Gullu Butt Gets Featured in an Android Game


The notorious Gullu Butt has finally made it to the play store in an Android Game.

Game is developed by a firm called WeirdScience, however we don’t know much about it yet.

The gameplay is primarily simple and somewhat amateurish but considering the fame of Gullu Butt and his performance in Model Town Lahore recently, the title may ignite users to play this relatively easy game.

Users are asked to break cars by swiping the stick and afterwards they have to collect glass pieces torn off by none other than Gullu himself.

Policemen in the background and apparently a lion shown on the screen shows the situational characters associated with Gullu Butt.

Not to mention, Gullu Butt game comes with few bugs, such as there’s no exit button available.

Since Gullu Butt game is dramatized version of a mental situation, it can be assumed that developer mindfully and deliberately didn’t add the exit button because Gullu Butt is destined to not to escape from the scene.

People are already convinced with the game, such as Rizwan Saleem writes:

hahahaha.. Pathetic but awesome.. Game industry is revolutionized. :P

Go and download the game from here:

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  • jab door door tak kisi gaaon me koi bacha rota hai to maan pata kya kehti hai?
    “so ja beta, so ja nhi GULLU-BUTT aa jaye ga”
    naye movies b aa rahi hai “gullu waly gariyan le jy gy, gullu don, gullu da kharrak, :D

  • I think lack of “exit button” is actually a feature of reality! For us poor people in Punjab, we cannot get away from Punjab Police and their Gullu Butts :(:(:(

    Until Gullu ends up spending time in jail (properly convicted, not remanded like he is now) there is no Justice.

  • There is no exit button because this game developed in a rush to teach people how to break cars and funded by IMRAN KHAN with money of donations…

      • As you’re being paid by PML-N to talk nonsense and spread their rubbish agenda, doesn’t means everyone is paid. Are u even a Pakistani? Or you’re just a Nun Leagueee from Saudia..?

    • What a comment! Some guy destroys cars, Punjab police stand around and do nothing, and you bring up PTI??? It has nothing to do with PTI! It is just a reminder that PUNJAB GOVERNMENT AND POLICE ARE NOT WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE.

      You 100% sure the car that was destroyed was owned by a PAT member? Or maybe it was just a car owned by a neighbour living near the barriers!

    • LOL! Mr. Ahmed, I requested you earlier to stop spreading the agenda of PML-N. Yes, we all know that you are being by them to spread bullsh*t, but PLEASE LEAVE THIS BLOG, and don’t spread nonsense bullshit. Tomorrow you will say, Punjab Police fired civilians on orders of Imran Khan, and Rana Sanaullah Butt also was following the order of Imran Khan, and Shehbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif was also trying to insult themselves as Imran Khan bribed them or something?… STOP TALKING NONSENSE.

  • aray bhai wah …jinnay gullu butt nahi khedi o jamya he nahi
    mere yaaron jao tay download kro game tay mazay lo

  • Why too skinny Gullu? I guess he’s on a weight loss trip with all that hard work done in lahore. :)) Rather too pale as well? Looks like a nerdy professor or something. Too bad they couldn’t get him the same “Gullu” appearance of Gullu Butt!

  • Its a good effort but still some issues, touch is not much responsive as well as on my htc one x i have no way to close the game other than hitting home button and closing using task manager. It even sometimes bars me from hitting home button, i mean don’t even let the phone respond on that.

    Still dev is showing some ads and make some good money i guess :-)

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