Telcos Pull Out Media Campaigns From Geo Network


Mobile phone companies operating in Pakistan are pulling out their marketing campaigns from Geo Network, including Geo News, Geo Kahani, Geo Super and Geo Entertainment, we have checked with sources.

Mobile phone companies, while confirming ProPakistani, said that they have temporarily blocked their ad campaigns on Geo Network. They said that move is aimed at keeping the sentiments of their customers in mind.

Geo Entertainment – and other Geo network channels – are alleged for committing blasphemy in their TV shows, a practice that is illegal in country. The most questionable program was aired during a morning show on Geo Entertainment which triggered large scale anger and opposition from masses in the country.

Geo fired the entire team of the morning show and aired an apology from the host with plea to almighty Allah for forgiveness.

Religious scholars and general public have already decreed against Geo News, while PEMRA is in process of issuing a verdict on the issue.

Keeping in view the development in this regard during past few days, mobile phones consequently decided to temporarily hold their media campaigns on the network.

Mobile phone companies are also communicating their customers, when asked, about the decision. They tell customers that their organizations are sensitive to the feelings of its customers and keeping in mind the situation, they have stopped all advertising on Geo Network.

Not to mention, mobile phone companies are major advertisers for Geo Network that account almost 20% of media spend on all channels of Geo group.

It is still unclear that when these mobile phone companies will resume their campaigns on Geo.

Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

    • They said that move is aimed at keeping the sentiments of their customers in mind.

      Did you really believe that? LOL. They’re doing this to not waste money advertising on a channel which has been blocked in most of the country by cable operators.

    • Why is it that “Patriots” are either too dumb, or too naive that they just cannot think out of the box and always believe one thing over the other?

      You my friend, really need to pay attention towards the “other factors” in such a news. And stop believing that Telecos did that for “Customers’ Sentiments”, about which they don’t have any feeling at all. Read the @Salman Abbas’s comments above.

  • If true, then its a better decision as Jew mafia needs to be in limits.

  • Wonder why they didn’t boycott ARY for same content. or it is justifiable for ARY?

    • well ARY will be dead like GEO inshallah. But we should first stop GEO and seek ahead

      • Its not the matter of only ARY and Geo. Any channel showing anti Islamic and anti Pakistani progs and all the indian dramas and prog should also be banned for the sake of our coming generations.

    • I wish u would have seen the same qawali presented on ARY. There is a mark difference b/w the progs presented by ARY and Geo. First watch and then decide yourself

  • very bad .
    this will have very bad impact on our society .
    message is very simple .
    Either you are with us or you are “traitor”
    same msg as is of TTP.
    Civilians loose again

    • what the hell they do at all… they were acting like final authority… just like blackmailer etc… no control over content and attituude… there are limitations everywhere in the world and they must be followed…

    • For God sake. What bad effect it will have on the society. Any channel committing blasphemy and working to weaken Pakistan should be taken to task.

  • Good track…
    Ban Youtube
    Ban Geo
    Ban All Media
    Ban Google …..

    list will go on and on …..

  • Good track…
    Ban Youtube
    Ban Geo
    Ban All Media
    Ban Google …..

    list will go on and on …..

    • Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam Ne Fermaya:

      Tum Main Se Koi Bhi Is Waqt Tak (Kamil)

      Momin Nahi Ho Sakta

      Jab Tak Woh Mujhe Apni Aulaad,


      baap Aur Baqi Tamaam Logon Se Ziada

      Mehboob Na Rakhey

      (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim)

      We can Sacrifice any thing for our Prophet PBUH.

        • For the reason that they are unfolding the Geo’s(Jews) conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan. Yeh sab kuch isi duniya mein hi reh jana hai. Sath jaein ge sirf amal aur niyatein

      • you will sacrifice 1000s of Muslims lives in the process and not feel guilt.

      • And love for Allah S.W.T has to be far greater than love for Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) ! Or it will be shirk !!

        • Yeah, on roads we have no regard of each other, even lives of each other. Me too included. I try to be sober while on roads, but when that specific Rush in blood kicks in, have no control. Still the preference is not to hit one, can’t say about vehicles :-)

          • Hold your rushes. We’re living in 21st century, not some pre-historic medieval times =]

            • And what that have to do with that? Are you confusing those rushes with rush to kill or even hit someone/vehicle.

              BTW, I feel have became more responsible while on the road as compared to beginning.. But still there are moments when you just lose your temperament.

              • My point was that we’re still prone to those animalistic emotions, losing control over trivial matters for no reason. We’re not a nation yet, just a band of disorganized angry mob, who’d destroy everything in their path if everything is not according to their own point of view.

