Ufone Overhauls Systems to Enhance Customer Experience


Ufone,an Etisalat group company, has initiated a system upgrade in order to better serve its customers, which also reflects its customer-centered policies and vision of putting customers first.

The operator has recently upgraded its data warehouse to a state of the art system enabling a laser sharp focus on its ability to serve customers proactively and also to create a delightful customer experience for its subscribers.

“The current year will be extremely challenging as well as full of opportunities for the Pakistan telecom industry, “said Mr. Saad Muzaffar Waraich, Chief Officer Information Technology at Ufone. He added, “Doing more with less and doing it faster than we could yesterday is the order of the day. The Teradata upgrade will enable us to not lose sight of what is most important to us — customer intimacy”

The robust and fully integrated Teradata platform delivers a 360-degree customer view using data from multiple source systems, extending insights from the platform to commercial applications of analytics that intelligently drive cross-selling and up-selling, enable customer centricity in marketing strategies, customize offers for each individual customer, target micro-segments, and predict customer behaviour.

“Challenging times lie ahead for those organizations who do not have a vision to integrate technology with their business, Ufone is one of the few organizations which recognize the potential in latest technology to advance their business with strategies that are destined to push and challenge the status quo.” said Khuram Rahat, managing director, Teradata Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. He further added, “I am proud of our long standing partnership and shared vision for leveraging the best out of technology to benefit end users.”

  • Disco_dancer

    what about overhauling its sales team and customer support people??

  • Shehzad

    And what about voice distortion, no or weak signals and zero internet connectivity in Rwp/Isb?

  • Mash

    Non-Informative article – Looks more like Marketing material by Ufone; even though I am their customer

    • Saeed Akram

      agree, no specific or technical information in the article..seems like paid article to me right from the first sentence

  • I have a complaint submitted and every month I launch a complaint about almost no signals in my home (Bathisland, Karachi) and they are still not able to resolve it. Tak about saf shiffaaaf awaz ? wow !!