Hackers Protest Against Revision of PTCL EVO Packages


Hackers were apparently most impacted with the revision of PTCL EVO packages.

Hackers – who are likely to be from Pakistan – went on and decided to protest company’s decision by hacking PTCL’s official website. They registered their protest about PTCL’s EVO tariff and download-limit revision and explicitly said that reason behind the hack is revision of company’s broadband bundles.

After first hack, Hackers re-hacked and then re-re-hacked the website for several times during the weekend, until PTCL was able to secure its servers.

Check below screen-shot when PTCL’s official website was hacked once again with-in 24 hours:


Hackers were of the opinion that PTCL should revise its EVO packages as they have down-graded the download-limit to mere 20 and 30 GBs per month. A hacker – on a deface screen – said that this download limit is not enough for even browsing, let alone the downloading part.

“Please….. Ehsaas Karo Kuch Awaam Ka” hacker pleaded to end his message to PTCL management.

PTCL recently revised its download-limit for EVO packages and introduced new tariffs for the customers. Naturally customers aren’t happy with the move but since PTCL is the monopoly, customers are now left with not many options.

While one can easily term such hacks indecent and illegal way of communicating a message, consumers are supporting these hacks as no authority (particularly PTA) is rescuing their interests.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Nice to hear after being notified that next month Student Package 2MB will be charged Rs,1550/month.Broadband getting expensive in Pakistan…LoL

  • It was PTA defining all the Broandband Pakages of PTCL in order to align it with other cellular companies. We somehow cracked their Broadband Quality of Service panel. we could harm it but we did’t. we only want old broadband volumes back.


    • seriously dude.. that was epic.. using evo with such low volume.. i can hardly spend 2 weeks with it

    • Absolutely brilliant mate, you deserve applause, keep cracking dude, they’ll think twice before playing gambles with their customers again in future.

    • Bud, good work, I suggest you start organizing and presenting a bit better. Your work is important, but it needs to be concise, presentable and clear for newssites to pickup and to be spread around facebook, etc.

      Social hacktivism is really needed in Pakistan. We have very talented hackers and a lot of social injustice. Looking at trends in China, Bangladesh, Nigeria, it can make a real difference and increase the publics awareness. Again your work is great, but I fear only tech geeks like us who read propakistani will learn of it. We need this stuff spreading to facebook, we need pre written complaint letters to flood PTCL offices, lets make a difference.

      Would love to help out with that side, if you are interested. Lets shake this place up, gentlemen.

  • well hope PTCL will understand the scenario otherwise they will face this kind of work again and again

  • Nice job but you need to hack the main page of the PTCL website for multiple times then they will do something on your truth voice.

  • Someone seriously needs to hack PTA website too. Those bas***** are earning huge amounts of salaries from tax payer’s money and doing nothing. PTA should have taken notice of Evo package price hike. Blood suckers.

  • I wish everyone would just get rid of them now. I really doubt they’d care about or listen to the customers at all. I moved on to Qubee recently, and getting 2.5Mb/s speeds on 2MB package, with a FUP of 70GB. I Purchased Nitro 9.3 1.5 yrs back with 100GB FUP, within 3 months they reduced the FUP to 50 GB and introduced wingle with 75GB FUP, now they are probably launching some other sh*t or just trying to promote Ufone 3G and hence reduced their prices again for NO D*MN REASON. And the best part! They NEVER inform their customers for changes. Yes, they can send me 5 – 6 texts every month to pay my bill, even if I have paid my bill.. but they can’t inform me of their policies and then charge PTCL customers for excessive usage. Some d*mb idiot seems to be in charge of PTCL who doesn’t lives in Pak or doesn’t even know what people think/want. No one can do anything in 30GB. Its just not possible to do anything with such FUP. RIP PTCL. Hate their monopoly. I hope everyone stops using their services and they run out of options, but to upgrade the service, improve the quality and charge fairly. Good Job Sultan and Makman for teaching these douchebags a lesson.

