Anusha Meets Her Qatari Counterpart


Ms. Anusha Rahman, Minister of State for Information Technology and Telecommunication paid a visit to Doha, Qatar along with a delegation.

During the visit, she held a bilateral meeting with Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber Minister of Information & Communication Technology of the State of Qatar.

The Minister briefed her counterpart on the investment opportunities in Pakistan, in particular in the telecommunication sector and on the government’s plan to auction the 3G/4G spectrum. She informed the Qatari Minister on the measures taken by the government to spread the benefits of ICT technologies to the people in the country and the vibrancy of the sector with some 180 million population.

Briefing on the investment environment in Pakistan, she explained that opportunities for foreign investors are immense and it was the endeavours of the government to facilitate the potential companies as its priority.

She informed the Qatari counterpart about the steps taken by the government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to bring peace and stability in the country by addressing the issue through dialogue and talks.

She mentioned that with the human resource potential in Pakistan, and with its skill and expertise level in ICT and allied technologies Pakistan has great prospects to become a regional hub in South Asia.

She also underlined the efforts of the government to take corrective measures to improve the economy of the country and about the plan for national growth and development in the coming three years. The Minister also invited the Qatari counterpart to invest in Pakistan and to pay a visit to Pakistan.

Dr. Hessa Al- Jaber in her exchange underlined the importance of Pakistan-Qatar relations and noted that both countries enjoy close fraternal relations. She underlined that Pakistan has great promise to achieve the desired progress and technological growth in the ICT sector and evinced keen interest in the forthcoming plan of the government to expand telecommunication services in Pakistan.

The Minister informed that their respective Ministries would closely coordinate future cooperation in the telecom sector.

Earlier the Minister of Information Technology Mrs. Anusha Rahman held a detailed session with the telecom operator in Qatar and gave them presentation on the spectrum allocation auction in Pakistan.

  • BA/LLB qualified on one hand, PHD (CS) from George Washington university on the other. Ridiculously hilarious.

    • In politics education is not the primary thing to be considered.
      if that was the case scientist,engineers and professors would ministers and presidents
      secondly we have elected this lady.
      i am surprised at least she is BA/LLB?
      what would have you done if she wasn’t ??
      its very easy to criticize but very difficult to take responsibility

      • 1) You are a massive Idiot who thinks Education is not the Primary thing to be Considered in Politics thats why this country is ruled by Matric/BA pass Fake Degree Holders Like Zardari.

        2) We did not elected Anusha

        3) The Ministry of IT should belong to a Person who is Expert in Information Technology Like Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber Minister of IT QATAR.
        Anusha does not even know the A B C of Information Technology even she have Masters Degree in Law from UK . She is Belong to the Ministry of LAW instead Information Technology.


          • I did not elect her you did.
            Think Before you Bark an F.A Pass cannot become a Chief of the Pakistan’s Army.
            Musharraf graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in his class of 29th Pakistan Military Academy Long Course.
            He was assistant Professor of war studies at the Command and Staff College of Pak Army and Professor of Political Science at National Defense University.

            In 1990–91, he got Master Degree from the Royal College of Defense (RCDS) in Britain as a Brigade Commander of SSG (Special Services Group Siachin) Pakistan Army.
            An Engineer Cannot Become a Surgeon and ANUSHA cannot become an IT Expert and she cannot do anything better except wasting time and sucking money.

            • Pyro rulz!
              A. I didn’t elect a stupid LLB, nepotism at its heights.
              B. Learn from Germany, their V.C is a physicist, running the dam country in to perfection.

              Imbeciles like Zain are going to be the end of this once great nation!

            • Pyro,

              Anusha didnt leaglise cable, porn or prostitution like what musharaf did in an islamic country.

              Plus Anusha and her Govt. didnt use Army tanks to Raid a mosque where innocnet childrens, girls and boys were studying holy quran.

              All there fault was they tried to stop prostitution and mushraf raid that mosque with army tanks.

              Shame on such person who hold degrees from britain and raid on Pakistani mosques.

              Well please do pros and cons before speak in favour of traitor Musharaf. with such degrees see what actions he actualy have done. How many laws he voilated being an leader.

              A good leader leads with example and you want to follow these examples of breaking law.

              This is what you want to teach whole nation.

            • Pyro where do you live in this country. its not just the case with only politicians. look around in the industry and you will find the same .. lol

      • She is a joke. A complete and utter joke. And you are a fool for promoting her.

        Okay, you don’t want to compare her education status, so let us look at her RECORD IN OFFICE.

        How many times did she talk about a working filtration system that is ready to be deployed? How much moneys did she divert to that filtration system? How many times did she say government is working with Google for permanent solution to Youtube issue? In fact, How many times did she threaten Google with shutting it down in Pakistan?

