Mobilink Launches 3G Trial in Five Cities


Mobilink has started 3G trials in Karachi, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan and Peshawar, we have confirmed with sources.

While Mobilink is yet to issue an official statement on commencement of 3G trials, our sources tell that Mobilink’s 3G services are available in at least five cities of the country.

A company official – on condition of anonymity – confirmed ProPakistani that Mobilink is testing 3G in limited parts of Rawalpindi / Islamabad and Lahore as well. However, five cities mentioned above have excessive coverage of Mobilink’s 3G.

Mobilink had won 10Mhz of 3G spectrum during April’s 3G and 4G auction.


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Unlike Telenor and Ufone, Mobilink decided to launch 3G trials in more than five cities including Peshawar, Multan, Faisalabad and Quetta where no other operator launched 3G during the trial period.

Cellular companies are set to commercially launch 3G services in Pakistan on May 10th, 2014.

Sources said that 3G data services with Mobilink during the trial duration will be free. However, customers are advised to keep a watch on their balance to make sure that data services are indeed free.

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  • FSD, KHI, MUL and QTA all are Ericsson regions while ISB and LHR are with Huawei. Hard luck for the people of two great cities which will not enjoy the class of Ericsson powered network :)

  • Dear All,
    Can someone tell me to what extent would the infrastructure of telecard Limited and Worldcall Limited would be used for 3g/4g service offerring by cellular companies?


  • not getting 3g in Faisalabad …checked UAF, university road , jail road , gts , ghanta ghar , GCUf , jinah colony…any one from these areas

    • Locations of Mobilink 3G:


      1. Aga Khan University Hospital
      2. Akhtar Colony
      3. Arts Council of Pakistan
      4. Azam Town
      5. Azizabad, F.B Area
      6. Bahadurabad
      7. Banglore Cooperative Housing Society
      8. Clifton Block 8
      9. C.P Berar Cooperative Housing Society
      10. Cantt.
      11. Civil Lines
      12. Coast Guard Head Quarters
      13. Dalmia Road
      14. Defence officer Housing Scheme
      15. DHA, Phase-II
      16. DHA, Phase-II Ext.
      17. DHA, Phase-III
      18. DHA, Phase-V
      19. DHA, Phase-V
      20. DHA, Phase-V
      21. DHA, Phase-V Ext.
      22. DHA, Phase-VI
      23. DHA, Phase-VII
      24. DHA, Phase-VIII
      25. DHA, Zamzama Lane
      26. Sir Shah Suleman Road, F.B Area
      27. Gilani Railway Station
      28. Govt. KPT School
      29. Gulistan-e-Jauhar
      30. Gulshan-e-Faisal
      31. Gulshan-e-Iqbal
      32. Hasrat Mohani Road
      33. I. I Chundrigar Road
      34. Imperial Court
      35. Clifton, Improvement Scheme
      36. K.D.A.
      37. Karachi Co-Operative Housing Societies Union Ltd.
      38. Khayab-e-Iqbal Road, Clifton
      39. KPT Station
      40. Liaqatabad
      41. Maulana Deen Muhammad Wafai Road
      42. Memon Society
      43. Mohammad Ali Society
      44. Moulvi Tamizuddin (M.T) Khan Road
      45. National Chambers
      46. PAF Base
      47. Pakistan Naval Society
      48. PECHS
      49. Saddar Bazar
      50. Bilawal Chorangi
      51. Shara-e-Faisal
      52. Soldier Bazaar
      53. Upper Gizri
      54. West Wharf, Dockyard Road
      55. Zainab Market


      1. Darbar GulShah
      2. Battala Colony
      3. Mansoorabad
      4. Bilal Colony
      5. Islam Nagar
      6. M Ali Town
      7. Masoodabad
      8. NigahbanPura
      9. Razaabad
      10. SirSyed town
      11. Gulsitan Colony
      12. Madina town
      13. Railway Faisalabad
      14. BoranWala Ground
      15. LakarMandi
      16. Kamalabad
      17. Karim Town
      18. Rail Bazar
      19. Amin Bazar
      20. Rahmania High school
      21. Maqbool Road
      22. Gulberg
      23. Saeed Colony
      24. Peoples Colony


