Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Website Gets Hacked

Official website of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was hacked last night by a Pakistani hacker group that wants to be known as “Muslim Cyber Group”.

PTI’s website remained defaced for several hours showing a message from hackers for Imran Khan that argued that PTI Leader should be more vocal for the people of Gaza.

Defaced page read:

Hacked by W3b_dR1ft3R
Muslim Cyber Army

Hello Dear Imran Khan !!

I Have hacked your website just to ask you some questions and want to suggest you few thing.

First of all, being a Muslim we should have pain for other fellow Muslims (Palestinians). Israel is burning them.

Instead of having unity in country your activities are just for fitna and nothing else. Pakistan is in state of war now so lets make it strong so can stand and fight for other Muslims who are burning in Palestine.

Pakistan Zindabad
Long live Palestine

Instead of discussing the defacement message or the stand that Imran Khan has taken for the people of Gaza, the main crux one can make out of this hack is that PTI’s website wasn’t secure and it was defaced by hackers.

Here’s the Zone-H mirror of defaced page:

Check below the screenshot taken when PTI’s website was defaced (which has been restored now).


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