ICH Case Against Telenor Transferred to Islamabad High Court


A petition filed before Sindh High Court, challenging the exit of Telenor from ICH has been transferred to Islamabad High Court due to territorial jurisdiction objection raised by Telenor Pakistan.

Sindh High Court while accepting the objection raised by Telenor transferred the petition to Islamabad High Court with request for earliest hearing of the case.

Along with, Sindh High Court also upheld the stay order on ICH granted earlier by the Court on January 27th, 2014. As per this stay order no operator can exit ICH agreement.

Telenor is still terminating the international incoming traffic in Pakistan and believes that it had exited ICH before the stay order was granted (i,e. on January 25th, 2014), while the petitioner maintains that Telenor has been defying the stay order issued by the court order and is committing contempt of Court.

After Sindh High Court’s recent decision, Telenor will continue to face contempt of Court case before Islamabad High Court for defying the Court Order.

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  • Khulay Aam BADMAASHI of the masterminds of ICH Cartel sitting on top!!

    They won’t let any operator exit the cartel because it directly affects the millions of dollars landing in their pockets.. These b******s are the reason of corruption in Pakistan and the reason why international call rates have increased 10 to 20 times. I know each person involved in this personally but sadly due to our corrupt system even courts and court orders stand nowhere and of no importance! I can say this because ICH is still running ILLEGALLY!!!

  • Btw, the rate at which grey traffic is growing and white / legal traffic is disappearing into grey, one could extrapolate that in less than next 12 months ICH revenue would drop below the pre-ICH level @ $ 0.0125 / min effectively off-setting the price-increase to $ 0.088 / min … thus LDI’s incentive would be zeroed out, neither to stay within ICH nor to defend it in court … Drop in ICH traffic wud be further accelarated as soon as Zong opens its LDI trunks … plus drop in ICH volume wud invite more pressure from last mile terminating CMOs despite receiving MTR-i … therefore, ICH is destined to meet its fate shortly (unless of course they pull up a new miraculous mischievous stunt against all odds, and their track record shows they have a high capacity and potential to pull up such surprises)

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