PTCL Launches Corporate SMS Service


Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has launched its Corporate SMS Service.

The service is a complete bulk SMS management system which manages SMS campaigns and offers built-in controls to send web to phone messages to any mobile operator in the country.

This service is being offered through a simple to use web based interface enabling corporate customers to log-in from any internet enabled device (computer/laptop/smart phone/tablet) and communicate instantly with individuals or groups via bulk text messaging.

The web based Corporate SMS management control panel offers easy-to-use interface which entails a web based SMS editor, campaign scheduler to schedule messages, address book, reporting module to view delivery acknowledgements, history of messages sent and controls to prevent possible security lapses.

Kamal Ahmed, Chief Digital & Corporate Services Officer of PTCL said at the occasion, “PTCL remains committed to bring cutting edge ICT solutions for the corporate sector, and we are confident that this new service shall enable organizations to add more value to their business”.

“The Corporate SMS service is a powerful web-to-mobile messaging service that allows organizations to deliver updates & information swiftly and also provides customized modules which can be tailored as per requirements”, added Kamal Ahmed.

The service is integrated with PTCL OCS, PTCL SMS gateway, Billing & Customer Care (for revenue reconciliation) and prepaid charging system offering convenience and accessibility. The service comes with various high-level features including SMS text messages to individuals & groups from the internet and personalize outgoing.

PTCL Corporate SMS Service enables companies, educational institutes and organizations to target wider customer base, notify their target audiences and undertake large scale marketing campaigns.


PTCL offers following packages for Corporate SMS (Pak Rupees)

Package Name





One Time Setup charges





Tax @ 19.5% FED/Sale tax & 15% Income tax





Total One Time Setup charges






Package Fee





On-net/Off-net SMS charges





Total SMS allowed after tax





Tax @ 19.5% FED/Sale tax & 15% Income tax





Total Amount payable for Package Subscription





New users shall follow below procedure for new account creation:

  • One account will be created and Single MDN shall be issued against a single CNIC.
  • Customer can subscribe one or more than one packages under one created account (i.e. against one MDN).
  • Account and package subscription is valid for 30 days and both shall expire automatically if customer doesn’t purchase any package within the expiry date.
  • Customer is not required to repurchase the account/MDN if any package is purchased before the expiry of existing package.
  • Customer has to consume all SMS available in package within validity of existing package.
  • Existing package additional SMS shall not be carried forward to the next month in case new package is subscribed before expiry of existing package.
  • Customer can purchase one package for as many months by purchasing same package over and again.
  • Every time customer purchases a package, it will increase account subscriptions’ expiry date for an additional 30 days.
  • Appropriate tax deductions as per applicable laws will be made before making any payment to CSL.

Activation procedure:

  • An MDN will be allotted by the system with validity of three days and an SMS containing allotted MDN, concerned corporate sales/service manager’s contact information and payable amount (as per the selected package) will be sent on customer’s mobile number.
  • Within three days of account creation;
    • Customer will submit the copy of his/her CNIC in person to respective corporate sales center along with a request on letterhead/plain paper mentioning the MDN.
    • Customer will load the balance equal to one time setup charges and package fee against issued MDN through any PTCL KIOSK Machine (WLL/EVO Prepaid) at PTCL OSS or Ufone retailer (EVC).
  • Customer account will be activated and an SMS shall be sent on his/her mobile number with username and password.
  • Customer is now able to sign in on PTCL corporate SMS interface to use the service. Remaining SMS and expiry date will be displayed on the top of the corporate SMS interface.

  • SSH

    so this was the reason for restricting Message limit over Mobile operator.

    • Faisal Raza

      No, this was not the actual reason, to control Spamming is the main reason. Everywhere in the world commercial messages can only be sent to users who opt-in (subscribe) to receiver promotional messages. Most of the countries block spam traffics.

