Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Website Gets Hacked

Official website of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was hacked last night by a Pakistani hacker group that wants to be known as “Muslim Cyber Group”.

PTI’s website remained defaced for several hours showing a message from hackers for Imran Khan that argued that PTI Leader should be more vocal for the people of Gaza.

Defaced page read:

Hacked by W3b_dR1ft3R
Muslim Cyber Army

Hello Dear Imran Khan !!

I Have hacked your website just to ask you some questions and want to suggest you few thing.

First of all, being a Muslim we should have pain for other fellow Muslims (Palestinians). Israel is burning them.

Instead of having unity in country your activities are just for fitna and nothing else. Pakistan is in state of war now so lets make it strong so can stand and fight for other Muslims who are burning in Palestine.

Pakistan Zindabad
Long live Palestine

Instead of discussing the defacement message or the stand that Imran Khan has taken for the people of Gaza, the main crux one can make out of this hack is that PTI’s website wasn’t secure and it was defaced by hackers.

Here’s the Zone-H mirror of defaced page:

Check below the screenshot taken when PTI’s website was defaced (which has been restored now).


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    • Some hackers are catnapping. Our government is sleeping now. Not our government rather 57 Muslim countries are dozing now. Isreal has population only 7.9 million and the entire Muslim countries population are greater than 1800 million.I think it takes only 5 minutes to stop the killing in Palestine if our government gives warning that if you don’t want to stop the killing in Palestine we will throw an atom bomb in your country.It’s only one thing we don’t have that is pudency ۫۫۫(Ghairat۪۪)

      • yes ofcuz i agree even iran doesnt do anything about the fact pak and iran and some other can stop this but all wants dollars

        • why iran do something
          We Muslims already fighting between shia and sunni..sunni help sunni and shia help iran help lebanon few years back and Israel lost the war against lebanon.

      • Yes many of our Muslim countries are dozing off but even if they work together to end this tyranny, the Israelis have the support of the United Shits of America which won’t sit idly and let Muslims overthrow these devils.

        • US have no oil, they will ultimately have to come back to Muslims for that, we must know our strengths. But nothing good can happen unless saudi sheikhs come out of their luxurious sleepy lives.

          • Europe needs natural gas and oil from Arabs more than US. China needs and probably gets more oil from Arabs than US!

            And, US has a lot of oil in their Gulf offshore drilling and shale gas, so really don’t bet on them “coming back” to us.

            • If arabs can stop supply, it sure will at least bring some problems for US including but not limited to Price Hikes etc. Without oil from arabs they are gonna run out their reservoirs

              • By their own official figures, the amount of crude oil imported from OPEC countries (which includes some that are not Arab) has gone down by almost 40% since 2008.

      • population is not power brother, no one cares about the Muslim population rather their Power to rule the world economy.

    • Hi, I think if they had to show their true talent, they should have done it on Israeli or American sites. They are just testing their recently acquired skills in Pakistan just because they know there is no law in this country and PML-N may actually award them Punjab IT Board Chairmanship… remember Arslan Iftikhar also awarded on same criteria. So that is the only purpose for this noob hacker.

    • Bahi yeh sare politactions sirf apne jabe garam kar kay bahir kay mulk bhag jate hay.Un ko kise se koi garaz.Sare bike hoye log haye.

  • Government has already shown concern in the international level.but we havent seen any thing from khan and padri.

    • i guess ik is the 1 who concern first before then anyone else but i havent seen any news about gov concern but not only concern but also take action about it

      • So what action we should take,
        Nuclear bomb phenk dain un pay and phir uske baad?
        chalo Wetern products ka boycott kerty hein..i mean, Nestle, Pepsi,Coka Cola, KFC, Mc Donald, Unilever, Proctor & Gamle or pta nhi kitni hen..phir uske baad pak ma mile ga
        Aata daalen,cheeni or sabzi doodh

        • Just warning will work. Believe me! Agr Warning Main Jan Ho..!! I am not saying that throw an atom bomb..!!!

    • Hypocrite PML-N Supporters. You’d believe the LIES being spoon fed to you, but won’t see the same thing happening from another party. PML-N isn’t the one “DOING’ something against Israel Attacks. Its PTI, which is carrying out protests.

      • Ok i m ur uncle khan what is he doing .is he now in israel fighting against coz he married with jews.and covert himself as jews.ur whole party has nothing but always criticize on others.

        • SUREEE. Please do carry on sucking the boots of your “leaders” who are one of the many reasons this country is going to hell. “DEVELOPMENT” jo ho rahi hay <_< Idiots

  • i dont know if the haker is pakistani or from some other muslim country
    but it is good to know that the whole world knows that only IMRAN KHAN
    can stand against anyone everyone.

  • bunch of retards who want to show off their idiotic talent, you can judge the level of their competence from their grammar, probably someone from nazimabad, ‘Intruder’ , “Romantic”

    • By the way, they did great. The purpose of hacking was not to show the M.Phil level in English rather to arouse the globe. It is only notion that can help to arise the billionaire government from comatose.

      • i agree, but there are other sound ways to create awareness, hacking a website clearly violates the cyber laws, too bad these cyber laws are not meant for these so-called ‘Cyber jihadist’, one think i don’t understand is why they lack guts to hack into israeli and american websites, why should they hammer their own foot ?

        • Pakistan has cyber law? No, Pakistan hasn’t. You are right, they should hack the USA and Isreal website.