      1. Iqbal Nagar
      2. Abdali colony
      3. Tariqabad
      4. Bawasafra
      5. Sher Shah road
      6. Nasirabad
      7. Chowk shaheedan
      8. Nazmabad
      9. Hazoori bagh
      10. Chunginishtar
      11. Civil hospital
      12. Gulghast
      13. Mustafa Colony
      14. Manzoorabad
      15. Cantt

      • so sad … y they left the most populated areas uncoverd in Faisalabad ..bro can you confirm is that the final list or they increasing the service area …

  • I have been robbed by Ufone.Contrary to their claim that 3G is free in designated areas of Rawalpindi/Islamabad , I have been charged and witnessed like edge service and havent experienced greater speed free of cost.Well done Ufone, U will remain a theif as always.

    • You get charged when the network goes from E to 3G. So activate a 2G package in the meanwhile.

      • The network never switched from Edge to 3G,except when i rebooted my phone,it showed H just for 2-3 seconds and then E again.Worth mentioning here that I checked area coverage and handset compatibility ahead of this roberry.:)

        • its not robbery. its called stupidity. select only wcdma only while in 3g coverage area pa jee

          • Well I would call it robbery too, coz they knew due to less coverage people’s phone will switch back to gsm in turn edge every now and then, so they would have freed the edge as well during trail period.

            Our operators have this habit of robbing people by giving some services free like FB or whatsapp and when due to users being not very well aware to technology they are on, they get charged for all that background data.

            • Mr.I belong to the same industry. I never witnessed 3G on my phone using Ufone except when I rebooted many times It appeared for just 2 secs and then ‘E” as always.They should have kept WCDMA only option open and have provided what they claim.When I tried to register a complaint about site they refused by saying that there is no such issue in this cell site.
              No issues faced on Telenor.

              • yeah, they would have kept WCDMA only and would have missed calls and sms when they would have out of 3G coverage area. Thats not practical, bro.

                • I agree but i was just sharing my experience.It must connect when i am in service area on WCDMA only.Moving to a non coverage area is another case.

          • LOL at your used word stupidity.I am not going to comment on this.
            I used WCDMA only and GSM/WCDMA both and it didnt connect either.Worth mentioning here that Network signals gone when selected with WCDMA only.So i called helpline for advice and they asked to select GSM/WCDMA.
            Soon after trying for both options repeatedly I came to know that my balance has been consumed in a confirmed 3G service Site area.Whereas i have been using Telenor 3G flawlessly.:)

  • sorry sir but you hv mentioned peshawar as well…..its not in peshawar .plz confirm it

  • Not working here in PECHS/ Karachi, though my area is listed on their website. I even talked with their helpline representative and was told that it is a trial and there is nothing they can do about it if we are not getting coverage……lol

  • I can confirm that its working in Quetta. in Mini Market, Satellite town region.

      • i can help you…..
        actuly they have started it in less populated areas …dont know y…
        you can tell me ur location…
        its working area near ghanta ghar is the west side and infront of Gc to state life building ….
        university road and main university campus is not coverd but if u go east towards stadium a lonly tower is providing 5g
        the red line shows conected tower only this tower is giving 3g near me all yellow dots are those towers to which i was previously conected..
        speed in my test was pathatic only 30 kbs…may be duue to poor signals

  • Today’s after a week again received 3G signals in our area, Lane 4, Peshawar road Rawalpindi, weak inside but in balcony, fabulous speed. another interesting thing is upload speed which is higher than download. Mobilink pro user.

  • Dear speedtest users, please check it with a server out side pakistan also. Real internet speed should be what it show with international servers.

    • So are they giving it in Lahore as well, really eager to use it in Rwp/Isb, how could they left out the capital and its twin.

  • goood…… when 3G or 4G coming in Mehrabpur or any city of interior sindh??

  • Yar, Lahore mein bhi shuru kru. ufone ne shuru ki hain per mughalpura walli side per koi signal nahin aata. thokar walli side per koi eik do signal aa raha hai. ab mein 3g k liye thokar shift nahin ho skta. :(

  • What about Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Lahore, they have disappointed me, just wanted to try their service in trail period, with just 4 days to go, I have no chance of doing that now :-(

    • On their website they say that they are giving trial in Lahore, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.. :)

  • I am Blue area Islamabad and their 3G is not working here .. :( on their website it says G7 sector and F7 sector , it should work here but its not :( #Mobilink has disappointed me :(

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