        And then we have a bombshell today in interview by PTA chairman on Dunya TV:

        #1: he says there is no work towards a solution with Google for unblocking Youtube.
        #2: he says there is no way to block blasphemy with any filtration system.

        Blocking, unblocking Youtube is as simple as the government (ie, this minister) saying “ok, unblock it”. THAT IS ALL IT TAKES.

        So why has she been jerking us around for almost 1 year without unblocking it? Why has she been spending government funds (which is really OUR TAX MONEY) wasting on filtering systems that are known not to work? Why did she allow ISI to handle blocking of Internet Traffic? (Is ISI now responsible for directing traffic on Mall Road also? Maybe they don’t have anything else to do like kill terrorists? They seem to do a good job of picking up peaceful anti-drone activists and torturing them, why not let them filter internet traffic also)

        Whether or not you want to look at her education, her actual work record points to her being INCOMPETENT at her given job.

        And furthermore, no, we did not elect her TO BE MINISTER. She was chosen to be minister by elected governemtn, and I 100% cannot believe that out of all treasery seats in National Assembly they couldn’t find anyone more qualified in technology than her.

        • Yes Shahid he is right doesnt matter what filter you apply you cannot stop a traffic when there are different million of channels of traffic and you can rout-rerout and can use proxy servers, can change different names for vedios and encrypt vedio into binary code well there are 1000 ways to bypass if Govt. Applies filter on their end plus Govt. doesnt have that much advanced technology and financial investment according to our current financial situation and security issues Govt. cannot spend all the money on this and provide public Youtube.

          Only way is we press Google to stop this on their end because they have resources and technology to do that.

          Why Pakistani govt. doing that because we giving them business to do in pakistan and make money and in response its their job to respect our religion and our nation.

          You want to watch youtube because they donot respect you, your counrty, your govt. and most important your religion are you?

          • You’re a certified moron. Google did not make the video. If you make 10000 words posts about Google why do you not make 1 word about the creator of the video?

            Furthermore. The video is on MANY MANY MANY video sites. Those sites are not banned. Pictures of blasphemy are on MANY MANY MANY picture sites. Those sites are not banned.

            Why is Google the only target for your hate? Is it because you are blind to reality?

            You read the first point he said about filters but you did not understand it: blasphemy CANNOT be prevented or blocked. PERIOD. No matter if it is Google or VimpleCom or China Mobile used for its distribution. It CANNOT be done.

            Further, you said we have the technology and resources to stop Google. What technology? PTA chairman said there is no technology. What resources? Will we send South Waziristan people to blow themselves up at Google HQ? Why don’t you volunteer for the job.

    • Exactly, but in a country a Youth Loan (soodh program) can be chaired by none other than Boss’s daughter; so expect rest of the lot are just ‘faces’ ;

  • Anusha Rehman is a qualified lawyer and has experience in the telecom sector, being the head of legal for a major multinational telecom operator in Pakistan. That should give her enough knowledge of the issues in the sector to make a case.

    A minister’s role is macro-level and does not require complete knowledge of the nuts and bolts of IT to function.

    Case in point, the current head of the IMF, Christine Laggard. She is a lawyer by profession…..was the finance minister of France previously….and currently serves as head of the one of the largest financial multilaterals in the country. Do the naysayers mean to say she is a product of nepotism and when she sits with Economists and Finance Ministers around the world, she is no match?

    • Ignorance is a bliss.
      World was buzzing with calls for merit based selection of IMF MD in 2011. Perhaps you were not yet born at that time.
      Regardless, couldn’t you just use some common sense before writing that?Also inform me, which “major multinational telecom operator in Pakistan” was she a legal advisor of? When Wikipedia is your reference, its a tell-tale sign.

      • Ignorance really is bliss Mister. Lagarde got selected by popular choice. Yes there was an opposite view favoring a Mexican economist but Lagarde delivered as Finance Minister of France during the financial crisis and was awarded the accolade for Best Finance Minister of the Year at that time. I’m not sure what you’re smoking but its clearly injurious to your grey cells.

        And no, wikipedia is not my source. It is commonly known among the clear headed in the industry. Please do your due diligence.

    • And Jibran you thought that the IMF, Christine Laggard is Doing a Good Job.
      Thats the Problem Jibran when a person who only looks at the Macro Level and don’t know about the Micro Level Working of a Organization bring the Entire Organization to Collapse . Let me tell you about IMF, Christine Laggard, The entire Europe is in Economic Crisis,Euro Zone Poverty has crossed all the records,Spain,Greece and Italy are on the brink of Financial Catastrophe. In Pakistan the N League Government is Happily following the DEMANDS of IMF which are
      Terminate Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project other wise Sanctions imposed on Both Countries
      Increase in Gas Price Tariffs
      Increase in Electricity Tariffs
      Increase in Taxes
      Increase the Interest Rates to Double Digits
      Federal Reserve is dying

      And then People like you ask why we Like Pak Army’s Martial Laws in Pakistan and Don’t Support Democracy let me tell you why.
      its because if you Look into the Entire History of Pakistan, the Economic Situation,Financial Growth and GDP was very High during the Martial Law compared to Democratic Rule.



