DataPlug Allows You to Develop Data Gathering Apps in Minutes

DataPlug Platform

Due to the progress in the development area of the world, new technologies have been introduced in the market and their progress can be tested by the formation of applications by individuals that perform simple functions.

There are numerous such software development kits available in the market, DataPlug is one best among them, specifically if your niche is data gathering.

It is basically a platform initiated by Punjab information and technology board for the build out of new apps, and it is developed with the help of researchers from ITU information technology university funded by World Bank and UK aid.

DataPlug platform is a plug and play platform with which one can make new application in mere 5 minutes due to its simple to carry out procedure and working  i.e by dragging and dropping.

The most astonishing feature of this data plug program is that the newly evolved or developed applications are highly dynamic.

The inspiration for DataPlug Platform comes from UW’s Open Data Kit (ODK). The main objective behind the creation of this platform is to provide the developers with a chance to expand their ideas of new mobile applications.

Punjab Government previously faced a problem to monitor its work-flows and the outcome. Thanks to DataPlug platform, it was able to develop award winning apps such as Dengue Activity Tracking System, Crime investigation Reporting System, Punjab Spot Pricing, Tracking of Agriculture Extension Workers, Tracking of Education Monitoring officers etc.

NGO’s and other organisations can rely on DataPlug to get newly designed developments from their field workers. Punjab Government has introduced almost 30 different apps using this platform and everybody is allowed to use it.

After a bird’s eye view we can say that all in all this platform has so much opportunities to offer to young developers to evolve new apps for the users.

How to create a new application?

  • Go to data plug, click on start using to create a new application.
  • Data can be added by way of control menu usage.
  • Choose an icon and name of the application, after that click save.
  • Sign up to register or provide your e-mail address.
  • After verification of the e-mail, click edit.
  • After clicking on edit, click on build new version and then click download.

How to update an existing DataPlug application?

  • Log in, make edits, save and build new version.
  • Once updated after using control panel, install it in you mobile which gives a new modified view.
  • Dataplug maintain older versions if needed.

Downloading Procedure:

One can download the whole platform from DataPlug official website and can make one’s own modifications.

Visit official website of DataPlug Platform to start building your apps rights away.