      • Used 71GB this month, and just confirmed via website and call center.

        Qubee Fair Usage Policy applies to all residential unlimited and AOL (always online) packages. The unlimited and AOL (always online) packages have no cap on the amount a customer downloads. However, the customer bandwidth may be subjected to a higher contention if consistent abus*ve data volume consumption is observed and/or data consumption exceeds 30GB (40GB for Explore Max, 60 GB for Venture Max and 70 GB for Conquer Max) during one billing cycle. The unlimited packages for residential users are not usable by commercial users or for further reselling as per directives of PTA.


        Please support what you wrote, rather than just writing senseless things :)

        • When I hit the 12 gb volume limit they limited my speed from 2mbps to 10kbps. Called up the call center they said thats the max vol.

          • Because you took the 12GB Package. www(dot)qubee(dot)com(dot)pk/postpay You must’ve taken the Classic 12 Series, which only offer 12 GB downloads.

  • The same happened with me…..
    I couldn’t possibly understand as to my wingle was not working. There was like sudden blackout. Frustrated.

  • The main reason of failure of 3g” in Pakistan, Every one knows there is no coverage aftaer launch of 3g in Pakistan, & wateen is also takeoff their services in many cities, shame for pta

  • At least someone is there who understands us and representing the interest of broadband users, I am a EVO Wingle Prepaid user and it takes only 2 week to consume 20GB, We pay 1500 for this and It is not a small amount. When I read the heading of this post I thought some hacker has increased the Volumes in data all data packages :P

  • Well Done guys ! Keep destroying their website until they publicly compensate the consumers.

  • I am 200% support hackers in this regard. I am also victim of so called PTCL. My ptcl land line number was stuck. I daily made complaint against my issue. But still not yed resolved. After a month if bill i received landline plus dsl charges. so who responsible to pay for non-utilize services.

  • I am with Hackers completely, they have done formidable job for the injustice, Many customers bought EVO after making themselves aware about the download volumes, which was 50-75 GB, I wish hackers would hack the PTCL site completely with all the html pages :D

  • Hack their servers, and reset your bandwidth usage. ullu hackers! sab sikhaana padhta hai. Set your limit to -1GB!

  • sakam, very good, thank you cyber admin 1337 and thank you all teams, ou are doung good job

  • wow! i mean hackers are so much down to earth people ,they jut dont talk bullshits , even they written in such a good manners!! :P lol

  • Ramadan Mubarak except People of PTCL and WAPDA, as we can only give Ramadan Mubarak to one person because of our Unlimited (with Limitation policy) – The month of Ramadan in Pakistan is very clear, in this month Shetan (Devil) comes in Pakistan in different disguises and cuases different mischeifs such as hike prices, Unlimited bandwidth, loading during certain periods.

  • I don’t like the way, though I’m very supportive to that reason!!! Shame on PeeTCL. Yahan bechara Zardari akeela galiyan khata hai, every institute from Defense to Communication are Zardaris.

  • Great,Great, Bravo: I salute the crusaders of Justice. This is basically job of PTA to look after consumer’s interests but Aah , who cares for Awam. PTA is busy making money and taking bribes in cash ,kind and favors from Telecons. I guess some one finds away to totally block phone lines & internet to force them.It is not PTCL, all internet & phone companies fleecing customers with no cover and protection from PTA the so called regulatory authority.Some one must go to Judiciary for justice.

  • PTCL is not solving the problems, they are just playing with the consumers, i bought a wingle and after load it does not connnect, i call up to 34 days, they did not solve the problem even they close my help line to 1218 i can not dial from my ptcl 0928622740
    Fuck PTCL but i do not have any othere service

  • karachi mein hack ki hui usb shop par agyi hain :D
    wingle 9.3 with 20 gb limit kai sath only 500 monthly :D
    larky kaam kar rahe hain isko unlimite karne kai lye :P

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