Glow Continues Helping Young Unleash Their Talents


Glow continues supporting the young talents. The latest initiative carried out is the Kinnaird’s Media Fest 2014.

Started back in 2012, it’s the third Media Fest  which is presented by Glow.

The event, featuring inter-collegiate competitions, was aimed to showcase the talents of the 22 participating institutes across Punjab. The festival was organized by the Kinnaird’s Media Studies Department with the support of the Kinnaird Media Club.

The Fest’14 was one of a kind with a variety of competitions ranging from Television Ad-Making Competition to the Movie Dubbing contest that guaranteed thirty minutes of pure entertainment. While some competitions were all about creativity and an immense display of talent; others like the Report Writing Competition tested the participants’ writing skills.

The Short Film Competition was to be a morale boost for young, amateur film makers for whom having their work displayed on a mass scale could prove to be a huge stepping stone in the right direction. Poster Designing and Photography Competition were the two stand-outs from amongst the rest with the beautifully captured shots and unique graphical designs.

The six competitions were well-structured and brilliantly coordinated, so much so that no hitch was observed on the day of the event.

Teams from Punjab University, Government College, Lahore Grammar School and other educational institutions participated in the event. The Photography competition was won by the team from Services Institute of Medical Sciences while University of Lahore bagged the first position in the Poster competition. The Television Ad Making competition was won by Beaconhouse Defense Campus.

On the second day of the event, SISA and Lahore Grammar School 1 A/1 came first in the Movie Dubbing competition while LGS (Johar Town) won the Report Writing Competition. The Short Film Competition, a hit amongst the audience, was won by University of Engineering Technology Lahore. Syed Noor was the judge for the competition. The competition winners were awarded with the Winner’s Trophy and Cash Prizes towards the end of the event.

Collectively outstanding efforts were made by each participant and students genuinely put their hearts in all what they presented in these competitions, especially highlighting the social issues of the society.

Glow by Warid always recognizes the potential and provides platform and means to the youngsters to come forward and show their talents.

Participating Universities

  1. Kinnaird College for Women Lahore (KC)
  2. Punjab University (PU)
  3. National College of Arts (NCA)
  4. Pakistan Institute of Fashion Designing (PIFD)
  5. Government College University (GCU)
  6. Lahore School of Economics (LSE)
  7. Forman Christian College University (FCC)
  8. Beaconhouse School System Defense Campus (BDS)
  9. University of Lahore (UOL)
  10. Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Campus (LGS)
  11. Lahore Grammar School 1-A/1 (LGS)
  12. SISA
  13. Ameer ud Din Medical College
  14. Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS)
  15. Fatima Jinnah Medical College
  16. University of Management and Technology (UMT)
  17. Beaconhouse National University (BNU)
  18. Beaconhouse School System (ALGC)
  19. King Edward Medical College (KE)
  20. FAST
  21. University of Engineering and Technology  (UET)
  22. University College of Medicine and Dentistry
  23. Nishtar Medical College








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