Telenor’s Head of Human Resource Department Resigns


Muhammad Shoaib Baig, Chief Human Resource Officer, has decided to move on to pursue other interest outside the Telenor Pakistan, a statement has said. His last day in office will be 29th August 2014.

Shoaib Baig joined Telenor Pakistan on the 1st of February 2011 as CHRO. During his tenure in Telenor Pakistan he has been instrumental in defining the HR strategy in the company and has come up with robust People policies which have taken the company forward.

HCD is a key division at Telenor which takes care of the most valuable asset of the company i.e. the employees and Shoaib is said to have been instrumental in driving a dynamic team and ensuring that the company sets the right direction in its people strategy.

“Shoaib has been successfully driving the HR division in the company. We are grateful to him for his valuable service and strategic insight over the years. With his strategic focus and acumen he was able to bring a lot of insight into our key HR projects.” said Michael Foley, Chief Executive Officer. “I wish him all the best going forward!”

Shoaib Baig said: “It has been a pleasure working for Telenor Pakistan. I have had a chance to work with some very talented and hardworking people here. I am leaving behind a very dynamic and passionate team who will no doubt carry on the great work that human resource has been doing. I also want to take this opportunity to thank my team members and colleagues for their great support and take this opportunity to wish Telenor Pakistan all the success in future.”

The process for hiring a new CHRO has been initiated.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • test

    It seems warid of rise and Telenor is sinking. (just my inner feeling). Losing customers

    • Ashar

      Very funny.

    • Sarim

      Warid is still Far beyond Telenor, It might be your wish but not reality

  • Omer

    I think GOD is great and it is just a matter of time … he has been asked to resign but honestly he deserve that because he was the key force in spoiling dozens of careers and tp culture of openness. I must appreciate new ceo that he made right move…

  • truetelenorian

    Finally the telenor management gathers the courage to get rid of this man who has done nothing but harass good resources and replace them with friends and family. an extremely vindictive man who spared no effort to make the lives of many employees miserable unless ofcourse they were aligned with him and his ‘team’
    in my opinion the management still has 2 challenges before it. firstly to revisit some of the hirings done during Shoib’s tenure especially for the positions on which his cousin, and brother were hired. Important to seee whether merit and merit alone was the criterion used in their hiring. the second challenge is for the management to bring in a true professional with an impeccable record.

    • jinx

      he is also a midget and have scary lookin big ears. he is a curse and surely a fault of people who hired him in the first place

      • Pioneer

        jinx, you may dislike him as a person or professional but looks are made by God and we should not make fun of anything created by God. Just an advice.

        • Pol Priy

          LOL there is no god you moron. You’re on a technology site and you choose to believe in fairy tales instead?

          • Harry Puttar

            more we get education more we become illiterate. Fits perfectly on you, you son of a moron.

  • Imran Khan

    Nawaz sharif seekho kuch Shoaib Baig se aur tum bhi resign kro!

    • Sh. Abbas

      Khan Sb, It means that Mr. Shoaib Baig is not competent enough to perform his duties and thats why he resigned. You agenda for Nawaz Sharif is different as compared to Shoaib

  • Zaim

    ProPakistani should write from analysts point of view but the articles written seems to be the PRESS STATEMENT/CONFERENCE by the telcos.

  • Guest

    That’s really good for Telenor as he is leaving; he is the
    one who spoiled the TP culture (The best one in entire Pakistan). During his stay
    in Telenor he did numerous violations some of these are.

    – He recently appointed his brother on some
    managerial position with no proven credentials.

    – He also misused his power being VP-HCD. He used vehicles he was NOT ENTITLED for. Also used official car and driver to facilitate
    his family.

    – Apart for this, he appointed/promote many others
    who are either his friends or relatives. A director who is STILL WORKING was
    also appointed by him, somehow also related to him.

    – During his period most of the competent employees
    quit specially from HCD just because of him. Within HCD he replaced good resource with Friends & Family.

    So for the company he is going to join I will say “BE CAREFULL”. He is proven bullshit.

    • Asad alvi

      what was the name of that safarshi Director

  • lo jee

    LOL @truetelenorian and @jinx, imagine the scenario:

    CEO: You’re being asked to resign because you are incompetent and are involved in nepotism.

    Shoaib: I want a second opinion

    CEO: Ok, you are ugly too


    • Guest

      Hansi Nhi Aye..!!

    • Old Employee

      Bring something productive here.

  • muhammad

    Congrates TP your freedom is coming back. Now employees will rule and it is better to identify all those who misused power and treated power for treating people as salves… like Khurram of technology division so that complete cleaning can be done. Good Luck!

    • TPorian

      who Khurrum ? the canadian national ?

  • Bilal

    Finally , one of the worst professional hired by TP . He destoryed multiple careers because of his direct or in direct policy making . Thank God . Good time are coming back to TP. All the negative people are leaving or forced to resign TP. Proud to be associated with TP .

    • A Telenor Employee

      True that!

    • Asad alvi

      Still many have to leave one is Murtaza Ali Director Fincon who did same with many people even on managerial level…what an AH

  • Telenorian

    Once he engaged the whole OSS team to get rid of a rat from his house. Seems like Telenor Pakistan got rid of a rat….. Just saying ;)

  • Telenorian

    For damage control Telenor should hire Nayab back.

    • Old Employee

      And let the company get destroyed? Haroon Bhatti isnt around to save Nayab. And Nayabs daghters rejoicing on the news also arent around. They’ve run away.
      The most competent of them, Amina Wahid is around. What a great and competent employee she is.

      • shumaila

        No company was never destroyed by nayyab..he is a very competent person

  • gringo

    The best thing that could happen to telenor. He should have been fired a long time ago. He was a mentally sick guy.