      • Pyro,

        To your points a best Example is Steve Job, what he was himself nothing, his team was calling him aerogent, bully not satisfied, not socialized basically he was replaced and pulled out of many projects of his own company and eventually fired at one time.

        Then his company realize at very later stage when they got bankcrupt to get him back again and he might pull this company out of crisis and he did.

        Basically Apple 1, and Apple II was build by steve wosniac and his friends team, what he had in himself was a good communication and selling skills.

        What he can do is only put on a great show of a product but see what he has done to Apple company.

        He was not a graduate from uni, he was not a degree holder.

        He had little experience in design he was having little bit experience in hardware but actually he was nothing.

        For Refference please see the Movie “JOBS” which is based on his own auto biography.

        After all of these i dont think there could be any argument about Anusha’s Skill, Degree or Capabilities.

      • Yes Pyro. I thought exactly that. First off, Europe was in that mess BEFORE Lagarde got elected and she advocated IMF intervention that was out of IMF’s charter at the time which led the bail out of frontier countries in Europe. It does not really matter what you want to tell me about IMF and Christine Laggarde, fact is the figures for Europe speak for themselves and Europe has not sufferred a financial meltdown because of the IMF.

        In Pakistan, please read the IM of the IMF program publicly available. There are no demands from Pakistan to terminate Iran Pakistan pipeline. Federal Reserve is the US central bank, so i dont know what you mean by mentioning that here. The rest of the things are quite close to luncacy. We need to increase gas and electricity tariffs to take care of the negative tariff differential so circular debt does not come up again. The miniscule decrease you see in loadshedding today is because Pakistan cleared the circular debt once and does not want it again. Taxes need to go up and tax net expanded as we have one the lowest tax to GDP ratios in the world. Interest rates need to be high because inflation is high and savers need to be given a positive real rate of return and capital needs to be attracted. If you are the economist (and i am so i speak authoritatively), can you please guide what you would have done to shore up Pakistan’s reserves and undertake reforms if not under the discipline of the IMF program? I will wait for your answer.

  • Guys really really disappointed by the negativity most of you showing here about our IT Minister.

    Guys being muslim please understand the true meaning of education, degree is not education or knowledge. Degree is not warrantee that you are a smart or qualified.

    First she got elected, she is member of Pakistan’s Upper house, its enough to prove that she is a leader it is not a small or common thing.

    Second she got law degree which you guys said i have no knowledge about it, even if you guys right then she is best for this post because she will make sure every thing will happen on merit, she will not let any corruption to happen.

    What i can see is now in Pakistan there are alot of corrupt people who start crying when ever a Government try to stop corruption.

    All the crying here in comments i can see is foolish and only fake blame games, no body here is with a solid proof.

    And to all of you guys if you guys feel anything wrong all of you have right to challenge all the things to court only if you any proof of corruption or wrong things happen.

    Then please take your fingers out of your fat asses and challenge any wrong things in the court of you are right.

    Or if you are corrupt most likely follower of PTI or Zardari then shut up and put your fingers back and rest in peace because this time solid progress is happening and there is no Traitor in power like Musharaf or Zaradar or foreign pet like Imran khan to stop any thing from happening.

    To all Pakistanis who want our country to be Proud in the world, corruption free Progress lightning fast please support all the good decisions of this Government, help them to Reconstruct our country which is been destroyed by Musharaf and Zardari and no Imran is doind his part as well. And if you guys feel any thing wrong please challenge it in the court but make sure you bring out the proof and show to whole nation not like a coward just cry here and there and do a blame game. Be a proud Pakistani.

  • Dear Majid,

    I can see that you are a die hard fan of PML(N). But we should always get the facts straight, either we are PML(N) fans or any others….

    1) Is there any article or bill in which it states that prostitution is legal in Pakistan or Musharaf did it. If not then try to stay calm and dnt tell us openly that PML(N) supporters are schmuck.

    2) Gen. Musharaf used army tanks to demolish a so called mosque that was being used to support terrorist activities and whose leader tried to run away in a burqa. The same leader with whom our current govt is negotiating and the same leader who is threatening the govt of 500+ female suicide bombers.

    3) Do you really think that the person who had heavy ammunition in the mosque and had burqa for himself to flee the MOSQUE was trying to stop prostitution? Again dnt proof yourself to be a schmuck!