                The point of driving is not simply to get from point A to point B. The real test is to not get hit by others, while at the same time not to hit others. Alas, our drivers are too easily carried away. 99% of the public has no road or traffic sense whatsoever (including me). I wonder how many of us even passed the test honestly to get their driving license.

      • kaunsa Pakistan bhai? Pakistan tu 1971 mein khatam ho gya. Propaganda band kardo abb. jo baki bacha hai, uski fikar karo.

    • There is big difference between GEO and others you mentioned. Geo is not only blasphemous but is continually propagating against army, ISI and PTI while praising PMLN government as if we are living in heaven.

    • People were very much alive and progressing once the world didnot have these things. Donot become a slave of them.

    • Sir, its not about Good or the Bad move.. Its just Smart Move by telcos, what’s the point of advertising on channel that couldn’t be or wouldn’t be watched by people for quite some time? Telcos are just saving their earnings from going wasted.. In fact the version that they care about the sentiments is just really a cheap advertising tactic if you know what i mean!

    • Tomorrow you have to be in your grave and hold accountable for not only your deeds but your intentions also. What bad move. For whatever reason telecos has stopped giving adds to Jang/Geo, the fact is that they are blasphemous and anti Pakistan. Thats it.

  • Country going in the wrong direction. The issue really started with the attack on Hamid Mir by ISI. Its not the first time Army has been behaving like thugs, Saleem Shahzad was murdered in Islamabad for criticizing the army too. Pakistanis have amnesia.

    • I have not forgotten, I think of him every few days whenever some media garbage or army garbage starts up like this.

      He’s dead (likely by accident) and the likely killer is someone in the military or associated with the military.

      • I think you youself is a bag of garbage who is calling our army and our security forces as garbage who are sacrificing their lives daily for the safety of traitors like you

        • Police sacrifice lives daily also but no patriot ever posts defending them :):):)

          • Sorry sir! very late, but Police ran whenever terrorists attacked.Then Army comes to the rescue(in terrorist attacks, floods, Earthquakes…).Police is also used by curropt politicians. So public hates them.There is no benefit of police for the common man here.They are…or they are not…its same.
            If you hate Army go to the Indian Border, Ask them (PAK ARMY) to go back to their homes and manage the security of the border.Good luck.

      • Why dont u stop ur dumb childish suggestions and intelligently respond to what i said.

  • Utter bullshit setiments do they really care??
    They re just saving money by not showing ads cz geo is almost banned i.e unofficialy in whole of pakistan.

  • Sentiments of people is one thing but as due to most cable networks are not showing geo tv channels, their target audience from Pakistan have lessen very much, so these telcos would have found less benefit of promoting their services on GEO. Not only telcos, lots other would in be process of ditching Geo for advertisement of their products/services, I saw that coming many days ago.

  • What “sentiments” ?
    This is not any sentiments. This is backdoor STICK by Abparah chowk as it cant digest Freedom of Speech in Pakistan.

    [ Religious scholars and general public have already decreed against Geo News . . ]
    1973 constitution has no place for such wanna be self made thekedarz of public sentiments & Faith.

  • اسلام ہمیں امن محبت سلامتی رواداری، اور معاف کرنے کا درس دیتا ہے… پاکستان میں ہر شخص چاہتا دوسرا بندہ اسلام پر میرے طریقے سے عمل کرے… اور خود جو کرتا ریے کوئی بات نہیں… یہ کیسا اسلامی ملک ہے. جس میں مسلمان ایک دوسرے کو مار رہے ہیں…اور صبر اور برداشت نام کی کوئی چیز نہیں ہے…. الله تعالى پاکستان کی حفاظت فرمائے آمین

  • Biased post, helping other channels!

    If you are muslim you should already knew that if someone regrets over mistake then this is enough to get out of that bad mistake!

    Who you are to decide? When almighty Allah said ” tum itny gunah karo itny gunah k asman ki chat sy laga do phr tum kaho ay Allah maaafi chahye tou ma tmhary gunah ayse dho dun ga jesay kbi tum ny kiay hi na hun”.

    In my opinion you are the biggest criminal neglecting Almighty Allah’s rules. So pray for forgiveness from Allah, its better for you then pointing others mistakes again and again.

    There are so many sayings which also stop you from spreading others bad deeds!

    • I reported a happening, by presenting facts and without involving any misinformation. How is it biased?

      • Reporting should be for good and not for bad. Do you know with this post all those who still running campaigns on GEO rethink?

        What will happen to lives of 1000s of workers with this when GEO is still not proved guilty?

