Sony Announces the Replacement to the NEX-6, the A6000


Sony’s original NEX-6 DSLR is probably one of our favourite cameras of all time. Getting a sophisticated package in an outfit which is only just bigger than one of the heftier point-and-shoots still feels like a dream today.

While we still live in that dream, Sony has done us a favour by announcing its successor, the A6000.

The new mirrorless Sony A6000 camera comes with a 24.3 megapixel APS-C sensor and a BIONZ X processor, a combination which results in the world’s fastest autofocus with a lag of just 0.06 seconds. Continuous shooting speeds also reach 11 fps, with tracking AF. Sony A6000 also has as many as 179 focal points. ISO levels can reach up to ISO 25,600.

Towards the back of Sony A6000 there lies an OLED viewfinder and a 3″ movable touchscreen. A pop-up flash reveals itself from the top. The A6000 is also capable of shooting Full HD videos at up to 60p. So no 4K but most people won’t mind that.

The new image processor assists during low-light photography.

The camera supports file transfers via Wi-Fi, DLNA, NFC and HDMI. The design is quite similar to the NEX-6 but the button layout is a bit different. There is a bit more premium feel to it than before and the camera itself is slightly larger.

As for the price, the A6000 is substantially cheaper than the NEX-6, starting at $650 for just the body, and $800 with Sony’s 16-50mm lens. Compared to that, the camera it replaces cost $1000 initially so the deal doesn’t sound too bad to us.

  • Asim

    Its NOT A DSLR .. Its a E.V.I.L. Camera !!!

  • Usman Ghazanfar Hussain Khan

    file transfer via HDMI? tsk tsk!

  • Farhan Haseeb Khawaja

    when is it going to be available in Pakistan? desperately waiting for it!!!

  • Mubashir Younus

    Its not a DSLR, neither was NEX-6. They’re mirrorless CSCameras. (which are better than DSLRs; in my opinion)