NR3C Seized Rs 5.47 Bln Worth Illegal Exchanges in One Year, Averting Rs. 2.3 Bln Loss Per Month


Since October 2012 – after the inception of ICH – it was observed that Illegal Voice over Internet (VoIP) traffic had amplified significantly.

This mainly happened due to increase in Approved Settlement Rate (ASR); the profits increased to many folds in illegal VoIP business that encouraged the illegal business of grey telephony in Pakistan.

With-in four months of ICH, the legal international incoming traffic  – as per a figure shared by CCP – of around 2 billion minutes per month reduced to just 400 million minutes per month. Apparently the remaining 1.6 billion minutes per month traffic was being brought to the country through illegal channels.

FIA, in a statement, said that its Director General ordered the Project Director National Response Center for Cyber Crimes (NR3C) to constitute an independent Task Force to eliminate the illegal gateways that are causing the damage to the country.

Consequently, a team was formed with sole purpose of eliminating illegal VoIP gateways through the lengths of the country.

The VoIP Task Force started an immediate action against the individuals and companies involved in the business of Gray Traffic and its trading. In pursuance of the orders, different sources were deployed to carry out surveillance and to identify setups installed for gray traffic and its trading.

The task force conducted these raids on different locations in the jurisdiction of NR3C Islamabad-Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Quetta and Karachi.

NR3C, according to a statement, is said to have seized a total of 82 huge illegal VoIP setups, while 69 Case FIRs were registered on the perpetrators of these businesses.

The approximate cost of the equipment seized since year-2013 is Rs. 5,466 Million and calculated loss averted is approximate Rs. 2,330 Million per month.

In recent past, M. Ghalib Ali Bandesha, Director General, Federal Investigation Agency has distributed Commendation Certificates among the members of FIA Task Force in recognition of sterling performance in the campaign to curb illegal VoIP gateway exchanges, conducting successful raids and rounding up notorious criminals with highly sophisticated VoIP equipment.

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  • Babar Haq

    Any idea what do they do with the equipment? :)

  • Ejaz


  • Fraz

    Who all are involved in lucrative business of Grey Traffic ?

  • Salman

    Well Done NR3C/FIA Team.. who are seriously working to curb the cyber crimes in Pakistan…. even there is no effective law for cyber crimes. Good Work

  • tayyeb

    The rate of legal traffic should be adjusted such that international operators don’t turn to illegal means to deliver their traffic to Pakistan. ICH needs to be fine tuned. The voice quality is pathetic nowadays when calling Pakistan from abroad. Skype and other such softwares on the other hand provide excellent voice quality as compared to the circuit switched calls.
    As for the FIA, it is often rumored that some black sheep of FIA are also involved in this menace.