Warid Introduces Notify Me Service


For situations when you are unable to reach across because the number you are calling is either out of reach or switched off, Warid introduces Notify me service.

There won’t be a missed opportunity now because you will receive instant SMS notification once the number you were calling is switched back on or it has become reachable.

Furthermore, you can activate Auto Call Back feature to automatically call the number as soon as it is available on network again.


  • To Subscribe:
  • Send Sub in SMS to 4848 or Dial *484#
  • To Un-Subscribe:
  • Send Unsub in SMS to 4848


  • Warid Prepaid:  Rs. 0.65+tax / day
  • Warid Postpaid: Rs. 20+tax/ month

Auto Call Back:

  • This feature enables the subscriber to automatically call the number as soon as it is available on network again.
  • To Subscribe: SMS Callback on to 4848
  • To Un-Subscribe: SMS Callback off to 4848

Call Charges:

  • For Prepaid users, there will be flat charging for calls @ Rs 1.6 +tax / min
  • For Postpaid, the call charging will be as per Tariff Plan.

  • Is it for only warid nos or for any network no that is switched off or unavailable ?

  • Mobilink offering it at cheaper rates.

    Very useful for all those street tharkis jab unke call girls unko dhoka day ker number badalti phirain unko number switch ON honay ka pata chal jayay ga :D

    • yes mobilink is offering at cheaper rates but mobilink notify me is limited to prepaid users & for on-net numbers only while warid notify me is for any network & for both prepaid & postpaid with an auto call back additional feature

    • yes ufone provided it before but that was an old version of notify me which is limited to on-net numbers & u have to add the number if u want to get notified which is than limited to 20 numbers. while warid offers it for any network with out hassle of adding a number first to get notified & an additional feature of auto call back without any extra charges

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