Cheap Chinese phone Come Preloaded with Spyware Software

Chinese Phone

You won’t deny the fact that low-end Chinese phone manufacturers can go to any level to keep the cost of their smartphones low, in fact ridiculously low.

They achieve this by compromising with hardware quality, software and by avoiding some other essential things such as using unregistered IMEI numbers – just to save some bucks.

A new report has surfaced that hints that these Chinese phone makers might also be installing spyware software from third-parties against a price to make sure that their manufacturing cost remains at dirt low.

This practice may not only help them increase their margins but it will also make it possible for them to further lower the prices to lure low-end customers in emerging markets like Pakistan.

According to G Data Software, a Security firm based out of Germany, said that it found malicious code hidden deep in the propriety software of the Star N9500. The find is the latest in a series of incidents where smartphones have appeared preloaded with malicious software.

G Data spokesman Thorsten Urbanski was quoted as saying that his firm investigated for malicious software after receiving complaints from customers. He said that manufacturer’s name is not mentioned anywhere, making it almost impossible to reach out to the company that made the phone.

There are countless phone manufactures in China that make similar devices without any branding. They also offer white-labelling of smartphones to companies such as QMobile in Pakistan.

G Data said the spyware it found on the phone could allow a hacker to steal personal data, place rogue calls, or turn on the phone’s camera and microphone. G Data said the stolen information was sent to a server in China.

Report said that such incidents are increasingly happening due to commercial and other benefits.

Via AP

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    • Bro it is not apps, it is part of OS wrapper inside the phone. Just like Touchwiz in Samsung. In mobile there is OS and then each brand has its own look and feel. I don’t think CM security will catch these.

    • Hah, but you fail to understand the situation.

      This sort of spyware works UNDER THE LEVEL of system applications. That means whatever security or cleaner or firewall software you install can be fooled by the spyware and not detect it.

      This is even possible on desktop computers, google for “VM Rootkits.”

  • hum kitnay important hain jo koi apna saara time hum per waste karay ga :’) *aankhoo mein aanso aagayay*

  • Has Propakistani any proof.? has ever your team applied filter/logger on network specially on wifi. If yes, then please mention some model.
    I think such things should not kept hidden from customers

    • Despite the White House having found no evidence to support the concern, many have still proceeded carefully with the use of Chinese handsets, and now one has been spotted with pre-loaded spyware.

  • It is also possible that our Apple, Andriod, Windows phones or laptops are built in spyware software(spying is also possible via software or chips – BBC).If it is built in chip then perhaps it will be impossible to detect. Recently, China government ordered that don’t use Windows 8 – it is more easy for Microsoft to see their personal data. Everything, which is connected though the internet, is at risk!

      • If it happens with us, then it is not a problem. Yeah! You should write me via KHAT if it contains secret content otherwise we will be caught by the mobile or e-mail. :D

    • Actually it is very simple and well known problem: the chip and software used for the GSM radio is NOT FREE SOFTWARE. Even on Android you have to rely on binary drivers for that depending on the phone model. You will NEVER EVER get a copy of the source code for the GSM firmware, unless maybe you are a large company and have accepted NDA.

      So, no matter how secure you make your phone, if there are bugs (intentional or otherwise…) in the GSM firmware, your phone can be remotely hacked.

  • what surety can you provide that expensive phones does not contain spy wares on them?

  • Exactly…. Costly phones send the same info to NSA while Chinese will to China. Also download any app from playstore & see the permissions it seeks before getting installed. Even talking cat app asks permissions to read your memory, phonebook, messages & call history…

  • Who cares… if some one is tracking me on the other side of the world, wat damn effect he can make to me. All bakwas

  • Americans and European Union are trying hard to make Chinese products fall in International Markets. Such articles could be continuation of this effort. Android is a free ware structure and any manufacturer can use it this alarms that something is already fishy in it. Means if Chinese dont hack u off course Americans are hacking your personal information even on low end Chinese handsets and tabs.

  • Kia baat he humara kon sa kio important data he jo.Chinese k kam aay ga. Wo to urdu punjabi b ni jantey!!!!!!

  • ChiXa is known to be a big Spy around the world for reasons that are debatable, anyhow for sure zong phones which are being distributed like rashan on tv shows are basically free spies for them.

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