  • sufyan

    i guess its a good news for TP and the industry. During his tenure TP hired many outsourced engineers on project basis and they were left by TP due to unavailibility of the project.. that was a worst thing happened to TP and brought a bad image to the brand.

  • Telenor

    I think its a great loss to Telenor Pakistan. He transformed the entire Telenor Pakistan HR Team by being the first one in telcos to introduce HR Business Partner Model successfully. He won several awards as an employer and was instrumental company’s success. He gave growth and development opportunities to the entire HR team during this time and worked on their capability development. I believe, he is a very competent individual and considered to be an HR Guru!

    • RAZA

      USMAN MIR ( HR BP)

      • Old Employee

        If these people are competent, they will get hired.

        Are you competent?

      • Asad alvi

        100% agreed also Murtaza ali all partners in crime…

    • Old Employee

      Well summarized. He is an amazing person for those who knew him.

    • Old Employee

      Well summarized.

    • Old Employee

      And Shoaib as a person is amazing. The people who made an effort to know him would know.

      • Moin

        what kind of effort was needed?

    • @Telenor

      Well it seems as if above comments are given by the famous baig himself as none from the TP family can remember so much about his achievements.

      All we remember is TP from the start was a great organization to work for, truly a dream organization but this famous baig destroyed everything. He managed to kill all telenor values and its culture. Today being a employer telenor is just another face in the crowd and people want to get out of telenor as soon as an opportunity knocks thanks to The Baig.

  • Omer

    bullshit … He is the who ruined Telenor open culture because he himself cannot face criticism. Those who worked in TP must remember when he went out of hall on open and direct question in the his early days… Business Partner model BIG failure as he never worked for people but for his bosses… Please go and check Telenor ranking in the industry as of today. Why lot of TP people joining Warid and Zong ? I think next step shall be to get rid of his friends and family people in TP. In my honest view Khurram of Technology and his own HR director (who title shall be changed to director recruitment ) or …

  • Telenor

    @ Omer …thanks for your views…but i have the right to express ‘my own’ views. Rather than calling other views as “bullshit” its better to come up with some logic.
    Just for your info.. if BP model is a failure than how come all top organizations are following it?

    Culture changes with the business cycle stage and due to many other factors…


  • Telenor

    All the dead wood moved to Zong & Warid…! thats how it should be! below performers should not be retained!

    • Old Employee

      Well said. People who can not perform should leave.

  • qutbudnin aibak

    Hats off to the new CEO Mike Foliy who see through Shoaib Beg in 3 months what the old drankard CEO Lars could not see in 3 years. Shoaib Beg misuse official authority for personal gains. He forced people to hire his family – he forced Areej Khan a strong manager to hire Brother In Law in digital, but she backed by a strong Director and VP refuse. But then he force his best friend Yaya to hire brother and sister and when Khurram strong director refuse to hire sister, explanation called. In latest incident he force brand manager shahbaz to give passes for concert and use official vehicle through 323 to send the passes to his home. official enquiry should be initiated against this very corrupt guy. he should not be able to get any job in pakistan

    • Old Employee

      If the inquiry proves wrong, will you resign? Put your money where your mouth is.

      • qutbudnin aibak

        who are u, his paid tout? going to every coment and responding. this is free forum, not TP HCD headed by Shoaib beg where touts like you have to defend. if inquiry proves right, will u resign? u must be brother of shoaib beg or cousin or beneficiary, scared now that you will also be fired. we know where u put your mouth. no wonder missing shoaib beg now

        • Old Employee

          You didnt answer my question :)
          I’ll answer yours, Yes I will resign if an inquiry proves Shoaib to be incompetent.

          • Pallvisha

            I believe if we keep on driving away talent then we will be left with nothing….stop criticising people you don’t know about!!!! We are a nation who can just find faults in others and do nothing ourselves….that’s why we are progressing so much!!!

    • Asad alvi

      That Areej khan who was backed by Usman Javed ex director marketing not even backed but sent to malaysia for a training …what a shame

  • qutbudnin aibak

    Hats off to the new CEO Mike Foliy who see through Shoaib Beg in 3 months what the old drankard CEO Lars could not see in 3 years. Shoaib Beg misuse official authority for personal gains. He forced people to hire his family – he forced Areej Khan a strong manager to hire Brother In Law in digital, but she backed by a strong Director and VP refuse. But then he force his best friend Yaya to hire brother and sister and when Khurram strong director refuse to hire sister, explanation called. In latest incident he force brand manager shahbaz to give passes for concert and use official vehicle through 323 to send the passes to his home. official enquiry should be initiated against this very corrupt guy. he should not be able to get any job in pakistan

  • Telenor

    @fariha… i am your father !

  • Telenor

    Fariha..i am your Dad!

  • Old Employee

    Whenever someone from a senior position resigns, employees get a forum (ProPK) to discuss matters). This is not a bad thing, but please refrain from getting personal. Comment on what you feel was done right and what could have been done better.

    I’ll give my own summary. I’m an employee who was around during Nayabs time and still here as Shoaib leaves.

    1. Nayab definitely introduced culture to TP but it was only culture and a failure as a HR model. Shoaib introduced the first HRBP model in telcos in PK. Let me make one thing very clear. Nayab was running this company during the growth stage and telcos overall were young and lot more was to come. When Shoaib took over the company was in maturity stage. Obviously budgets were going to be slashed, away days would have been reduced. But this was managed pretty well despite the company not achieving sales targets by whiskers.

    2.Shoaib introduced fexi hours, Vitality, naya aghaaz. Shoaib gave HR a new direction and an amazing one at that. He improved the policies. Growth and development stats have improved significantly.