    4) Shame on you for declaring shame on someone cause he holds British degree. Our beloved Quaid-e-Azam was the same. He held british degree. Will you declare shame for him too? Again dnt be a schmuck!

    This country never had a better leader after Quaid thn Musharaf!

    • 1.Well Furqan, you have asked me about Bill and Article then Read the License Authorisations which our Cable Operators/5 star hotels in Islamabad hold and that Licenses issued under the Pakistan Govt. Act which is personally signed and authorised by Musharaf.

      2. Where is the proof of weapon and that bombs and anyother thing which musharaf able to take out of that mosque except innocent kids brutlly ridded bodies.

      3. Musharaf could nt show the media except 1 AK 47 which they were able to find in the mosque.

      4. Students of the Mosque only burnt the 1 vedio shop who was selling porn and they threat a leady who was running brothel in her home even all the story was on media when Traitor Musharaf was president.

      5. And dont compare Quid-e-azam with Traitor Musharaf, because Quid-e-azam lead the nation again britishers, mushsar sold us in the hands of them.

      6. Read the Raco-deck agreement which was signed by Musharaf, Zardar, and Gelani and All 3 of them equally partner with minning industries who going to Mine in blochistan.

      7. All in all i am not agains any body infact one time i was in favour of Musharaf untill he attacked the mosque and leaglise cable act, and started issueing licenses to private bodies to open up hotels with leaglised prostitution.

      8. I am in the favour of any body who will come and do positive things in Pakistan, doesnt matter who.

      9. If they build Road infrastructure, Reduce corruption, Build good Health System. Provide Security to the whole nation i am with them.

      10. Currently PML(N) is doing little bit i am not a die hard fan of them but at least they doing little bit so i will be in favour of any body who will do even little bit.

      All others none of them did a little bit they just demolish things they corrupt the system as much as they could.

      11. PTI is not unite at the moment, they are not able to convince there own ppl et all.

  • Oh Majid Brother , I am not Defending Musharraf I am just telling Zain that a F.A pass cannot become the Chief of Army Staff.

    But let me tell you It was Nawaz Shareef’s Government in 1998 who made Musharraf the COAS.

    It was Nawaz Shareef’s Government who ordered to cut the supply to Pakistani Soldiers on USA’s Pressure who were Fighting with Indians on Kargil and 700 Soldiers Martyred with no Food/Weapons Supply because of that Coward.

    Shareef Brothers are the Biggest Cowards in History of Pakistan who were making last minute Multi Million Dollar deal with the US for not detonating Nuclear Missiles on Chagi and it was Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and the Pakistan Army who Pressurized Nawaz to do it.

    What ever the Musharraf did its blame goes to Nawaz Shareef as well.

  • For your info brother the maulvi that came out lal masjid in burqa is saying he has 500 hundred women suicide bombers you tell where does in QURAN it says suicide and killing innocent people is allowed. the people in the masjid were taliban following that same molvi. stupid people like you will destroy this country

    • Well brother no body did yet, but if you want to pay me most wellcome, do you want my bank details?

      I am not in favour of any body maray payaray bhio.

      Main sirf yeh samjha raha hoon kay hamaisha negative soch rakhnay say ham log kabhi koi tameeri kam nahi ker payain gay.

      Being 1 nation at this very critical time we need to be unite, be positive and be supportive if any good and constructive things are getting done.

      Just look at the Past, in Zardari Govt. for 5 years that Govt. was not able to auction this license et all.

      And now see this Govt. is able to get it done with in 9 months and on merit and every body can see the each and every process how transparent it is.

      This was the whole point.

      Plus if you see the other nations their politicians are their heros and they support them any good thing they do not that they always criticize.

  • And guys i apologise for my emotional wordings against PTI or imran khan. But please be unite and help this and any comming Govt.s to construct Pakistan to become a great nation.

    And to let you guys now this country is our Identity and we have a great talent.
    I can bet on other nation have such a talent we have, but unfortunately others diverting us and pulling us towards negativity and we by ourself demolishing our country.

    Reason are we are not unite, we leaving every thing to Allah.

    See we Dua kay sath Dawa bhi lazmi hoti hai, sirf Dua kernay say kuch nahin hoo ga.

    • I am going to mark these words of yours. Let’s see how better or worse we are in four years.

  • Dear its Govt. Decision and if they do i am not in favour of this decision.

    and its funny as you saying PMLN is my beloved party, i am insisting on positive actions and construction of this country no matter who does that.

    I was showing my support to their good actions its not mean that whole PMLN is my beloved party.

    If they do anything wrong and i do have proof of that i will not hesitate to go to Court and challenge any of that party member.

    • And that is how you can establish a healthy and balance system, where we could have justice system and kick out corruption.

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