Pakistani IT Firm to Develop Software for Zimbabwe Railways



DevBatch, a Pakistani enterprise mobility company, has been chosen by the National Railways of Zimbabwe (NRZ) to provide integrated solutions for mobile and web software solution, said a statement.

After a rigorous selection process which included various international players, DevBatch was awarded these projects by NRZ, it was announced.

The first project is to develop a website for NRZ’s passengers to reserve and buy train tickets online. This website will aim to provide NRZ’s passengers a simple, convenient and swift way of buying railway tickets.

The Pakistan based IT company will also work to develop back-office software for 8 to 10 levels of NRZ hierarchy. The software will assist NRZ to manage operations and finances related to ticketing. To make life easier for NRZ’s customers DevBatch will develop mobile apps for ticket collectors to issue and print tickets on the train carriages on and off station.

Commenting on winning these projects, DevBatch’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Waqas Pitafi said, “We are very excited to have won these projects amid touch competition from international competitors. DevBatch is representing Pakistan at the world stage and we are proud to have boosted Pakistan’s image in the global Information Technology (IT) industry.”

Hardware required for the development of these solutions will be provided by a local vendor located in Harare, Zimbabwe.

DevBatch has successfully served many global clients from USA, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, and Bahrain and have provided end-to-end mobile solutions to our clients in Healthcare, Banking, Telecom and IT Sector.


  • great achievement. i have full confidence in our talent the potential we possess will outshine others and help in reducing the propaganda based and micro level negative image.

    • What’s so great about working for a poverty-ridden country like Zimbabwe?

      I am surprised ProPakistani thought this was worthawhile news.

      • bhai wo jesa mulk sahi, tum q sar re ho is achievment pe… kisi dsrey mulk se contract mily to yh bht bari bat hy… ghareeb mulk se km payment b mili to tmhara kia nuqsaan??????????/ :)

        • mein kion sarne laga? Odesk, Elance aur Freelancer pe roz isse barey projects Pakistani contractors ko mil rahe hain.. tub to koi jashan nahi manata? I also work for a UK based web design agency and have worked on projects of similar scale.

          Paid article parh key bakwaas karna shuroo kardi.

          • Salman: You may be working for a “UK” based web design agency, but you should not represent their discriminatory colonial mind-set here on this forum, we all call “ProPakistani”.

            It is an achievement by a local industry player at global stage and for which they have beaten competition from many other nations including India.

            As an industry professional you should support our local industry players rather than showing your venom for no reason.

            • discriminatory colonial mind-set here

              lolwut? they’ve let millions of 3rd world immigrants in their country,. providing so much religious freedom none of the “Islamic” shit holes can even imagine, yet they have a “discriminatory colonial mind-set”.

              Okay lesson learned, don’t disturb “ProPakistani”s in their little pride moments.. like when their heroes win contracts from corrupt 3rd world governments or when a 10 year old (always fake age) gets a (many times fake) “Microsoft Certified Retard” for being able to use Windows or some 16 year old fa g blackmails PTA and brings censorship to the country (lol?).

              And no, I won’t “support” local industry players just because they’re from my country.. at least not by m.a.sturb.a.ting to their “achievements”. It’s up to them to prove themselves.

      • tum jaisy log Ammar Afzal jaisy dramay par bhi nazaan hein. Taleem yafta hotay tu Salman ki baat samjh mein ati. Jao ja ka quomi taranay k record par khush ho. Technology-intensive debate aaj kal tu har jamadaar karta phir raha hei. So we cant argue with you.

        • Mohib (-e-Salman)… mujh jaisay loug apnay lougoun ki taraqi par fakhr kartay hain … na kay apni nakamyoun ka matam dousrou kay sir daltay hain jaisa Salman Abbas kay comments say sabit hai.

          Zimbabwe ki currency agarcha down hai, magar woh akaila mulk nahi hai Italy, Indonesia samait kai bare-economy walay mumalik ki currency mai bhi million, billion aur trillion lagany partay hain.

          Behtar hai hasd karnay ki bajaye apnay kaam pay focus karain hum aapka bhi saath daingae

  • Salman: I am not sure what to make of your statement above … and why you are mixing 2 separate subjects 1) Microsoft Certifications and 2) a Global contract Win by a Pakistani company.

    Anyhow … be it ur professional jealousy or perhaps a habit of BS-ing … its a liberty u r enjoying in Pakistan :)

    • You’re right, professional jealousy it is. Am just so jealous a random company in Pakistan won a shitty 6-figure project, it just blew away my little mind. :P

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