    3. Shoaib embraced the TP culture with open arms. Anyone who feels that the culture was affected during his tenure, look into your own departments and see what went wrong. Look at what you did wrong. Why did you not speak to HR when you felt the culture was being affected instead of crying about it here now?

    4. Shoaib as a person is a wonderful man, for the people who actually tried to get to know him, can vouch for this. He is a humble person and person who fears God. Anyone who fears God knows that we are all accountable. This was the best quality of Shoaib. He cared for the company, employees and was always very loyal to TP.

    5.I know Shoaib and he ahs never intervened in the hiring process for any friend, relative or anyone he knew. He believes in merit and the processes were very transparent. Please stop throwing dirt with baseless allegations.

    6. Last but not least. Shoaib is a Patriot. He loves his country and I know that he has taken time off to do something for his motherland. I wish you the best of luck for all future endeavors and would love to work in any company that you go to.

    Telenor and Pakistan Zindabaad.
    Aao kar dikhayen :)

    • HonestEmployee

      Well said. Good analysis. Also I read above about how someone mentioned that Shoaib misused cars. This is a very petty and baseless allegation and shows the mentality of the person who commented. Pathetic!

    • Shahzad

      Are you Shoaib Baig ? ‘coz he is also an Old Employee now ?

      • Old Employee

        Shahzad, nope. I have been around for even longer than Shoaib now.

        • @Old Employee

          Then you must be knowing he gave out of turn promotion to some girl in his team. From officer to Assistant manager in less than a year. A girl was one of the main allegation on him.
          You are not doing any good to the famous baig. Dont make ppl utter more truth about him and keep you clean views to your self.

  • Telenor FTE

    Although I quit from TP but still miss those golden days when we used to enjoy healthy culture of TP that was derailed by him. There is no doubt he is corrupt man, he really misused his power at max level I am really surprise after reading different comments specially related to “CONCERT” how cheap he is ? . Today I come to know just before one day his resignation he promote his sectary as Assistant Manager. No sure but she has somewhere 3 years of experience and she used to book meeting rooms for him.

    Keep in short heats off for NEW CEO but just want to request one thing please also layoff all those employees who were illegally hired or promoted during his period and are his friends Or family. Specially Imran Fazal, Umair Shamsi, Hamza Qasir and the funny guy Abdual Qudoos.

    • Old Employee

      1. The “secretary” has 6 years of Telenor HR experience. She is working with Training and development and not only a support role.
      2.Imran and Umair are competent people and have proven that from time to time. Imran came from the sales area but has worked really hard in his area. Umair is now loved by everyone is HCD, even the people who didnt like him initially.
      3.Hamza Qaiser is the guy who has been around for atleast 7 years. He worked hard and there is no better candidate for his position. Hamza is an amazing person.
      4. AQ has proved himself in the most difficult division, Global Shared Services. AQ as a person is a gem. He is like Balotelli :)

      Hats off to all you hard workers.
      Haters will hate.
      Please try to bring a positive argument here and pointless/baseless allegations will just be ignored.

      Pakistan ZIndaabaad, Telenor Zindabaad.
      Ao kar dikhayen.

      • Telenor Employee

        I think Imran Fazal and Hamza are good competent resources who take stand for the entire organization and should not be blamed as such. Umair Shamsi could only utter what Shoaib had to say. He is quite a yes boss man and would go to any limit to justify the ridiculous decisions taken by his mentor Shoaib. Wake up Umair before its too late!

        • Old Employee

          I’m sure the management will decide his fate too. I still feel that he is competent, that is my opinion. Your opinion is noted and respected.
          Allah is watching.

      • Mango people

        AQ has proved himself by firing people in GSS. you are also very funny :D
        Please suggest him to wear decent clothes. (Desi bandaar te Walayti chekhaan)

  • Telenor’s well wisher

    Please hire the Nayab Baig to revitalize the TP.

    • Old Employee

      Nayab is a very nice guy. But trust me, he cant do anything here, The company is in maturity stage. Targets are getting tougher to achieve. We cant survive with culture only. Haroon Bhatii was the brains, but he isnt around anymore to help Nayab. Haroon is striving abroad in his challenging positions.
      Let Nayab handle Warid for now.

    • ex-Telenorian

      I am an old Telenorian.

      I was with Telenor for quite some time and have seen the glorious days to Shoaib Baig days.

      In my opinion Shoaib Baig is completely responsible for the deterioration of Telenor Culture. Business Partner model is a wonderful idea and there are various examples of excellent results world wide, but it didn’t came from Shoaib baig. This model was not properly rolled-out and Business partners became “Shah se Ziyada Shah ke Wafadar”.

      Shoaib had many tools for his destructive ideas and the most destructive of all was wrong interpretation of facts to his high ups and Telenor Norway.

      During his time the Turnover of the company was in double digits (over 18%) while the management was reported with 8% or 9%.

      Plus Not to mention the notorious “Bell Curve” which again was not rolled out properly. It was a tool which was used to remove people whom his gang didn’t like.

      I love Telenor and always remember the glorious “Sunhairay Din” days that i have spent with the (n-1) wonderful people.

      Happy Independence Naya Telenor.


      • Old Employee

        So why did you leave Telenor?

        • ex-Telenorian

          To see this news flashes on Pro Pakistani :)

          Actually i didn’t want to be a partner of his wrong actions…

          Plus Mr. Old Employee. I think you should stay out, you are getting every answer on your face.

          • Old Employee

            This is a public forum. I’ll stay for as long as I want.

  • Old Employee

    Bring something productive here. Stop getting personal.

  • Telenor1

    It is purely baseless to talk crap about competent employees such as Shoaib, Imran, Hamza or anyone else just because you were not given any promotion. Try to learn accept the reality that maybe you werent good enough!