      • Navy

        No one has given me option to opt-IN. Neither no option for opt-OUT as well.
        Even if one register complaint regarding dead broadband or dead telephone life using mobile SMS to PTCL, in response PTCL captures your number and start sending you SPAMMING. So does registering complaints via SMS means that i have opt-in for PTCL promo messages? The answer is simple, NO !

        One thing more, how come commercial SMS are allowed if you pay the higher cost per SMS. Basically they should work for the implementation of the method of “consent of the receiver.

        • Sickofit

          I was also wondering the same thing, the networks spam us day in day out. ProPakistani should write an article on it. I have 12 warid service numbers on my block list. That has stopped the spam messages only.

  • Faisal Raza

    Price is higher, and they are not offering API.

    • Faisal we can provide you with API. If you want plz contact me on [email protected] and we can provide you service quickly.

      • rehmat

        I am using smsroaming services and they are simply simply awesome. The sms delivery is so quick and reliable. Thanks Usamn fro such service.
        [email protected]

        • Thanks Rehmat. It’s great pleasure for us to get appreciation from our customers on public forum.

    • Majid

      Check out telenor corporate SMS, no one can beat its features and pricing and quality. I salute the people who enhanced the amazing features on telenor corporate sms service.

      • Hello Majid

        Telenor can’t offer Branded SMS Delivery to Mobilink.
        Telenor doesn’t offer Handset Delivery Reports.
        Their Panel is not very feature Rich.

        If you need all of this then contact us and i’m sure you’ll enjoy the maximum.

        • Shumaila

          Hello, Please check their service & features first before commenting here.

  • Taimur

    Please control spams man. I am sick of changing numbers

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Thanks to ptcl now my phone will have even more promotional junk in form of SMS.

    • Bilal Iqbal

      i think Google should have Spam filter for Android too.. just like email.. auto filtering… the same can be done for smartphones…

      • PeeDroid MiNi L420

        Balay Tu Aaj Kal Bohot Tain Tain Kar Raha Ha >:8

        • Bilal Iqbal

          ha ha ha… i have time and thoughts to share views… you are also welcome… :p

      • Shahid Saleem

        It already exists. Search for “sms filter” or “sms blocker” on play store.

        It will never exist for iOS. Poor peedroid! He got peed on by sms spam!

        • Bilal Iqbal

          nice but third party apps can never beat Google in terms of performance… Gmail filter is superb.. same should be for Android… :)

          • Shahid Saleem

            I disagree. There is zero reason why Google should be responsible for everything related to Android.

            Saying third party apps can never beat Google is like saying there is no point in having an apps store because Google can make the best of every app.

            • Bilal Iqbal

              hmmm… let it over personal choice… our telco’s are also biggest spam SMS senders for their different services etc to grab money.. and people know how to deal with them.. open it.. delete it … and finish.. :)

      • Khurram ShahzAd

        I guess can’t really trust any filter etc as it may block an sms from friend or acquaintance who is not yet in list. However, the one which helps blocking sms from specific numbers would help.

  • rehmat Ali

    Can we sent SMS using our company name?

    • Yes Rehmat. If you want plz contact me on [email protected] and we can provide you service quickly.

      • rehmat

        I am already using sms roaming services for RTJPAK

  • jameela


  • Feryal

    Higher prices than telenor corporate SMS which also gives ability to call.

  • Khurram ShahzAd

    Yeah and latest versions of android as well have contact block feature, but you need to save numbers as contacts in phone. But I am sure for all windows, android, ios and others there would be many third party useful apps for this. I haven’t been in need of any such app yet luckily.

  • Sulaiman Lalani

    i tried with so many sims,PTA thinked we are spamming but unfortunately evertime when ever i sent msgs 100 or more ,my sim get blocked ,tried with telenor ,zong, jazz, & with ufone as well for my company( what is the solution)

  • Abdul Rauf (SoftsJar)

    sir mujhe smjh nhi aata ye itni costly service q provide karte hen ?? main kam se kam pkg buy karne pe bhi 22 paisa sms deta hun, phir in se to hmari service ahi hai.