3G broadband connectivity essential to sustainable development: Asher Khan


Ufone observed the World Telecom Day, celebrating the recent 3G launch in Pakistan, which is in line with this year’s theme of ‘Broadband for sustainable development’.

This year’s event highlighted the importance and outreach of high speed internet throughout the world, relevant with the current scenario in Pakistan.

Ufone, realizing this importance, celebrated this event with full zest and enthusiasm, highlighting the introduction of 3G and its far reaching impact on the country.

“High-speed affordable 3G broadband connectivity to the internet is essential to sustainable development of the country and can offer widely recognized economic and social benefits,” said Asher Yaqub Khan, CCO at Ufone

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) have gained tremendous importance worldwide; with the introduction of high speed broadband internet the importance has increased four folds,” he added. “The introduction of 3G mobile broadband in Pakistan has unleashed new horizons for the country as it enters a new digital age. But, what needs to kept in mind is that its direction should be towards sustainable development of the country.”

The importance of this technology can be deciphered from the fact that by 2018, 85% of the world’s population will have access to internet via 3G technology. The sustainable use of this technology can have wide ranging benefits.If used properly, it has the potential to boost the development and growth of a country.

Studies have shown that a 10% increase in penetration can elevate the GDP by 1%. Moreover, an increase in the broadband speed(double) can increase the GDP by 0.3%.

Khan stressing upon the importance of sustainable growth said, “The 3G mobile broadband technology and sustainable development have a deep relation, whereby amazing results can be achieved without having any negative effects.”

He added: “23rd April was a historic day for Pakistan. We re-wrote history as the country entered a new era of digital communications. This technology will open new doors of development for my fellow countrymen in the fields of mobile commerce, health, education, agriculture and provide employment to hundreds and thousands of people.”

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK



  • Disagree, if Ufone is so enthusiastic about 3G than why they gone for 5Mhz spectrum (Ufone and Telenor) are the companies which are marketing 3G the most and have lowest spectrum. If you are looking for 3G go for Mobilink and Zong. For 4G LTE only and only Warid is right and much better option. As Warid is going to start in 60 days and blanket coverage in 5 major cities (not in selected area or pockets).

      • This will only depended on what revenue they will get against services. As network deployment ( Ericsson) is too expensive. Must be Warid Would have plan for 2nd tier cities. Also Warid is improving it’s EDGE to Evolved EDGE which will near to U and telenor 5Mhz 3G

        • evolved egde can go to max of 600 kbps DL. which reflects to 75kBps . which is ok for skype audio calls , if ping is below 100

            • Evolved EDGE has peak speed of 1 mbits/s whereas 3G HSPA+ has peak speed of 42.2 mbits/s and soon 84 mbits/s will be introduced . :p

              • all these things are way beyond the Evolved EDGE of WARID considered as 4G by test…
                Actually Evolved Edge of E-EDGE is not yet commercially launched in the world but research is being done for those operators who are not willing to spend millions of dollers to upgrade for 3G… it can theorotically reach upto 1.3 Mbps but promissed speed for real world is 600 kbps DL… it is just to keep GSM networks alive in the era of 3G and 4G…

                • HSPA+ has peak DL speed of 42.2 mbits/s and UL speed of 11.5 mbits/s .:P
                  HSDPA+ is considered as DL
                  HSUPA+ is considered as UL.

                  • Agreed.. i just checked 3GPP for details of these… HSPA+ using MIMO can reach upto 42 Mbps…
                    (In 3GPP Release 7 MIMO can not be used in combination with 64 QAM, but it will be possible in Release 8. New maximum channel data rates when MIMO is used are 28 Mbps in combination with 16QAM (R7) and 42 Mbps when used with 64QAM (R8).
                    Thanks for correction…

                • And no device supports EDGE+ ( Evolved EDGE) as of now .
                  Any ways I also was wondering before that if 3G or even 2G is developing then why is 4G for? after thinking I come to know that the major difference between these Gs ( generations) is not data speeds .
                  Major difference between 2G and 3G is 3G’s new features ( applications ) like Video caliing from number to number etc
                  and Major difference between 3G and 4G is 4G’s as far as I know one feature VoIP ( Voice over Internet Protocol )

            • 5Mhz has nothing to do if there are lot of cell sites… telenor has more than 8000 cell sites and UFone has also alot.. furthermore, companies can share infrastructure as per PTA instructions that’s why they went for 5MHz because they already prepared there networks way before the launching and auction…

    • Did u notice there speed,if they are going with same speed then we will prefer warid EDGE rather then others 3G .

      • hahaha.. you are comparing the peak speed of EDGE 0.3 mbits/s to the peak speed of HSPA+ 42.2 mbits/s . As of now HSPA+ is 140 times faster than EDGE and btw it is still in testing phase so you can’t complaint about speed .

        • Bhai speed to warid or ufone ki baraber ha 42 mb pata nai ap nay hab ma daikha

        • its true but i m just comparing it in Pakistan because all the operators in test basis are providing such a poor speed and if its commercially launched t
          hen it will be poor enough

          • Providing poor speeds I’ve saw 10 mbits/s screenshot of Mobilink 3G and 5 mbits/s screenshot of Warid 4G .

