PASHA Releases IT Salary Survey for 2014


The Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT and ITES ([email protected]) has released its 2014 IT Salary Survey report.

This survey provides analysis of the average salaries, growth, promotions and benefits for the IT & IT Enabled Services sector employees in Pakistan.

The IT & ITES Industry of Pakistan provides direct employment to around 300 thousand people and another 50-100 thousand indirect employment. The tech industry in Pakistan relies on this human resource to maintain its high growth pattern.

Companies want the best talent working for them and take measures to retain their star performers. Fair compensation and benefits rank highly for any employee who wishes to work for, and continue to grow in this industry. The rapidly evolving nature of the tech sector influences job requirements & skill set, making an annual IT Salary Survey a necessary tool for companies wishing to hire and retain the best talent.

Jehan Ara, President [email protected], said “Over the years the [email protected] IT Salary Survey has become a useful tool for the tech community and its stakeholders in and outside Pakistan. The 2014 survey is a result of improvements built upon the earlier surveys incorporating feedback from the industry. I am pleased to see more and more companies participating in the survey, indicating their trust in us and the usefulness of the survey. With a higher number of participating companies our survey sample findings are closer to the actual salaries being offered nationally. I am thankful to all the participating companies and I am confident that they will find the [email protected] IT Salary Survey 2014 helpful. [email protected] will continue to conduct the IT Salary Survey every year. We are certain that this will help track year on year patterns and document industry trends.”

The [email protected] IT Salary Survey 2014 is the fourth survey conducted by [email protected] for the IT Industry. This survey includes findings from 93 companies,14,352 employees working in 26 job roles and 92 unique levels both in core IT and business roles. The survey this year includes new roles of Python Programmers, Game Designers, Game Producers, Game Product Managers and Data Miners/ Data Scientists.

The survey reveals that the highest paid job function is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who on average earns PKR 311,079.61 per month (where 9% of the respondents have said that their CEOs are paid more than PKR 675,000 per month) followed by the Chief Technology Officer CTO at PKR 256,250.00 (which is an increase of 5.95% over 2013).

The highest paid job after the senior management is a new entrant this year, the Senior Game Product Manager who on average is being paid PKR 236,666.67 per month in Pakistan.

The lowest paid job is found to be an Entry Level Administration professional who makes PKR 23,005.92 per month, 7.26% higher than 2013.

If we compare the findings from those obtained in 2013 we notice an average increase of 12.37% in salaries, with the highest increase in a Middle Level Ruby Programmer’s salary at 94.24%.Detailed findings for each of the 92 roles are presented in the [email protected] IT Salary Survey 2014.

On the benefits side health insurance, bonuses and flexible working hours remained the top 3 choices;comprehensive results are presented in the survey. The survey also includes findings for frequency of bonuses, average working hours, employee retention, gender balance and practice of long service awards.

    • Get pasha membership and receive survey free of cost. its as simple as that. Its better that they are honest+impartial and cover costs using subscription fees instead of sponsorships and ads – where adulteration of published results is highly likely.

  • “The lowest paid job is found to be an Entry Level Administration
    professional who makes PKR 23,005.92 per month, 7.26% higher than 2013.”

    I know people in software industry working at 20k in the year 2013

  • Mobilink CEO GET MORE THAN 30 LAKH LOLZZZ, HAHA and according to this survey no mannnnn , wrong info

    • this is about IT with small/medium companies working in and out side Pakistan.. Mobilnk is Telecom giant and having billions of revenues ranked among international telecom players… comparing Apple with Mango is not right…

  • Forget to mention disclaimer below, these percentages and salaries doesn’t apply on Axact :P :D

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