    • Old Employee

      I agree with you. But lets not get personal with the incompetent ones either. People, please dont get personal just because you were not promoted.

  • Stone

    The simple fact that employees from apparently one of the top employers in the country have to resort to secret names and personal comments on a public forum about the departure of their HR head, says loads about how the general feeling is and about the divide between HR and the employees.

    HR needs to realize that and bridge the gaps here. The person leaving may have been a really competent employee but those directly affected by his decisions seem to disagree. These comments will continue but off course will reach no conclusion unless there is an effort from HR to see all valid/invalid concerns are addressed.

    • Old Employee

      Mark my words, the best HR head can only make half of the organization happy. Not everyone can be promoted, instead of blaming their own competence or department, they blame the HR head.

      I could write a lot here but you get what I am saying.

      • Stone

        I am not asking HR to promote everyone. All I suggested as an outsider was to address the concerns. As an outsider, I have seen plenty of news about people resigning or moving on from Telenor but I have never seen such flak being thrown at anyone of them. So you can write all you want, to a third party, there seems to an issue that needs to be addressed by HR and that off course doesn’t mean promotions all around. At least you talk to people openly, so they don’t have to utilize such forums to vent their frustrations.

  • aur sunao

    Dear all passionate posters,

    The crust of the matter is, there was a person, good or bad, who is leaving / have left the organization, so first of all its pointless to discuss him anymore, secondly its even more pointless to have for / against arguments on social media about him, what good will come out of that for anyone?

    For those who are sad at him leaving, well thats corporate live and may he get what he deserves hereon.

    For those who are happy at him leaving, party all night, whats stopping you.

    enjoy …. next topic please !!!

    • Still at TP

      Well said Telenor FTE and Old Employee. for the rest, get a life please. Shoaib was an amazing leader, and only those who stayed back unlike the rest of you who couldnt face challenges will know how honest he has been. the first year was rough and he admits to it very openly. the culture is still open and he has responded to all of us when asked about all such allegations very openly and honestly. Also the fact that all of those who left are working somewhere, please note, him leaving wont change anything about your sucky jobs else where!!! So STOP calling yourself EX-TP, we are happy such negativity and sick minded people left Telenor for good.

  • telecomguru

    Disappointed by the quality of discussion and comments focusing so much on petty and personal issues. Every organization from time to time makes the painful decision to let individuals go – based on the feedback from the line or pressure on costs. HR looks like the bad monster because it has to help execute the decision. And VP HR becomes the most hated person. Most of the people on this forum may have been negatively affected – but was it VP HR’s fault – or could it be lack of competence too – a difficult question to answer objectively. Their anger and frustration, while understandable, could be misdirected.

    I have had the opportunity to work with Shoaib and had many heated disagreements – but found him to be a very thorough and competent HR professional. Most of the concepts introduced in the past 3 years are being embraced by leading organizations around the world. With regards to culture, and fit, the debate can go on. But we must also recognize that the culture of the company also changes as it evolves through start up state, to a young company, to a big telecom behemoth that TP now is, The ‘values’ however must remain the same.

    We all have strengths and drawbacks. And leaders will always be judged by the quality of their decisions and impact to the org. We should keep our discussions around those points.

  • Hassan

    I worked for Telenor for over a year. My personal experience there was good. I didn’t get to know Shoaib Baig much as I was just an Executive (infact I never met him) – but I know people generally didn’t like him so this news is no surprise for me. However, I must admit that I am very disappointed by some of the comments made here – some of them getting way too personal. Come on guys, we are professionals – act like one – even if he didn’t act like one himself at some point. Not everyone is to our liking, we have to learn to tolerate and work with different types of people. And when they are gone, we should not be insulting them like this in a public forum.

    • OK


      • Guest

        I think its not fair to put Shoaib Baig on trail when he is gone. We all know what he was!
        The important question is why Telenor waited three and a half years to take an action?

  • BermudaFleet

    BermudaFleet>He is joining shipping company as VPAFF (Vice President away from friends and family) and life of his job is travelling time only because he can’t survive a day with fair working.

  • Asad

    I am appalled by the level of maturity of some of the comments. I personal did not agree with Shoaib and felt the bell curve model along with 75% TDP cut was a huge blunder and left a negative mark on employee’s motivation in general. However, making baseless allegations along with remarks on physical appearance shows complete lack of moral ethics of some of the current/old employees. Kindly learn to express your frustration with better usage of words and sentences. It is what makes you stand out.

    • TelcoCXO

      Asad. 75% TDP cut are consistent with Telenor ethos as a means to differentiate talent and select the best within the best. When you are part of a global group, it helps cross reference and cross fertilize talent across borders. Bell curves are used in organisations to differentiate talent and not to wean out low performers – on the contrary to help to improve their performance and identify weaknesses and opportunities. Ive not come across any talent measurement system in any company that has left all employees happy. An artificially high (100% or so) score earned by all does not help anyone in the long term.

      • Asad

        TelcoCXO. I agree with your argument. The 75% rule and the bell curve models are the norms in the industry and should have worked. However, it required mature TDP process to be in place which was not. The TDP process was there in theory, but the implementation of it was flawed and was mostly based on personal likeness/dislikeness of individual managers. In actual, the KPIs were vague and subjective (though there was an attempt to make them more objective but that is not really possible in most of the areas) and hence it was mostly at manager’s discretion which led to several on the ground issues. Had there been a more reliable (and well respected) performance measurement tool, then the 75% criteria and bell curved would have worked. Shoaib should have fixed the TDP process and then should have moved to the revising of the criterias in my humble opinion.
        Beside, my main concern was the standard of the comments directed against Shoaib. Even though I do not agree with some/most of his professional decisions, I would stand strongly against any of the personal comments directed against him.