        Why don’t you tell people about programs running on ary news as proper planning, if you did I will really appreciate or else your post is biased.

        • oo ahmed habib saab!

          hosla! GEO had a responsibility of doing facts based journalism not some crappy shit for breaking Pakistan. They have been in act of breaking Pakistan for long now. I think, this mistake by them and upsetting millions of Muslims is the way of Allah to punish GEO for playing against Pakistan.

          GEO must be banned. I am Pakistani and I am proud of it. It hurts when i see GEO uttering bullshit against Pakistan and especially Baluchistan. Its been more thn 2 years that i have removed GEO channels form my channel list. Life has been different since thn.

          May be your relatives work in GEO, but this doesn’t mean that we should care for a corporation that is foreign funded and working against Pakistan just because it has employed many Pakistanis. This is a shame that some of us Pakistanis are part of a corporation that is working against Pakistan and Islam. We should have enough strength to boycott such crappy corporation. Infact, we should be so strong that no Pakistani should put up his services on sale for GEO.

          Stand united!

          Mafi daini ho gi to Allah dy dy gain Qiyamt walay din. Per here we should be sensible and stop GEO from spreading more evil in our country.

          Good Day!

          • wese bhai aik bat to baqi channels per jo kuch chal raha wo Allah kay hukam kay khilaf nahi.
            Allah nay to aurat ko parday ka hukam dia hai or dekho TV per sub channels per aurat kitne parday main nazar ati.
            Overall society he Allah or uske Nabi S.A.W.W kay btaye hue asoolon per nhi hai.agar band kerna ha to pura media karo aik ko ker kay qyamat kay din ulta tum per sawal aye ga kay bhai baqi channels per konsa deen ka kaam hota tha, apki society main kitne log deendar thay jo apne aik ko bura keh dia.
            yaad rakho sub ko apne aik aik amal ka jawab dena hai.
            pehle apne deen ko puri tara jaanch lo khud se phir faisla kro or dekho kay kis ko avoid kerna or kis ko nhi.
            or us subse pehle aik bar khud ko b dekhna kay tum khud staisfy ho apnay aap sy

            • App pehlay soo rahay thay meray bhai, jub ye sb GEO pa chal rha thaa , where were you? aaj aap dosray channels bhe dekh rhay hain aur comment kar rhay hain. Freedom of speech ka HUQ hamaen bhe ha so plz let us use also. If we are standing UP against a negative agenda propagated and planned by GEO and JANG group against our motherland Pakistan and then against our DEEN so we have equal right to RAISE our VOICE and stop these people. One channel / Company/ Corporation/ Media Giant/ Tycoon is no comparison to PAKISTAN and ISLAM. Har cheez qurban ha PAKISTAN aur ISLAM par. We have changed ourselves , we have stopped watching GEO Network. ENOUGH of everything. I am not being sponsored by anyone. AWAM ma sa hun and i am protesting peacefully with reasonable language.

              • For your very kind information all BIG MEDIA CHANNELS in Pakistan are running on foreign aids and Blackmailing reporting including geo and all others.Aap muje ye batao aap tab kider thay jub Big Boss or Desi Kuryan ARY py chal raha tha.wo apko boht pasand tha.
                Mene kisi ko support nhi kiya.mene to ye kaha hai kay hamaray news or entertainment channel sub he anti islamic hein or sub hamary mulk ko kamzor ker rahay hein.
                Ye hum log idiot hain jo apni likeness or dislikeness ya political affiliation ki base per ksi ko bhi target bana lete hain.
                Agar kuch bolna ya kerna hai to sub ko aik line main khara karo.
                Agar tum kaho gay kay baqi channels ka koi proof nhi to itna bata dun GEO k against bhi koi proof nhi ha.Apni ankhon say khud dekho khud socho khud apne deen ka knowledge use kro na k ksi molvi jin ko galyan dete ho.qayamat k din ksi ny ye nhi puchna molvi sahab nay kia kaha tha.Burai kay baray mein sub ka liye aik he raaye rakho apni or khara hona ha to aik burai ko nhi sub burai k khilaf kharay ho

            • Mr. Philosopher,

              baki channels py jo chal raha hy chalta rahay. abhi aap ky Geo ki bari hay. jis din un ki bari aay gi, dekhi jy gi tab. And atleast they arent trying to break Pakistan and i am sure the moment we Pakistanis make GEO “ibrat ka nishan”, all other channels will learn and stay in their circles.

              App abhi society ki baat na karain, society ko kharab karnay main aap ky Geo ka bht bara haat hy. isi liay yeh haat katnay ki zaroorat hy.

              and who gave you the authority to be so sure that what will i be questioned in qayamat? yehi masla hay aap jaisay jali molvi logon ka. aapni galat baat manwanay ky liay Islam ky malik ban jatay hain.

