PTCL Receives Customer Service Appreciation Award

Awais Javaid, PTCL General Manager, Commercial Central, receiving Customer Service Appreciation award at the first Service Conference “Service Punch -2014”.

Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited (PTCL) has been awarded ‘Customer Service Appreciation’ award for best customer services in the telecom sector at “Service Punch -2014” conference.

The awards ceremony, presented by Active8, in collaboration with and Pakistan Human Capital Forum, brought together a large number of CEO’s, business heads, delegates and guests belonging to customer services and other industries.

Pakistan’s leading ICT service provider, PTCL received service appreciation award as a recognition to the company’s track record of innovation and the pioneering role played in harnessing technology for providing better services to customers.

The survey is the result of a comprehensive independent assessment conducted by Active8, which included 5000 respondents from a cross section of the society. The awards highlight, acknowledge and celebrate outstanding achievements and aim at developing a culture of excellence in customer care.

PTCL has been making relentless efforts to exceed customer expectations and shall continue to provide superior customer services while delivering quality and innovation.

  • Best service, Kidding?????

    Worst Call center support,
    Worst Technical Support,
    Complains take weeks to resolve
    Fakely resolved complain,

    if this is best service then they should deserve the award.

  • What a Joke. Customer service where if some thing wrong with your connection they suggest to get a new line.

  • kamaal haii … sb se pehli baat inhay koi b kese de sakta haii asa AWARD ?? 0r ye itnay DASH hain ye Qabool kesa kr letey hain AWARD .. inay Littar milnay chahye,

    PTCL walo ko DSL/Evo USERS wesay he yaad kertay hain jesay ZARDARI k time pe Raja Rental k0 yaad kertay thay Jab Light jati thi …………….

  • They have the worst customer support in the industry, I have tried them many many times, and each time with different products. They really suck at customer services, same is reason i have not opted in for ptcl dsl but still using LDN at home. Even LDN guys come and fix ptcl wires at their polls but PTCL’s customer support line as well as staff, nothing is up to the mark. They just simply suck. This award is either purchased or given for personal gains and stuff.

    PTCL customer support is simply the worst in industry.

  • Best service my foot!!

    Yesterday, I asked them can we recharge evo wifi cloud via a recharge card, they said no its not possible!

    Things got interesting when I said I have already recharged my account with a scratch card and yes in wifi cloud 3.1, he said no its not possible!

    _i said you can confirm, after 2 min hold he said my superviser said its not possible!

    They built evo cloud devices and are selling them to everyone and their top administration even do not know that we xan call 1015, and select 1 and then 1 to rechargethrough evo cloud usb bridge connection.

    Not only customer service, their exchange faculty is jaahil as well! This is what good in them???

    • hahahaha very nice yara… mun pe e beisti. or us ne wo b maan-ne se inkaar kr dia??? lol

      • They are still insisting (after calling them 6 times) that its not possible!

        To check, you can call 1236 and ask a question “kya main wifi cloud ma card recharge kr skta hun?”

        They will reply you: “Ap sirf load karwa sakty hain card recharge ki option ni hoti wifi evo cloud main”.

        I am thinking to take them into court for this nonsense, and as i have recordings — i can proove! :-)

  • Seriously???? Best Customer Sevice? The most L tareen customer service… They give a rat’s dash to their customers! No care no nothing… they don’t even listen!

    Jaahil tareen awaam is at the customer service support center and at the helpline who know shit about networks, routers and stuff.

    Active8 should be sued.

  • WHAT THE ****? PTCL is the last freaking company to deserve that award!

    Service punch is run by people who have their heads shoved up their uncomfortable places.

  • Cmon people. before wasting your time reading an article, always check who posted it.

  • Yar farig tareeeeeeeeeeeeeeen customer services ka award daina chahye tha in ko!!

  • bachpan ma sir k bal girey the kia???? PTCL??? OMG ye din b dekhne they kia… I bet, you were makin a joke to make your viewers laughing…

  • aur yahan comment krne walo mein se 95% PTCL ka net e use kr rhay hain :D LOL for all commenters :D hahaha … !

    Sach ka samna kro bhaiyo … :D 3G … 3G lgay hain sb :p Ufone k packages dekh k adhay logo ki hawa nikal gae … :D

    ana tm sab logo ne phr PTCL k pass e ha

  • well .. maybe! … today, for the first time ever (in my case), they resolved DSL issue over phone (1218)

  • Am I dreaming ? Probably a self brewed reward given to PTCL by PTCL so that the PTCL management can live in their own PTCL customer-support (less) bubble.

    What a scam !

  • lol. customer support and PeeTCL :P

    I am using EVO Wingle and atleast i am not happy with the service and PeeTCL revised Wingle packages and reduced the data limit to 30GB from 75GB..

    PeeTCL why you do this….

  • Another photo shopped image or a fabricated award? Well done Etisalat you do not miss any opportunity to mis-guide the public opinion through such gimmickry. The fabricated financial statements is the proof of your professional working

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