  • Aamir

    Ya, i agree to all the comments below..TP was much better before…. people should be professional ….Telenor has many craps around including shoaib baig,jalal ud din abbasi, ….who treat Telenor as their personal property. policies are tweaked for different people as per the needs of individuals heading…. there are reasons for so many people leaving the organization..

  • Aamir

    i think nayyab baig and haroon bhatti were few of very refined people. there was not a single incdent where people in HR were moved from officer to AM level directly…. what examples was he trying to set.

    • Asad alvi

      bullshit i know in Fincon in finance when aamir rashid manager finops masters from preston university was promoted to AM and within 6 months to manager with backing of a mobilinkers group…what a shame… they guy was made manager who cannot even draft an email in correct english….safaarish zindabad in TP

  • Telcoemployee

    A person who doesn’t have good repute overall. HRBP model was a good idea but not implemented successfully. HRBP’s are now puppets in hands of line managers, even most of the people don’t know their HRBP’s. Favoritism & biasness is all time high. apologies folks, people are not able to leave because market doesn’t allow them to, if any opportunity comes people wouldn’t even care to stop for a single min. Great idea for advancements of executives to specialists but failed as in fact that was just a designation changes without any other benefit. Yes! that might not be a fault of a single person but TP culture was truly spoiled during last two to three years.

    Let’s hope for the best as our countries overall economic situation was also spoiled during the same time.

  • Mariam

    i am seriously disappointed with the low level of comments , name calling, comment on physical aspects (midget, ears, ugly) etc on this post … leaving aside who left or why or what he did or did not do; is this our upbringing to do a discussion ? is this the most educated class of our nation ? are these the behavior of people who are most privileged in this country ? we can have our differences on a million things but this is just disgusting. imagine you, or your relatives or kids being called such things on their physical features, how would you feel.

    did the create himself or did God make his physical features. when you comment that God created him ugly, are you claiming that God made you very pretty ? and even if you are pretty what right do u have to call others ugly or a midget. i appeal to whoever manages this website to have an editorial policy and delete the comments which are of such nature.

    you had your differences with the guy .. good for you as its over now and he is gone. now go forward and become the president – or whatever of the company.

  • SachaTelenorian

    All these allegations are right. the part when somebody mentioned shah se zyada shah k wafadar is absolutely true. i have seen injustice happening to people. the secretary which you mentioned works with L&D. we all know it very well that what is her competency level. Jamil from HRSS works and knows more than what she knows about trainings. She was not at all AM material. (No offence to her) it is about the decision of shoaib baig. His brother’s cv was pushed in different departments and Line Manager’s have been asked to interview him. He may be a foreign grad but his skill set was not right but Shoaib made sure that he got hired and he succeeded. Yes HRBP model is actually an excellent model but no thanks to shoaib because he killed it with flying colours. He killed the true essence of that model. HR resources says that HR is a political department. you cannot move forward without doing tc. and i m sorry but to all those people who thinks that he is a great guy, he is not. when we say that professional and personal lives are separate, that is not true. When a person gets power and he misuses that power, it actually shows who that person really is in reality. I have witnessed good, dedicated and competent people leaving the organization. I have also witnessed people becoming victims of bell curve and that was not even justified and they were asked to leave. and now i am also witnessing people calling each other and sharing the happy thought that have you heard shoaib has been asked to leave? and then laughing about it. If he was that great then people should be sad. and i also agree that people have enemies but how could it be possible that almost whole organization is actually happy about shoaib leaving and a very few people (who probably are related to Shaoib baig as the lady mentioned in one of the comments earlier ,) defending him by saying that he is a great guy? his leadership skills sucks. he is horrible as a leader. logon ki badduaen lagi hain. and i am waiting for the moment when the next 2 people would be his corrupt direct reportees. and whoever was saying that umair shamsi is a great hr resource, so my friend one cannot do org design by reading books. the guy knows shit (excuse my french) about HR or org design. but anyways this is the first step and almost all of us (telenorians) are waiting for the rest of the relatives, friends n family ka safaya from tp so telenor will be paak saaf once again. oh and yes Micheal Foley is <3. lots of respect and love for the guy that in a very short time period he took the bestest decision.

  • TelcoCXO

    while it is generally disappointing to see a flurry of comments towards an individual, the encouraging thing for Telenor must be that its current and ex employees feel passionately towards TP. No doubt, it was a good employer, having won numerous awards, and exported so much talent to Telenor Group as well as to other orgnizations both in Pakistan and internationally. And i hope like any learning organization, it learns its lessons and moves on.

  • X-TP

    I do not know if its Shoaib Baig’s fault or not but I have been a victim of the HRBP system,lack of employee trust in HCD which is no more there to protect a junior from victimization of his line. This was once a big Telenor Family but not anymore.

    People like Murtaza Ali Director in financial control is the best example of abuse of these powers and the deaf ears of HRBP and HCD (Ehsan Merchant and Nafeesa) who are always on side of Directors.

    Few examples:

    1-In financial control employee’s motivation is at the lowest level, fear at all time high.

    2- IVC(EES) results are controlled and scored as his wish, those units who do not provide good IVC Score are made an example, as happened to my unit.
    3- TDP is done on his personal like and dislike instead of performance, majority managers views are rejected by his powers, (grand father rule) and HRBP has no input and never challenged him in anyway.
    4- Those not on his “personal like” list are gradually removed by putting them below exp and later asking them to leave or they will be fired by failing them in PIPS. I along with a few other, including Managers like Shahid Rauf, Kamran Saddiq, Shafia Sarwar were victim of his personal vendetta.
    5- No one can dare speak this to HR or Management as he/she will me made an example, send below exp or rotated or involved in compliance case.
    6- Careers of people are at stake as he his making forced rotations within the department without consent of the person being transferred or relevance to their experience or area of interest.

