Zong Launches its 3G Services in Islamabad


Zong announced the launch of its 3G service for consumers in Islamabad at a press conference.

Previously, Zong had rolled out the its 3G services to its customers in Karachi and Lahore.

Zong is branding its 3G service as ‘Super 3G’ that will help consumers experience extremely fast internet, through which they will be able to stream songs and videos within minutes.

Zong claims to have been offering best in class technology HSPA+ (High Speed Packet Access) providing theoretical speeds of up to 42 Mbps.

Speaking about the launch of the ‘Super 3G’ service in Islamabad, Dr. Zhao Peng, CCO, Zong said,

“We are enthusiastic about launching the service in Islamabad as a part of our first phase of the ‘Super 3G’ roll-out. The twin cities are integral to Zong’s plans as they have one of the highest concentrated percentage of tech-savvy users in the country, thus our customers in Rawalpindi will experience this service in the coming days as well.

‘Super 3G’ shall offer speeds of up to 42 Mbps to these users through which they can fully experience and utilize the internet on their smartphones.

Also, based on Free User Trials (FUT), advanced technology and services will be deployed to cater to the specific needs of the consumers, for a better and more personalized experience.

The initial launch targeted Karachi and Lahore, and the excellent feedback we have gotten from our Super 3G users from there shows that our service is just another example of our commitment towards providing the best data solutions to our customers.

Also, this is just the beginning of our 1st roll out phase, we shall soon announce service starts in various other metros and towns of Pakistan followed by the much awaited service start of the Zong 4G in the coming months”.

Being a part of the world’s largest 3G and 4G network, Zong CMPak claims to be the fastest growing network in the industry which is why in just a short period it has managed to take over the 3rd position in the industry.

The company is now geared to provide the benefits of 3G connectivity across Pakistan to make a greater difference in the industry as a leading telecom player.

Zong’s Coverage Map for 3G Services in Islamabad:


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  • Yasir Mahmood

    Just Got a Message From Zong That Service has been Activated in Rawalpindi

    but On Looking at the Map Provided on Their Website,Area was in “Coming Soon”

    • Naveed

      Its launched in Rawalpindi but just limited area.. just checked on their website.. :(

    • AcerQuantum

      Thats what happens when the marketing department doesn’t properly coordinate with the technology department.

      • Yasir Mahmood

        True Indeed

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    I dont understand why broadband in Pakistan is limited to 1, 2 or 4 mbps
    Zongs super 3g is below than telenor in speed

    • Bilal Hussain

      bcoz we are undeveloped or third world country so we don’t have infrastructure :P

    • Manga

      No ocompletely wrong i have tested both myself telenor is not even near Zong in terms of speed. I got 13.65 Mbps on Zong but telenor never gone more than 3 Mbps. For Zong speed you must be subd to 3G premium package

    • sher

      lol, Bacho u are not familar to technology.

  • Muhammad Abrar Ali

    so late to come in have to w8 2015 for 4ggggggggggggggg.


    I am still waiting for mobilink 3g in my area :(

  • ptcl charger sorry chargi kahan gai propakti bhai ap ne to kaha tha 14 din men aa jae gai 2 mah se zaid arsa hogaya hai ?????????????????????//

    • chirfan

      4g i think abhi kuch time ley gi. i am also waiting 4g. plz kar do launch 4g . koi aik company hi kar dy launch.qubee, wateen, ptcl .

      • Adeel Tariq

        mairy bhai, jab qubee, wateen, ptcl nay 4g ka license hi nahi liya tou wo kaisay 4g start karain gay, iss waqat tak 4g ka license sirf zong kay pass hai aur doosra license government kay pass hai jis ka abhi auction hona hai.

        • ap ko yeh ajeeb nai lagta ke ptcl ke pas 4gb sorry 4g ka licence nai aor us ne char ji device bana li

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Propakistani also posted the news that all telenor sites are 3g ready but look into their coverage they have just covered 40% of Karachi

    • Another Guest

      3G ready means sites are compatible with 3G equipment :) still they have to install 3G equipment on sites.

      • ahmiq

        3G ready sites mean that the equipment is already there. They cannot just switch it on ALL 3g sites over pakistan , or their network will go down. Momentarily sites will go online and necessary optimization done

    • Bilal Hussain

      Oh really 40%???
      Either you didn’t checked coverage by opened eyes or you you don’t area of karachi :P

      • Muhammad Ashraf

        its no more than 40%

    • Sumair

      Karachi 40% hai to Lahore bhi just 30% covered hai. Urban areas bhi abhi tak in se fully cover nai horahe! Stupid Telenor!! :/

  • Naveed

    Any speed test screenshots ?

  • www.Prosociallab.com

    Zong sab sa age

  • ahmiq

    speedtests please?

  • Atifsh

    Wanted to port out from ufone, went ahead bought a new sim and super 3g never reached 1 mb.
    Back to ufone and expensive data.

    And before someone say you need to subscribe to specific package, zong specifically says we have no speed limits.
    I’m in Karachi though.

    • Naveed

      I am a warid user and warid is launching 4GLTE this EID ;) I have already tested every 3G provider but all are fail. Telenor3G is giving 2Mbps same as Mobilink, Zong and Ufone.. :(

    • ali

      You can get 3G best
      packages with up to 3Mbps speed; visit the following link to get the
      information of 3G packages: http://www.ufone.com/3G/Tariff/Prepaid/.

  • Syed Salman Agha

    can you have zong internet setting for HTC sensation 4g ???????????

  • Naveed

    No one is sharing speed test results yet :(

  • Fendi

    F7 Islamabad

  • Fendi

    Fauji tower Rawal road

  • Fendi

    F7 islamabad

    • Naveed

      LOLX Its that ZONG Super 3G ?

      • Fendi

        Yes download of 4.8 mbps

  • Jahangir Khan

    TELENOR IS MUCH MUCH BETTER I AM GETTING around 13mbps on telenor

    • Naveed

      What area ? I am in Blue area islamabad and i only get 2Mbps Maximum :(

  • Naveed

    Zong Super3G is amazing in Blue Area Islamabad :)

  • Guest

    Another screenshot of ZONG Super 3G :) BLUE AREA ISLAMABAD

  • Naveed

    Another Screenshot of ZONG Super 3G :)

  • Shahmeer


  • faraz

    good luck