Nayab Baig Replaces Ali Raza Mehdi as Head of HR at Warid Telecom


Nayab Baig is reportedly replacing Ali Raza Mehdi as head of Human Resource department of Warid Telecom, we have confirmed with sources.

Nayab Baig was VP HCD of Telenor Pakistan till September 2010 before he suddenly left the company along with two directors of his team.

Nayab is best known for his dynamic skills in People Excellence, Business Process Improvement, Safety and Security and Organizational Support Services departments. He is arguably the best HR person in the industry.

Ali Raza Mehdi, who was heading HR department of Warid since October 2011, left the company due personal reasons.

A Warid’s spokesperson confirmed ProPakistani about the move and said that Nayab Baig has taken over the charge.

Warid is lately gearing up to launch 4G LTE services in Pakistan. Company has announced that it will invest some $400 million in Pakistani market over the period of next couple of years.

In a related news, Warid telecom is planning to re-launch / re-brand the company with altogether a new look in August this year. More details will be shared with our readers as we get more information on the subject.

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  • Naveed

    Ward 4GLTE will be launched this EID as far as I got the news :)

    • Raji

      & how you got this news?

      • ali


  • asad

    man these non techy mba’s diploma guys are having more fun in this private Telco industry !! …and engineers r getting ruined who r supposedly the backbone and runners or telecom industry !! this is fun

    • kuka

      another demented good for nothing operator thinking that world is being supported only by their puny hands.

    • guest

      when was the last time you saw an engineer heading a telecom company ?

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    now we see so many NAYAB things happening in Warid HR

  • Bagu Badmash (Gullu Buttox)

    No worries,,,, very soon Mr. Nayab will also be history, I am sure that he will be better than Mr. Mehdi who was not corrupt but yes very arrogant and stubborn for employees other than his pets within HR + what will Nayab do there as most of the HR functions are handled by one existing director who has been there for long even before Warid was born…

    • Sleepless

      lol @ “one existing director who has been there for long”
      Do you know the history of that director? Please enhance the knowledge of ProPakistani readers :)

  • nabeel

    shareef family se koi link ho ga :-0

    • Telecom Truth

      Talha Ali Rao is his name, i know him as i work in the company, he is a good professional with many contributions also he is not corrupt. I dont think being there for long is a reason for Nayab not to work, that director will be reporting him and Nayab knows well how to handle people and i personally think, they both will be a good match for the company. I welcome Nayab onboard and wish him great luck always.