E-Office System in all Federal Ministries to Be Deployed Soon


The Minister of State for IT, Ms. Anusha Rahman chaired a meeting to review the progress of PSDP IT Project regarding the deployment of e-office system for at least 28 federal ministries. The meeting was attended by Additional Secretary (IT), Azmat Ali Ranjha, DG (PCB) and senior officials of MoIT and PCB.

DG (PCB) apprised the Minister regarding the progress of e-office project at length. In this regard, multiple teams have been constituted in accordance with the nature of tasks and relevant to the human resource expertise.

The DG (PCB) told the minister that acquisition of Data Centre Facility for e-Office Hosting, signing of contract for e-office and middle software with the vendors, gathering and analysis of ministries for configuration of basic parameters for the said system has already completed.

The Federal Ministries/Divisions have nominated their Focal Persons to liaison with PCB team for the implementation of the system simultaneously in their respective Ministries/Divisions. Moreover, above 75% network connectivity of Federal Ministries/Divisions through Optical Fiber Ring has been tested successfully.

The master trainers are imparting the capacity building training to the trainers who will further train the employees of the Federal Government on e-office system to cater optimum results. The e-office system is already functional in Prime Minister Office, National Assembly Secretariat and Ministry of Information Technology.

The Minister directed to establish an IT Service Management Cell to register and address the issues of the end users of the system. She further expressed that the said system will be a key tool to ensure efficiency, accuracy, effectiveness, good governance, transparency, and accountability in decision making.

The Minister further added that the indigenous technological industry has been utilized for the development and implementation of e-office system to encourage the local industry and to maximize the usage of local IT HR as per the vision of the present government.

  • I have worked with EGD for a couple of years, the E-Office project (2004) (By LMKR) was working on and off since 2006. The MOIT had the system, but the secretary at that time was unhappy with it (plus it was a bit complex to use) so they used conventional filing and e-office together (making it a real pain) . Then there were bugs and even more bugs, all said and done the project has been delayed a bit too long. And lets be honest a ridiculously large sum of money has been spent on this project. But the best/worst part is , the contract with LMKR never barred them from not selling the system to anyone else. So the same system has been sold to Punjab Gov, KPK and i hear Bangladesh and Srilanka as well (with a few tweaks). Hats off to the LMKR marketing team.

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