          • Hack ker kay konsa sawab mile ga.Bhai jese leaders lagen hen apne apne kaam main aese he awam bhi lagi ha Internet pay condemn kerne or baton main.
            Agar itna he ha to boycott karo Israel and US ki products ko so unko loss ho.
            Aaj ki dunia ma strong wo ha jiski economy strong hai.
            Jahan tak arabs ki baat ha,unke paas aik oil ha or wo oil band ker dain to unki economy zero to wo bhi nhi kerty.
            Rahi baat Muslim Brotherhood ki to wo aj ka dour main aik mazak he hoga

        • Two things – first most of the government including pak military sites are so weakly protected that even Afghani hackers can hack them easily. And we have done it

          Pak cyber hackers “can not” and “will not” dare to hack US or israeli sites because the consequences are too dreadful in that case. Besides their security protocols and SOPs are far far advanced than Pakistan’s.

    • ooo really MR. ?? you are really idiot saad
      i am w3b_dR1ft3R

      first of all i am pakistani and born in russia and grown up there
      so i damn care about english Mr Hater

      i did these mistake i know it because i was in hurry and engish isnt my first langauge hope you get it

      please grow up now

      and about my skills i hacked this secured shit in 2 minutes and i can do again when ever i want
      God Bless you man .
      ./log out

      • Pathetic loser cannot hack Israeli sites so he hacks PTI site. Which isn’t even part of federal government.

      • hahah truth is that you can’t even hack a simple website made by any professional. You actually hacked a website made by some one like you a “newbie”. Can you hack any official PTI or PMLN Facebook page?. Can you break into new York’s Daily Times servers can you hack any of the domain ending with g o v dot i l ? hack it and let us know you are a hacker, you script kiddie.

        • and here is the mirror link of their one member
          check your dot gov
          there are much more members but this is enough for you
          now before saying some thing i wish God bless you

          • hahaha please try to understand what is said in my comment. hack gov dot il site.. their major site is simply gov dot il, Im not a hacker why you are asking me for hacking any account, i challenged you to hack something and you are counter challenging me for the same, that’s funny.

  • Humans with no humanity!
    The circumstances, which is going on Gaza, is really pathetic. They are using white phosphorous chemical weapon against Palestine that kills a man as the worst way (Go to Wikipedia, then you will realize).Media is not showing the reality even Media has been sold, all Arab billionaires have been sold, UN has been sold…

      • I am serious. My heart is crying when I see they cut their hand (mostly are children) and leg in front of their mother and father and when they use chemical weapon against Palestine. Some people can’t feel their pain until same thing happen with them.

  • Hypocrite hackers! If they are really so concerned about Palestinian cause, they should have hacked an Israeli website, not a Pakistani.

      • So imran khan is an agent of Israel? I wonder what you’ll say about the other parties. Enemy of israel?

        Kill Yourself. Uneducated person. Aa jatay hain mun dhoay bagair.

  • I am still surprised why Saudi who thinks the father of Islam haven’t said a word on Gaza? Why ISIS or other militants not fighting against Israel or USA?

    I wish … If these Arabs countries get United against Israel they can get Vanish Israel in hours but they are United against Syria and Iraq all because its Shia populated. And why Not supporting Palestine although Hamaz are sunnies but they are the proxy of Iran again Shia populated country.

    This is the setup of World War 3

    • USA and Israel are themselves backing ISIS. On the other hand, they are creating this conflict in Gaza so that the ignorant Muslims start supporting ISIS (which is a fake khilafat obviously). Once this happens, ISIS will go against Israel (on US-Israel’s green-signal) and that would become the base to start a conflict between Israel and ISIS and their supporters.

      Israel will get control of the areas in Iraq, Syria and ultimately Jordan and Eqypt hence starting her rule over the ‘Promised Land’ (according to the fake prophesies in Torah which they have made-up).

      • But again what Arab countries are doing? Why they are supporting ISIS or USA or Israel.. but not supporting Hamas

        • Isn’t that sad? I would recommend you go and read the history of formation of the current Arab States and you would get the answer.

          Oh by the way, arabs in general support Hamas but their leaders (read Kings) are just puppets of the US and Europe.

        • Well Mr. Shahid, I respect your opinion on this matter but I’d rather say you should wait for some years (or months for that matter) to see it happening. Who do you think is backing ISIS then? What is their goal? (Sorry for a late response on this) ..

          • Please show me bank account details that show US and Israel funding ISIS. Can you do that?

            Can you show ANY EVIDENCE AT ALL to prove your claims?

            Of course not. ISIS is famous for robbing banks (same activity as Boko Haram). They have a LOT of money now, especially after they have robbed Mosul’s banks. Lots of Dollars and Gold.

            Who do I think could be backing ISIS? I am not sure, but I’ll give you some facts and you decide.

            You see, Europe needs natural gas for heating every winter. And Europe gets natural gas from Russia, and the pipelines cross Ukraine. Ukraine and Russia are not friendly now. Do you know what Russia has done in the past 10 years whenever Ukraine government and Russia have disagreed? They have simply cut off or cut down or raised prices of natural gas to Europe. that makes Europe put pressure on Ukraine to resolve issues with Russia. Read news archives, it has happened many many times in the past ten years.

            There are several proposed and planned pipelines to get natural gas from middle east to Europe. They all have to go through Turkey. They also have to go through Iraq and optionally Syria. Remember Turkey spans two continents Asia and Europe.

            So who benefits the most from giving Europe gas? Obviously producers of gas and countries where the pipeline runs through (so they can get their “transfer fees”). How will they get the gas to Europe? Through either “peaceful” countries or parts of countries that will allow them to pass a pipeline unharmed.

            Which leaves us with two big possibilities: Qatar and Turkey.

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