    If someone responsible is reading this, please change Telenor culture to back what it was. I served it for 5 yeears and left with tears… I m happy where I am now and God has made things much better for me, but for my friends back there i feel sorry.

  • Moin

    I think its not fair to put Shoaib Baig on trail when he is gone. We all know what he was! for me the important question is why Telenor waited three and a half years to take an action?

  • Fatima (exTelenorian)

    I have had the privilege to work with Nayab and Shoaib, both. And I must say both have their strengths in a very different genre to start with. At the moment, I am not with TP anymore, but I must say even the “so called” deteriorated culture of Telenor is by far better than all of the organizations in Pakistan.
    Shoaib introduced HRBP model in its’ true essence. It was and still is a success , by far best HRBP model in Pakistan. He brought in a global perspective to TP, excellent expert with hands on knowledge of frameworks policies, all HR functions like Rewards, Recruitment, OD etc. His knowledge is truly amazing and I myself had learnt a lot from him. I truly respect the man and agree with how one person has reiterated the concept of organization life cycle and its standing in the market.
    Shoaib, best of luck for your future endeavours.

    P.S. I am no relative, favourite etc of Shoaib Baig. And Abdul Quddous, Hamza Qaiser, Umair Shamsi and Imran Fazal all have been my colleagues and are amazing HR professionals. I have worked with all and I can vouch for their competence.

    Telenor HR still rocks!!

    • Old Employee

      Well summarized.

    • Ex-TPian

      She is only speaking in his favor because she is one of beneficiaries who got promoted without Merit. Her knowledge of HR was always zero, she was always looking on to the decisions of the managers rather than taking the feedback from the employees. So All Hail Shoaib Baig who made a worthless executive resign as a generalist

  • guestes

    thank God,after three years we finally got relief and management realised this man and his team actually sabotaged entire culture of its requested to CEO please take action against rest of his team as he is not only culprit in HR like mentioned by many here beware from them


    He is the who ruined Telenor open culture because he himself cannot face criticism. Those who worked in TP must remember when he went out of hall on open and direct question in the his early days… Business Partner model BIG failure as he never worked for people but for his bosses… Please go and check Telenor ranking in the industry as of today. Why lot of TP people joining Warid and Zong ? I think next step shall be to get rid of his friends and family people in TP.

    • Asad alvi

      Plz include name of Naisa Ahmed in above list…

  • any

    All OSS policies are also a way to favor the people the management like. if you will ask a drop for place other than home, because of genuine reasons they might say NO to you but a few females will be given drop ,policy tweaked as OSS guys want it. The policies are just meant to be manipulated. there are many rude people like waqas aman ullah, who can be saved by their managment …. such people are considered to be promoted to director positions to manipulate people around them..

  • dUke

    The employee turnover rate is on all-time high for Telenor all in his era. When an employee leaves, they either cancel that post or hire a contractual instead so that lesser salary and lesser benefits have to be given. This was NEVER a culture in TP before he was hired.

    Apart from that, he did introduce some innovative policies like vitality and e-learning etc.

    However, I would agree to the fact that he is a gentleman when you meet him in person.

    But my overall opinion about him is still negative because he broke many hearts during his tenure due to policies formulated by him.

    • Old Employee

      Compare this to the market. Costs are being reduced all over. We cant live in fairyland all our lives.

  • Shahzad

    Culture eats strategy for breakfast, there was no check and balance on
    how these global HR tools were being utilized. Being a people manager I
    can easily exploit these performance management tools, whom to put on top or at bottom of curve is at
    my discretion and no one can question me. Bell curve has serious flaws
    and its been already rejected by some of the leading global firms.
    is a better way of down sizing, by telling truth and not deceiving
    employees through the so called performance review system. Like Telenor Norway did,
    their shareholders wanted to increase profitability, same was clearly
    communicated to employees that we are going to cut 10% of workforce and
    employees were rightfully offered severance package.
    If a VP HR or any one with similar mentality
    believes that he can meet this own personal KPIs of saving company’s
    money by forcing people leave through bell curve, he should be the one
    leaving the organization in the first place.

    • Old Employee

      What would you be following here? Its easy to criticize..
      How would you have gone about it?

  • Amna

    Everybody violating CoC here. guys please be professionals!

    • Asad alvi

      what COC………..wake up

  • TelcoCXO

    it appears that most of the comments of here have been put in by past, current, or future employees of Telenor. There can be a difference of opinion on VP HR. But apparently there is a lot of consensus on how good Telenor was and can be. By airing dirty laundry in public and taking personal attacks on some of the existing employees, are you now destroying the very culture that you hope to preserve and improve. Have the guts, take it with your line manager, or all the way to the CEO. You deserve to be heard but be a professional about it.

    • Old Employee

      If they were professional, they wouldn’t be writing about people here.
      As you sow, so shall you reap.. This will happen to them too in sha Allah.

    • telcoemployee

      100% agree, but from this you can also take one thing in consideration that people are not confidant on your feedback process that’s why they are blaming on open forum. Since, they know they cannot be traced back

  • X-HCD Employee

    Everyone has his/her own opinion regarding his exit but the main point is most of the peoples hurt because of his misuse of power. Anyway now he is no more with Telenor and I personally happy with this as I also resigned just because of him.

    I want to say THANKS to CEO and want to request.

    Now you being VP HCD please investigate all those recruitment/promotion done during his period. If not possible so at least investigate Top Gun hiring/promotions. By doing this it will be clear either these allegations are true or not.

