Lenovo Soon to Launch At Least 10 Smartphones in Pakistan


Lenovo, largest personal-computer maker by shipments, has decided to launch its smartphones in Pakistan, we have confirmed with sources.

Lenovo, which is not only the number one smartphone maker in China, even ahead of Samsung, but also number four vendor by shipments world-wide, will inaugurate in Pakistan with the launch of at least 10 smartphones, we have heard.

We are yet not sure about the models that will be launched during an event planned in Karachi next week, however, we are certain that company will introduce at least three low-end phones with price tag of Rs. 15,000 or below.

There are couple of S series phone – best known for entertainment — in the launch pack.

Reportedly Lenovo K series (Premium, Ultra-Slim Smartphones) and Vibe Series (premium designer phones) will also see Pakistani shelves.

Lenovo smartphones will be available in the country starting next week, we are told.

With the launch of Oppo smartphones and now the Lenovo smartphones hitting the local market, it will be interesting to see how established brands such as Samsung and Qmobile will react to the move.

ProPakistani will be covering the launch event to bring you updates and hands-on videos of Lenovo phones as soon as they are unveiled in Pakistan.

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    • I’ve tested a lot of their phones. Their flagships can’t compare to other brands and their lower end phones are mediocre quality with few updates. I don’t see them doing well.

  • no one has been able to beat Qmobile in terms of price+specs matrix
    I love Lenovo and looking forward to see if they can offer better value in same price as Qmobile

  • It means competition will be high as well as the price will be low..!! Welcome Lenovo to come in my beloved country Pakistan..!!

  • Qmobile isn’t an original brand. They buy blank fones and print their name. China delivers such fones to many other countries, where they put their own name. Any example is fly smartphones. and many others are there. Anyone can import fones from china and print their own name.

    • What’s your point? Our textile industry survives on providing “blank” clothes to western brands. Apple gets blank phones from foxconn. Dell buys mobos from ASUS who outsources production to foxconn too. It’s how business works in this day and age.

  • Qmobile import trash from china and put their label on it. Same phones are being sold in India with Micromax brand.

  • Lenovo hardware is amazing. Great to see them bringing mobile phones too. Had they brough it earlier, i would have bought a lenovo smartphone instead of windows phone

  • very good for pakistani market lenovo is a big name.. lenovo already acquire MOTOROLA so hope fully it will compete big brands available in pakistan..

  • you cannot bring premium flagship products under 15k, they need to be smart about this, rather than throwing in cheap low/mid level phones they need to bring on the game like Sony Smart Phones, device needs to be smart, powerful, good battery, dust and water proof, need to bring value added services as well.

    • 85% of phones sold in Pakistan cost Rs. 3,000 or less. The flagships you are talking about will not sell much. Even those who can afford such devices are only looking to keep them for 3-4 months before selling them in the secondary market. So, they will not buy an untested brand like Lenovo. Resale value and all that jazz..

  • Lenovo now owns Motorola.
    If they are they bring their Moto G series into the market officialy, I will instantly buy one.

  • I’m using Lenovo s920 it’s really amazing before it was running on Android 4.2 but three weeks ago they updated to Android kitkat 4.4 Lenovo luncher is one of the best available in the market

  • Sad part is! QMobile is considered a SMARTPHONE! vendor in our country & its name is stated with established international brands in one breath! #SIGH…..

  • I don’t understand why companies like Huawei selling their cheap smartphone in high rates in Pakistan, like honor 3c in international market is just for 150usd but in Pakistan it’s price is above 200usd

  • It is a pity that having clocked more than 110mn subscribers not a single mob is being manufacture in Pakistan. Shows the lack of vision on our part. I recollect I had raised this point way back about a decade ago. That time the market was only 4.5 mns and I was told wait till we hit the double figures. We crossed that line many times over and yet are importing MOBs.

  • First Huawei, then Oppo and now Lenovo! Now ZTE should launch officially as well. I won’t count Gionee or Fly cuz they are already available here by the name of Qmobile :P

  • Personally I am a huge fan of Lenovo. I recommend thinkpads and lenovo laptops to all my friends.

    I have been waiting for Lenovo smartphones to launch here :)

  • I have imported Lenove Vibe Z K910 i must say its the best out there and the price is so damn low u guys will not believe i bought it for Rs 31000/- only custom was also fair around Rs 1500 but stupid Godam Rent was high making the grand price of Rs 37000 still if u compare the specs with latest phone it stands up at top with premium metallic finish…

  • All three versions of Lenovo launched so far in pakistan are just a crap! They are using the same shitMobile, sorry Q Mobile chipset of MEDIATEK which is just another crap. Mediatek chipsets are not even in the top 3. No.1 is Qualcom’s snapdragon no.2. NVIDIA’s Tegra, No. 3 Both Samsung’s Exynos and Marvel share the position.

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