              • bhai mene jo apko kaha ap us say kafi dur hain. I guess ap PTI kay supporter hain or apka deen emaan ab PTI he hai.Ap jese jahil admi ko koi baat batana fazool hai. Mene kahin bi GEO ko defend nhi kiya.Apki PTI wali jahalat bata rahi kay apko Pakistan ki pari pehle or deen imaan ka kuch pta he nhi.
                Mein apni baat wapis leta hun jo apko ki.Allah he apko hidayat day.

        • Sir, I am not political reporter or one who discusses media issues.

          I report things and yes they are facts about telecom sector.

          Such facta can be harmful for some, beneficial for others.

          • I always though media to be a telecom sector, you proved me wrong! Now a days media is political sector.

            Facts should be and always be collected for good purposes. If these are collected for other purposes then these are not facts but propagenda!

            One of brother in reply said geo is taking funds, can you prove it? Imran khan has more power than you but could not prove it in court!

            • GEO network also propagated a PROPAGANDA against PAK ARMY and ISI , then they tried to awake us by committing blasphemy, what facts GEO had when they aired PROPAGANDA against Pakistan, GEO is a toy playing in the hands of western interested against the existence of Pakistan. There are so many enemies around us so now we are awake and now we are roaring, thora brdassht karo bhai hum awam hain, not ISI

        • You are right buddy. Its bad. We shouldn’t even do anything against underworld, smugglers, thieves, corrupt officials and goons because there are many families linked with it and hundreds of thousands people get money from underworld sources.

          Why don’t you shoot yourself in the head and relieve the world of your stupidity.

        • Whats the point of “proved guilty”. Whole of the Pakistan and many from the rest of the world watched what Geo did. If you are a retarded dumbass its not our fault

        • If those employees had an iota of shame they themselves should have left Geo and Jang. If those employees donot care for Islam and Pakistan, we also care roots for them. They can just go to hell as they were also part of all what geo did

        • If those employees had an iota of shame they themselves should have left Geo and Jang. If those employees donot care for Islam and Pakistan, we also care roots for them. They can just go to gutter as they were also part of all what geo did

        • Rizq Ap ka peecha aise kerta hai jaise mout.Pareshan na ho bhai wo 1000ro Pakistani/Muslims ap se nahi mangay ge apna RIZQ.

      • First of all your beloved geo(jew) is still not asked for forgivness on both of their acts. Neither their blashemous attempt nor degrading our security forces. First they ask for forgiveness and then the situation will move forward.

    • Tum kahan rehty ho? Zara apna adres du ,mein tumhary daant aur hadi passli toor k tum say muafi manglonga.

    • What if I kill you and then regret and apologize. Should law forgive me? Blasphemy is a crime in this country which cannot be forgiven at least by law enforcement authorities.

    • Forgive Musharaf also then , he is saying that he didn’t do anything wrong for country, if there is no trail against GEO Network and JANG group then Forgive Musharaf and all millions of prisoners, they are all ready to seek forgiveness, bail them out. PLZ!

  • Its just only a business move. Now a days Geo rating is in negative.

  • I think they were forced to do so. otherwise might not be able to run business in DHA. Bad decision. and a wrong precedent …. will hurt overall business environment

  • very good move keeping up with the sentiments on the nation. Geo should not be recieving any ads.

  • Excellent move We love our country and we hate people who spread hate speech bad words for our country.

  • I dont understand ….. Is Geo the only one to commit blasphemy? Why isnt there any action against ARY & Samaa?

  • Gentlemen, this is a quarrel between two traitors i.e. a media house and a rogue state organ. A common man has got nothing to do with it. Please keep this forum limited to Telecom sector and treat a news as a news. Don’t take it personal. Thanks.

  • I was a great fan of GEO but ever since they started showing bad images of pakistan and showing only crime & bad news instead of something good I think its a very very good step to block them permanently. As far is shaista is concerned, she and her brother are both drama bazz, they should be put behind bars in jail and should be shown to all as an example on what they did.

    • Should we only allow tv shows to show kittens and flower shows?

      There is crime in Pakistan. There is a lot of corruption. And yes, different groups are responsible for it. Some of them are in bureucracy, some in politics. And to think that no one at all in military has committed crimes ever is stupidity in today’s enviornment.

      Someone has to expose the facts.

      • we should only allow tv shows to show news that DOESN’T HARM THE IMAGE OF PAKISTAN, NO MATTER WHAT!