    I personally think at least following hiring/promotion were not on merit.


    As per process to recruit or promote someone that particular position must be advertise but there are many cases where position was not advertise and no formal recruitment process was executed and the person was selected by him that is what frustrate most of the employees and they quit. You can take most recent example of NIDA TINAULI she is promoted as AM but this position wasn’t advertise and no interview was conducted PURE FAVORITISM.

    You also need to check what exactly recruitment team is doing? Where is recruitment director? Is he also a part of all this FAVORITISM?

    • Honest Employee

      You seem like one of Nayab’s incompetent babies.
      Secondment does not require for a position to be advertised. No wonder HCD was going down the drain when you were around. From your tone, it seems that you are from Karachi ;)

    • VeryHonestEmployee

      Please don’t write names of Employees here…… not fair…… and as far as Nida Tinauli is concerned…… do you have any problem with her… she got promoted on totally merit and ……..looks…..



  • Well wisher

    A very welcome step for the company in question, hope the CEO keeps moving for what is best. Staring from the greatest pain area shows the clear intent to make things better, bravo.

  • sinking boatsed

    Telenor is full of shitty people who are blind and deaf and listen & trust the big
    mouths of few people within the department who are not worthy of it. Another
    such example is HUMAYUN SABIR AZIZ of SED. He has completely ruined the culture of SED during his tenure. TDP is done on his personal liking and disliking
    instead of performance, managers views are rejected by him and he forces his
    decisions unto others, and no one challenges him in anyway not even our great
    HR. Those on his “personal like” list are put in to exceeds and are highlighted on every forum as examples when in real they have done nothing exemplary; on the other hand the poor ones working day and night are put into below expectation just to balance the bell curve and later when they get an opportunity within or outside the organization they don’t let them move them. Careers of people are at stake and motivation is at the lowest level as he his making forced rotations within the department without consent of the person being transferred or relevance to their experience or area of interest and by the micromanagement done by him. Whenever IVC/EES is around the corner they start acting and behaving as they are the well-wishers and want to do best for employees when in actual reality is vice versa and they are destroying people’s career it’s just the fear of IVC that makes them pretend to be all good and caring and when this time is over their darma is over too and they are back totheir ugly politics.

    If someone responsible reads this, please do something before it’s too late and telenor loses all the good employees who really want to work and not want to be part of shitty politics.

  • SB

    I am a current employee from Telenor Pakistan (HR Team) and I
    have great respect for every person whose name has been mentioned such as Shoaib,
    Imran, Tahira, Hamza, Abdul Qudoos and Jalal. All of them are gem of resources.
    Their professional competence is beyond excellence in their own respective
    areas and we all respect them a lot. As far as the allegations are concerned,
    only God knows everything and we shouldn’t discuss things to which we aren’t witness
    to. I have also worked with Nayab and he is also a great HR Guru as well along
    with other ex TP employees.

    I would like to add that I am proud of Telenor Pakistan and I
    am proud of everyone who has been working with us in the past and who is still
    working here with us! I own everyone and would continue to do so in the future
    as well.

    For people who are
    pointing fingers at Hamza Qaiser, let me introduce Hamza, He is thoroughly
    competent and has a diverse work experience in HR Operations, HRBP Team &
    now heading rewards function. He is a
    great resource and is considered to be one of the most helpful individuals
    around. He has a great understand of total rewards and policies and is quick to
    provide solutions for the business.

    For people who are pointing fingers at Imran Fazal, let me introduce
    him too…He is a really intelligent human being, even by working majority of his
    professional career in non HR functions, he took no time to settle down in HR.
    Not only did he settle down well but he managed to do a great job in
    establishing HRBP model in Telenor Pakistan. He has great mind and tremendous
    agility. He is as calm as a cucumber and that is his strength. He understands
    the situation and acts accordingly.

    For people who are pointing fingers at Tahira Khattak, let
    me introduce her too. She is one of the best female HR professionals that I have
    ever seen in my life. She has been business partnering with S&D team and
    did an amazing job with their function. She has an amazing stakeholder
    management and knows how to resolve issues that may impact the business. She is
    really confident of her abilities and handled many complex situations while
    working with Sales team. Her HR knowledge coupled with Business understanding
    makes her unbeatable.

    For people who are pointing fingers at Abdul Qudoos, let me
    introduce him too.. He is a very sharp individual with great problem solving
    ability. His rich HR experience and learning agility makes him superior than
    other individuals within his league. He
    is always out to help people which is something that you don’t see much in
    other companies and people. Well…yeah..
    he is funny too ;)

    For people who are pointing fingers are Shoaib…well he is
    the best HR professional I have ever seen…I have learnt a lot from him in terms
    of HR and I would always miss his presence going forward. The amount of work
    that he has done in the past three years has not been done in any organization.
    We had always been on our toes when he used to be around. You just cannot beat
    him on HR…his knowledge on talent, rewards, shared services, business
    partnering etc is just unbeatable.

    For people who are pointing fingers at Jalal, well he is a
    great HR Admin resource. He gets all the things done in no time and no can be
    as quick as him when it comes to coordination and execution of tasks. He also
    has been with the company since the beginning and is a valuable asset of HR

    For people who are pointing fingers at Umair Shamsi, well…he
    is someone who would always bring a diverse perspective to the table which is
    always handy for any leader. His style is that of a consultant which makes him
    very different from others. His communication skills are exceptional and he has
    a proven record of heading rewards & learning function at Telenor Pakistan.

    Lastly…I would like to mention that no one is
    perfect..neither of us are because we all are humans…so lets just be
    professionals and move on!

    Live & Let others Live Too!