            • Bhai ye sub topi de rahay hain.From 1999 till date they cant even improve their voice services how could they provide such speed.Yar did u notice poor voice quality of these operators ,ive notice them they are just trying to fool us nothing else.I personally use all connections and i prefer Warid only because its voice quality is best

              • I have not used Warid because in my family no one use warid . but I have used other networks and among them the best was Mobilink then Telenor then Ufone and the poorest was Zong . Whenever I’ll get a chance to use Warid I’ll test it . :)

              • ha ha ha.. are you still living in the age of 850 MHz or thinking that others are fool…
                all operators are using 1800/900 MHz dual band services to provide high quality voice which was not possible in previously used 850Mhz band only…

    • I agree, about U and telenor, but you are highly mistaken about Warid, Warid has shared there in-lab speed test and that was so poor, was not even capable to call even 3G. LTE is beyond that speed. Warid is misguiding to customers like “Marta kya na karta” not to mention thar they have 8.8 Mhz block and Zong have 10Mhz for utlizing same 1800 frequency so how Warid gonna be better than Zong. Still now authentic source of comfirmation that Warid got approval from PTA and above article seems like Ufone’s advertisement or might be a paid post.

      • I will share my test result next week. From Lahore of Warid. Belive me I am not employee of Warid but it’s confirm that Warid LTE will out class Zong 8.8Mhz is enough for the intial two yeards customer base. Also Warid have End to End Ericsson equipment. Which Zong can not deploy.

        • I am a diehard warid user. But i dont see them deploying 4g cz of the current scenario they even removed the 4g ads from their website, if they launch that is if we will have voice issues.
          On the other note yesterday zong 3g was tested at my bts have zong tower at my place.
          City: hyderabad

          • They are deploying if you call 321 than their IVR have clear message.Belive me it’s matter of 60 days.

            • I hope what u said comes true.
              But removing 4g ads from website gives negative feedback.
              Just give me the reason for removing 4g ads?
              321 ivr they are bunch of diplomats they never commit once i complained abt low service in khi dha they saud we are aware of the issue will be resolved shortly. And it has been more than a year now prb is still not resolved.
              So i dont beleive the agents at 321 IVR.

            • Hahah
              Y dont u just ask my address cz if i tell the area then u can pinpoint my exact location.
              When i asked the engineer he said we r testing it in while of hyderabad region

              • -_- I was not asking your HOME number I was asking just AREA .like saddar , latifabad , nasim nagar etc .

        • O uncle, PTA ne danda diya to Warid apni ads bhi remove kr gya.. jese Warid ne 4G LTE ka drama chlaya tha .. tum ne yahan 60 din wala start kr diya hai.. Bhai PTA ki shart thi that operator who’s willing to start 4G, must have 3G (2100Mhz) license.. Warid have 1800Mhz but not 2100.

    • Yes empty pot sounds louder when beaten. Bus telenor ufone ka shor hi zyada tha ab dekho kitnay log 4 g anay k bad ugone telenor chor k bhagtay hain

      • or kitny log 4G k rates sun kr kanon ko hath lagain gy… 3G to afford nahi hogi.. chaly hain 4G k sapny ankhon mai sajay… wah

    • You are highly mistaken about Warid, first Wardi in-lab speed test is pathatically low, not even deserve that we should call it 3G, 2nd Warid have 8.8 Mhz block whereas Zong have 10mhz block for same frequency 1800Mhz so how Warid can deliver services better than Zong in terms of speed or voice quality. Warid dont have any approval from PTA yet, still no authentic source of confirmation. I agree about your statement regarding U and telenor.

  • and all of this will be possible because of poor and expensive internet services of Ufone and PTCL, also thanks to PTCL monopoly because of which excellent and cheaper service providers LinkdotNet DSL and Wateen left our city Faisalabad.


  • yar mujhy ab esa lag raha ha k companies ny jan buj k payment nhi krni wo is liy k aik month ka govt. ke tarf say time ha , payment na milny ke wajjha say govt ny auction cancel kr deni ha , or dobara new IM PTA ko bnan’ny ka order mil jana , or govt ny 23rd April ko companies ka zor dekh lia ha is liy ab auction ke bjay open license sale kry ge govt , is men companies ka b faida or govt ka b , or warid ka loss only , q k Revised IM men 4G lyny k liy 3G hona lazmi likha jana ,
    Jin companies ke payment ho gai ha wo govt adjest kr ly ge baad men , sub companies tax ka b khyaal rakh k spectrum purchase kren ge , or govt mazeed income raise kr saky ge
    kia khyaal ha dosto , esa mumkin ho sakta ha k nhi ?

      • Allah kry yar esa na ho , me to khud free 3G trial area say bahir hoon ,,,

    • hahahahhaah nice one dear.I think they dont have enough money to pay to GOP.and they already conform that,with such a poor speed they cant get enough revenue .Their 3G is just True EDGE i think so

  • 3G/4G should be banned in Pakistan. People need roti kapra or makaan, not these new 3G shits

  • 3g/4g licnse se billions dollars ayen gay economy main tu is se dollar aur mazeed neechay jaiy ga? like 1.5 arab $s diya thay saudia ne os se tu dollar 107 se 98 tak a gaya tu ab is tarhan 98 se 88 tak jana chahiya 3g/4g ki amount anay se? isn’t it?

      • G Bhai ki Jaan,
        Agar 3g Speed per Aapko 3GB Monthly Data mille in 1200,To i think Aapko Phir Allah ka Shukkar Ada karna Chahiyea

  • Companies are not paying the dues cos they are earning via trails, Dont use 3G free trail on any sim if you are in 3G coverage area and having balance in ur account, beause 3G service use karty waqt network achank Edge pay convert hojata hai jis say normal internet charges deduct hoty hai,be aware of this fraud.

  • What happened to my comment. pasting again here….

    3G/4G should be completely banned in Pakistan. People do not need high speed internet rather they need food, shelter and health facilities not these new age fancy sh*ts…

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