Urdu Lughat is the Most-Complete Urdu-to-Urdu Dictionary Available on Internet Right Now


Agree or not, Urdu’s online presence is pitiable. Despite being among the five most-spoken languages in the world, there are just about 10,000 articles written in Urdu on Wikipedia. (There are over 40,000 pages on Wikipedia in Urdu but only a quarter of those are complete articles).

There aren’t many reputable online dictionaries either. However, there’s one option now which is a beacon of hope to concerned speakers of the language in a new website called Urdu Lughat, or simply Urdu Dictionary.

The website is the result of hard work from Mr. Zaid Akram, who took over the huge task of building it in under 8 months.

Rising from the ashes of the short-lived Urdu Dictionary founded by CURLP in 2006, Urdu Lughat is home to about 116,000 words, a number which is growing with time. What started as a pastime is now an ambitious project.

The website, upon first glance, quickly reminds the user where is he coming from. It becomes more welcoming after installing fonts. Recently, it has also seen the addition of advanced search.

The website’s founder, Zaid Akram is FAST-NU graduate. Being a fan of Urdu Literature, he brought his goal of increasing the language’s Urdu presence in the form of his website. It is also an open source project. “Any kind of contribution is welcome from anybody,” he has told us.

The dictionary is also quite rich in examples, which come along with searched queries. The renowned “Feroz-ul-Lughat” is also being used to increase the dictionary’s word count.

While we welcome the internet revolution in our country, it is also important that we make sure to spread the language, and, hence, our identity over the internet. Doing exactly that is what makes Urdu Lughat so extraordinary.

Here is the URL again: http://urdulughat.info/

  • Check before saying, there are more than 38,000 articles in Urdu wiki not 10,000 as you are saying

  • I have a register copy of Clean Touch Dictionary 7. It is a great dictionary with a great interface just like office 2013.I am happy with it.

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