GraphicMail Starts Offering its Email Marketing Solutions in Pakistan


GraphicMail – a specialized email marketing company — has announced plans to expand its operations in Pakistan.

The company originally based in South Africa, currently having its physical presence in more than 24 countries, is now operating with a software development centre in Islamabad.

GraphicMail has recently registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) to become first registered email-marketing solution provider in the country.

While we know that there are countless email-marketing solution providers in Pakistan, GraphicMail will at once have an upper hand on all others due to its features and delivery rates.

GraphicMail claims to be a simple to use tool that comes with handy plans. It provides option to create email campaigns with pre-existing templates or design with the creation editor. It ensures that emails don’t end up in subscribers spam folders by checking text for words and phrases that email services typically flag as spam.

GraphicMail has the ability to capture mobile phone users with its mini-website-creation capabilities. Users are able to create email campaigns specifically for mobile phone users too. The design is set up to display properly for iPhones, Androids, Blackberries and other cell phones.

GraphicMail provides comprehensive reporting for email marketing campaigns, including reports on how many emails went out, how many people opened them, which emails never made it to their intended destinations and how many people forwarded your email on to others.

You can also monitor click-through and conversion rates, determine which emails were deliverable or undeliverable, view unsubscribed contacts, track unsolicited customer complaints, compare message reports and export or download reports.

GraphicMail offers pricing models for both “send limit” and “subscriber list limit”. Below is a glimpse of their pricing structure (there is a trial version available as well):

Subscriber pricing comparison


Send volume pricing comparison


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