PTA to Sell New Local Loop Licenses in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has decided to sell Local Loop licenses to interested buyers, we have confirmed with sources.

Issuance of of LL or Local Loop licenses will be carried out under telecom deregulation policy of 2003.

PTA has said that it will start processing the pending application for LL licenses, while new interested players can also submit new applications for acquiring new LL licenses.

For those who aren’t familiar, an LL Licence authorizes the license holder to construct local network facilities in licensed Region and to provide basic public telephone access and other telecommunication services in that Region.

Pakistan is divided into 14 telecom regions and a LL license for each region is issued separately at a fixed cost of US 10,000 dollars.

Operators with LL licenses can offer end-to-end telephony and other telecom services (such as broadband) with-in a telecom region through any possible wired-communication medium (fibre/ copper).

There are currently 17 LL license holding operators in various telecom regions of Pakistan, 13 out of total 17 are operational while others are yet to commence commercial operations.

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  • What Auction? Under the new ad and old policy, you can get LL license by PTA with USD 10,000 fee payment. It is a gift from PTA to potential operator otherwise, minimum buying price for a shelf LL license with no assets is between USD 75,000/- to USD 100,000/-.

      • You cannot deploy your own infrastructure Like Fiber Wireless UTP
        with CVAS As per PTA Policy should get “LL” for this

        • Yaara this is Pakistan. Sub kuch chalta he
          You are probably living in Islamabad there is something known as kanoon there.
          Come to Karachi here everyone is using cvas and providing services look at all the cable operators like satcomm, kcs, fariya, leonet, cyber, nexlinx, dreamnet, connectnet, inet, satcommnet, accessgroup net, so many companies. What do you know bhai??????????????????

          • I also forget comstar, cube access, comsats, gerrys, and so many others. All these companies are in association with local governments people. Who can touch them bhaiya?

            I have heard Lahore is the same thing. Many cable operators and unlicenses providers providing services. industry ka mess bana diya heh. totally crap now. everyone cutting each others throats.

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