Pakistan’s Go-Fig Solutions Wins World StartUp Cup


Go-Fig Solutions, the winner of Pakistan StartUp Cup, has won the first ever World StartUp Cup as well.

Go-Fig Solutions was competing with six other teams selected from around the globe. These teams included winners of local StartUp Cups from Egypt, Malaysia, Russia, Philippines, Lebanon, and Ghana.

World StartUp Cup was held in Yeveran, Armenia and was created to recognize and celebrate the achievements of outstanding entrepreneurs who were able to win their local StartUp Cup competitions.

Winners from over 21 StartUp Cups from around the globe competed for the final seven positions to present their business plans to the panel of judges at the World StartUp Cup. The 21 winners of the local competition competed virtually for the final seven spots, the selected entrepreneurs presented their business models to an international panel of judges which comprised of local StartUp Cups from around the world.

Go-Fig Solutions are dedicated to identifying  issues and coming up with ICT based solutions. Their process involves taking up a problem, defining it, rigorously research the key components, present it to public through trainings and consulting, publishing scholarly and mainstream articles about the problem, and then offering ICT oriented tools to solve the issue.

The Second position of the World StartUp Cup went to Bravehearts Expeditions from Ghana StartUp Cup and third position were Oriense of St. Petersburg StartUp Cup.

StartUp Cup is a global network of 68 accelerators “without walls” featuring business model competitions in more than 57 countries.

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