        • bhai when we have had raja rental as our prime minister for years, why do you worry about tv channels harming image of pakistan? we are already laughing stock of the world. When we have had Osama bin Laden found in Abbottabad, then after that who can do any harm to image of Pakistan Army? The world already knows the worth of the Army now.

          Besides, what is this “harming image of Pakistan” that you talk about? No one can harm the country’s image if the countrymen are good. But are you saying they’re not good? :):):)

          You have a problem with me? What would you like to do with me? Please, describe your fantasies. Somehow you catch me and I am under your power. What will you do to me, mr Patriotic Muslim Pakistani? Spare no details!

          • As for Raja Rental, Media and Politicians have developed a Nexus and they are in a symbiotic relationship with each other while acting like parasites to the whole nation.
            Any where in the world whenever a security incident happens there are two logical reasons
            a) It was indeed a security lapse and sec institutes could not realize the threat in time or

            b) It was an inside job
            Now a days The conclusions are always based on false propaganda and double standards of the media as this so called “free media” never try to uncover the facts objectively

            Lets take examples,

            Example 1:
            There is a terror attack in Mumbai’s heart
            Media response
            Option 1: Security Lapse by Indian sec = No
            Option 2: Inside Job = No
            Option 3: Question the version of the story told by originating source = No
            Option 4: Bash outside forces to avoid our own in capacity = Yes, conveniently Pak Sec institutes are available for the purpose

            Example 2:
            Bin Laden “discovered” in Pak
            Media response
            Option 1: Security Lapse by Pak Sec = Yes
            Option 2: Inside Job = Yes, would increase bl00dy ratings and would earn favoritism on international level
            Option 3: Question the version of the story told by originating source(US) or at least ask for evidence how OBL ended up there from Afghanistan = Naoozbillah, Astgfirullah …..

            If every time a nation’s sec institutes are to be blamed and bashed for an incident then Indian security institutes should be a “laughing stock” as they failed to realize and stop Mumbai attacks, Similarly UK sec could not stop 7.7, US could not prevent 9.11 or even sn0wden escaping from right under their nose
            but NO sir in those cases it is not the security lapse or inside job in action and it is always put to forces outside that country but when we have OBL case all of a sudden we come up with security lapse or inside job reasons to blame Pak Sec institutes

            For the record, I did not say whom to blame for those incidents but rather double standards of media to cover these incidents

            Geo and all other such channels are full of crap and Furqan, It is useless to argue with this sh!thread troll ShahidSaleem, so don’t burn your blood as no word of logic goes to his head and he will drag 100 meaningless things in to the discussion

            • sorry, i am 100% based on logic and reported incidents. it is you who look for conspiracy theories.

              example above: bin laden found in pakistan. you put quotation around discovered, why? even the leaked official report of pakistan army says he was here all this time. so why do you still “discovered” instead of discovered?

              you should change your name, you do not speak facts.

  • Stop making this about so called freedom of speech people.

    As far as Geo’s so called repentance, it’s a heap of stinking bull****. They’re not sorry that they did it, they’ve been pulling similar crap with indemnity for some time now. They’re just sorry that they got caught. Just like most of us are sorry when we get caught while jumping a red light, “Vo bike wala b to ja raha hai, usko q nahi pakra aap ne?”. Geo is pulling similar crap with ARY and other channels.

    Punishing Geo for what it did is not going to affect your precious freedom of speech, for example: you’ll still be able to say that someone’s mother is a ______. Of course, you’ll deserve it when that “someone” decides to make an example of you by beating you to a pulp so that no one dares to say that again.

    That same thing should happen to Geo. I’m not saying that because I hate Geo (although I don’t like it either), I’m saying that because right now, every channel is doing what Geo did, and we need to set an example by crucifying at least one of them. So that all of them know what will happen to them if they keep doing this. They should know that they could be next if they keep doing what Geo did, and this time there’ll be no one to save them.

  • Geo is already banned by cable operators of pakistan so they are saving their money only by stopping their campaign. Customer sentiments… lol

  • Jew TV ko band zaroor band hona chahiye ,,and we already stoped watching Jew TV…

  • Classy c***s… these Religious blasphemy bandwagoners… Kill Shias because of their Love for Ali & use the same personality against their own to accuse them of Blasphemy!! Fitna zealots…

  • Shukran Habibi Ab Amir Liaqat Nahi Dekhney Ko Milay Ga.. Fake Molvi + Doctor!!

  • don’t know when geo resuming back on cables.but inshallah hopes r alive it will be back again with no 1 rating.

  • with no advertisements on geo news they r still going great, their news and reports are still much better than other networks. just seeing it on net and enjoying

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