Flashcall Connects Brands with Consumers Through Missed calls


Pakistan has crossed 130 million mobile subscribers, and has an active and strong telecom sector. Various brands and businesses are continuously innovating the way to interact with customers through mobile phones.

Now, Flashcall is looking to take this interaction a step further by connecting the brand and/or business with its consumers through a missed call.

Considering the fact that our nation has mastered the art of communication through missed-call, interaction through missed-call won’t be a new thing for millions of people.

As simple as it can get, customers can initiate the communication through missed-call and then business can respond in any possible way.

Flashcall is a platform that aims to provide individuals and companies to reach out to the mass audience through phone calls termed Flashcalls. This is a cloud based system that combines the simplicity of phone-based communication and the power of big data analytics.

For a business, Flashcall can provide vital information such as audience feedback, gathering contacts, and recognizing loyal customers. This service can also be utilized to perform polls/surveys, take pledges, reach out to your followers, attract new customers, recognize loyal consumers, and much more.

In the near future Flashcall aims to introduce an Open API where businesses can plug in their own services.

The way this service works is that the brand/business will be given a Flashcall number; every time a consumer gives a missed call on that number he/she will be contacted back either through a text, audio message, or any other way customized by the business.

Below you can find an illustration of how Flashcall works.


Flashcall can be a useful and effective solution for businesses to reach out to their customers without risking the chances of irritating and annoying the customer.

This is service is certainly something which brands and businesses, including Pakistan’s cellular operators, can look into for connecting with, and even to increase, their customer base.

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  • This is an exact replica of a startup in India namely ZipDial. Anyhow, commendable efforts and best wishes.

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