u may never remember how many calls did u make and how much did each of them cost..

    Inteeehaayi Bebarkati sim hai ufone.. Balance ka pata e nai lagta jata kahan hai..

  • Mudassar

    ufone is thief, my wife has 2GB data package subscribed on her account and ufone is still charging her for data usage. besides charged twice for some calls.

  • iLoveCricket

    I just loaded Rs200/- not for use it was purely just to see if its true that Ufone steals Customer’s money (actually now i have started Using Zong since this happend) So after recharging my Ufone i got message showing me Balance after deducting Taxes + Loan, I made a note of and decided to check my balance after few days actually i made reminder for it “Tuesday,11:45 a.m”:) lol…

    And guess what this is exactly happend what all Customers were saying, they had deducted almost half of my balance,

    I called Customer Care for confirmation and they said that they have started new Service ULog so i should activate that service to be sure that my balance is not flying off.

    I compromised and did as She(Customer’s service Lady) said but now here is the fun part,

    That So called ULog Service or whatever its called won’t show you your remaining Balance, it will only show you that you have Used that much balance and SMSs Yesterday.

    Now tell me if you don’t know what amount of balance you had how can you estimate that how much money has been stolen from your account by these BloodSuckers.

    They won’t mention in Logging Sms that you had such amount of balance after making your last call.

    So thats it, i have no choice but to switch my whole family to SKYPE as Zong is introducing Fastest Internet.