Get EVO Wingle with 50% Discounts on Monthly Rentals

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If you haven’t availed any previous EVO Wingle discount offers then here is a chance for you to get 50% discount on monthly rentals under Evo Wingle Eid offer.

With EVO Wingle Eid Offer, any subscriber making a purchase of EVO Wingle (Prepaid & postpaid) 30 GB packages between 15th of July and Chaand Raat, 2014 shall enjoy tremendous savings of 50% on monthly charges for a period of 1 year.

Offer Details

Other details of the offer are as following:

  • Promo Period 15th Jul – Chaand Raat, 2014
  • Product: Wingle 9.3
  • Device Cost (One time): Rs. 3,000
  • Line-rent: Rs. 1250 per month (Usual line rent is Rs. 2,500 per month)
  • Volume: 30 GB
  • Billing Mode: Prepay/Postpay
  • Extra Usage to be charged at Rs. 150/GB on Prepaid

Business Rules:

  • Promotion is applicable for purchases made between 15th of July and Chaand Raat 2014.
  • Promotion is valid for new sales of Wingle 30 GB packages only.
  • Offer is not applicable for package conversions for existing customers.
  • Promotion is valid for postpaid and prepaid subscribers.
  • Customers will not be allowed to downgrade the package; however package upgrade would be possible as per customer requirements.
  • Offer available through PTCL OSS and National Distributor Retail Outlets.

  • Ahmed Habib

    Bekaaar! After sometime they will revert back the charges to 2500/month!

    • eyescreaman

      It clearly states that in the 1st paragraph that the line rent is valid for 1 year. Repeating the obvious?

      • lolz, they clearly said in there every promotion that they are valid for 1 year, but then there term that they can change any thing any time(As i talk with the support on 1214.)

        You cant do sh*t about that.

      • Nouman Younas

        i just make plan to buy device and after reading comments, i changed my plan.

        • Shah

          Same Same!

  • ch irfan

    evo 4g kab aaye gi, kisi ke pass koi kabar hai ?

    • A

      After September, 2014

      • ch irfan

        confirms ?

      • Mudassar

        May main ayna thaa, nhe aya. Look like Chaar Ji news was fake.

        • Amir

          Well its not fake my friend have 4g device for checking purpose because he is in ptcl. There is a delay in release but news is 100% correct.

          • Mudassar

            Ok, any idea when it is coming?

    • Jahangir

      I heard Wateen also going to introduce some Evo-like device after July 2014. Sales guy told me this few days ago.

      • Ahmad

        Yes, It called 8g but no official information any where, Just rumors :P

  • Irfan Memon

    So what do we do with the device purchased last year and has 20GB cap now???

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      olx pe bach de

  • All Good

    when the monopoly of this ptcl shit will be over?

  • Amir

    haha antt offer!! This is the best offer to put your old Wingle in the drawer and get a new one!

    • Jahangir

      PTCL ka kaam sirf devices bechna hai, her new offer aisi dete hain k purani device phenk kar new leni paray warna koi chance nahi.

      Devices ka dhair lagwana chahte hain ye bas :D

  • Guest

    PTCL is overselling this device without updating their system.

  • ahsen

    PTCL is overselling this device without updating their system.
    They just want to sell the devices, and simply not interested in providing the reliable service.

  • dr kanayo

    no signals

  • Junaid

    Another PTCL Monopoly ! I trashed my EVO a month ago!

  • Mustafa

    Anyway I’m going to buy a PTCL DSL connection .

  • Zubair Gu


  • zulfiqar ahmed

    1 tu inki speeed puri ati nhi hai oper se limit lagi hui hai aur ye offer pe offer nikal dete hn mere paas 2 devices phaltoo pari hn

  • losers

    Ptcl Evo is the worst thing I ever used.

  • Fahad

    I have a PTCL evo 3.1. Bought another one in an offer, it was a good bargain…i was paying 2500 for 50gb…now paying 750 for 30gb and limit doesnt breach so its okay. I am thinking to go for this as its half of what its was being charged before but at same time 4G PTCL will be coming so they might be dumping it out.
    if it package was for 1000, i would had taken it…4250 package is still too much but i might buy it…after all on 3.1, I get more than 2mb speed :D

  • Ahsan

    first improve your coverage service

  • dr.azhar

    Asslam o alaikum

  • Ali

    PTCL Wingle is available in very affordable prices having 1250/ Month package. For more info please call 03004333661

  • tiger

    so bad devices

  • zahid mehmood

    evo 9.3 wingle high speed device