PTCL and Dailymotion Join Hands

PTCL Daily Motion

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has joined hands with DailyMotion to offer improved user experience to PTCL customers in Pakistan.

The joint venture will allow wide-range of entertainment content from Dailymotion and multi-screen viewing options for PTCL customers.

Dailymotion – one of the largest video and user generated content platform – consumes a significant portion of the broadband traffic in Pakistan and with this partnership PTCL has paved the way for the legitimacy of Pakistani content on Dailymotion portal.

Walid Irshaid, President and CEO PTCL said at the occasion, “PTCL is spearheading the spread of digital services culture in Pakistan and this move will augment the growth of local content industry and talent as well as open-up new opportunities and  better monetization for Pakistan’s content industry”. 

“This partnership will also add a new dimension to our digital services platforms and will enable PTCL to offer wide range of entertainment products to our customers and reach audiences from diverse demographics”, added WalidIrshaid.

Head of Economic Affairs of French Embassy in Islamabad, Eric Noitakis, characterized the accord as an opportunity to further strengthen the friendly ties with the people of Pakistan. “Pakistani culture is very vibrant and this joint venture of PTCL with French online streaming giant Dailymotion is another step forward in introducing the Pakistani culture to the world.

This would also serve the Pakistani communities living abroad by connecting them to the content from their motherland”, he added.

Vincent Martin, VP Distribution & Business Development, Dailymotion said at the occasion, “We see Pakistan as a country with huge potential and this joint venture will result in an increase in the online video viewing on Dailymotion and hence advertisement. Our endeavor is to adhere to the eastern norms and culture of Pakistan by providing a family friendly portal. Moving forward, Dailymotion would also make the objectionable content blocked for Pakistan”.

PTCL also hosted meetings of Dailymotion with Pakistani TV channels to create awareness about this development. PTCL management, Head of Economic Affairs of French Embassy in Pakistan and Pakistan’s content industry leaders participated in the meetings. PTCL & Dailymotion also plan to launch a video contest in Pakistan to promote youth centric creative activities in future.

  • Great, now we have a site with adult content being officially launched while Youtube continues to be banned because of political reasons.

    • there is no such political reasons.
      if youtube will open, you and your people’s will come out on streets again to block.
      its sensitive matter, govt tried so hard with youtube to block the content in Pakistan, like they did in INDIA, Malaysia, EGYPT etc but Google refused to do so because we don not have such agreements before and some other reasons.

    • Yes, I can totally see you using DailyMotion search and DailyMotion email and DailyMotion ads…right? Oh, you still use gmail and google search? What a kick…in your imagination.

      • it was a Sarcastic quip mate! Do let me know when you develop that Earthly sense.. you Martian..

      • Hahaha Nice one, Actually Google i owing youtube.
        Pakistani soch ko salam, Banning youtube but at the same
        time using Google Search.

  • Govt should take this step to avoid conflict of interests, This might lead to unfair and noncompetitive practices. Big fish eats small fish, What about Nayatel and other ISPs, don’t this threat to their business. Yes definite it would be by monopolizing and getting authoritative influence on content as well, People will have poor speed access to content that is control by PTCL from other ISP connections, So better PTCL stayaway from these practices, or wait for further 50%+ shares Privatization.

  • kamal kartay ho panday jee, we are now joining hands with a portal that contains 40%+ adult contents :-D

    • You are 100% right Sheikh saab.
      I tried to say it but i was shy, :D
      I just tested DialyMotion to see if sheikh saab is right.
      Oh God its like all porns are brought to dialymotion
      so no one has to go to other sites, What an effort, :D … OMG

      • Thanks to acknowledge ;)

        BTW, just imagine the situation, “PTCL joins hands with Dailymotion and PTA will be blocking Dailymotion as per adult policy”. :-D

        There is no strategic stuff :-D

  • Does it mean Dailymotion will use Pakistani data centers to host its contents for Pakistani viewers? Because that is the only way we users can benefit from this partnership…

  • This is the reason YouTube isn’t opening here.
    Dailymotion has been paying $$$ to government & related institutes.

  • PTCL should join hand with Paypal!! Hi Admin!! What did happen with PAYPAL meeting!!!

    • They say, “We won’t provide any free money transfer service to
      terrorist nation”, thats what they say.
      Source: Read Email Response

  • Who cares at least I dont , Proxy YouTube zindabad. :D
    PTCL is justing wasting money instead of joining hands with someone they should improve their service especially wireless services.

  • Please join hands with your frustrated customers firs … who are still facing motions of linemen daily :)

  • I think tunepk move is more creative in this regard. With its chrome extension, your target youtube video is automatically fetched to tunepk servers as you visit a youtube link and then you watch it at tunepk. With time they will surely create content that interest Pakistani audience.

  • They have moved international version of Dailymotion from Pakistan to Indian Dailymotion which usually comes up with “Wardrobe malfunctions” And Bollywood rape scenes. Totally insane…

  • it seems dailymotion has bribed so that youtube remains blocked.
    Because their traffic boosted since Youtube blocked in Pakistan. That’s the potential they see.

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