    • Telco employee

      Thanks for writing such a looooong response :) Only knows Hamza, he is a good human being and competent .. No doubt he deserve respect. Rest of the people, ALLAH knows better if anyone was not doing justice then he will be treated accordingly

    • Old Employee

      Awesome reply!!!
      Let the people perform. If your allegations are true, they wont be around for long. If they are, you should be put on trial.

  • Sid

    It is only a great decision…….

  • Telenor Employee

    I am a specialist in Telenor but some comments have been pretty low and appear to be quite unprofessional. Shoaib has his strengths and weaknesses and this is what everyone has. Overall I believe he was never suitable for a CXO position at Telenor and damaged the culture of this organisation beyond repair. Merit is distorted completely and so is lack of respect. What was the merit in:
    Director Strategy selection? Abu Bakar is a mere auditor who doesn’t know ABC of strategy.
    Director FS selection? Khurram has a CS background.
    Director Business Planning? Again no background
    And numerous other examples of selections on complete favouritism.
    If all these decisions happen under the rule of vp HCD then it’s good that he is shown the door! I hope the new CEO looks at other positions in detail too.

  • Anonymous

    Completely baseless and false propoganda against Humayun. He is a true professional and I havent seen a better director in TP than him. I dont work in technology but I work with him a lot. Great respect for this person!

  • TP employee

    HI CEO Telenor pakistan, If you want to check the validity of the claims/elegations. check following data…Its easy and very simple to check without any hassle.
    1. Check the AM level people working in Telenor and their previous years of experience. you will come across a few people with 1-3 years experience while a person following HR policies cannot be promoted to AM position so early..there are cases in HR where officer to AM was a direct move… While in other departments we can not even think of it. What example are you setting…recently a person was hired with less than 2 yrs experience as AM..what should old employees do….leave the organization as they are not given fair chance to compete.
    2. Take out IVC scores of last year…People with very poor IVC are working and playing with peoples careers and they are still there as they maintain good terms with directors. They should be trained and guided to handle people and their grievances addressed.
    3. Take out TDP scores. there are many exceed expectations but they didnt get a chance of promotion…. whats their fault? They should move?
    4. Fair chance of trainings,development is not given…
    Managers fav few and they put others in a very awkward position with no option other than to leave so what is HR doing here. They are just obligining directors and Managers rather than handling peoples concerns……

    • English Teacher


  • Pioneer

    Congratulations Telenor! the worst is over now. Celebrate this historical decision by CEO. I spent almost 9 years with Telenor and never seen this vibrant organization loosing its values so badly then in the last three years during Shoaib tenure. He literally tarnished colorful environment of Telenor Pakistan. Jon Eddy Abdullah himself confessed that hiring Shoaib was his biggest mistake. Shoaib was a true Hypocrite, would always be harping about the values and people as the biggest asset of Telenor but would never follow those values himself. He would never stand a person disagreeing with him. Professionally he was a looser and caused so many people with joblessness. But Allah is great and shows “what goes around comes around”. He must have had 1-1 meeting with a lot of people whom he forced to resign, i wonder how he must be feeling when he would be sitting 1-1 with the CEO being asked to resign. Issi leya kehtay hain kay “Kar Bhala Tay Ho Bhala”.

    • Telenor Employee

      A real hypocrite! He would not compromise on the fencing around his house, his expensive land cruiser but would raise hue and cry over employee benefits.

  • Sid

    Most of all….. he changed the policy for an officer and promoted her on AM position…. that lady had no prior education in HR which was the requirement for the HR Officer position but she got hired…………. and then they morons promoted her on the assistant manager position……. the first and only example till date…….. if they really hired on merit then there will be more officers in the organisation promoted as AMs……. also the most blossom and favored girl the great Fatma Farid….. wow…… everybody knows hoe she got the visibility…..

  • Usman

    His latest stint was that of allowing an auditor become Director Strategy without any background whatsoever… I mean seriously where does this happen?? This guy knows nothing about strategy and how it’s formulated….with so many experienced and capable people in Telenor this selection was beyond comprehension and clearly based on favouritism. All it did was made TP a laughing stock in the industry and made employees demotivated.

  • hr exposed

    There cannot be a higher level of dis trust shown in a HR dept then the employees finding an anonymous forum the best place to get their message through, and all that those defending it have to offer is more badmashi and the call to come through the process everybody is highlighting made everything worse at the first place combined with their total lack of competency or even personal integrity. What a shame

  • I don’t think the issue was with competence of the person, i think it had more to do with being a cultural misfit…& how this can lead to employee dissatisfaction, specially in the position of Head of HR.

  • Asad alvi

    100% agreed on above remarks …this is what Financial control FINCON still is….murtaza is badshah salamat and few wazir and many touts….new CEO must investigate on murtaza ali psyche and psyche of his likers. he love his praisers who smoke with him actually he got promoted to a level which he could not imagine for his life…he kicked off his competitors like Shahid rauf and kamran sadiq in a very bad way and accused them. Then he made a looser manager incompetent Aamir Rashid in a completely grouping style…what a shame

  • Another Ex TP

    Shoaib met his fate. Best of luck to him. Telenor should hire Ali Raza Mehdi now.

  • shahzad ul haq

    Telenor Pakistan lucky to have people Like Nayab Biag and Shoaib Baig.
    We really wish Shaib Great Luck in PTI for NAYA PAkistan. Imran needs people like you.
    Shahzad ul haq

  • sufyan

    I simply cannot believe that the most respected telecom company who’s examples are given in HR excellence has employees with so much venom and immaturity. Truly damaging regarding customer base who are reading all this.

  • Sid

    Simply astonishing, the comments
    supporting Shoaib are by far the worst anybody can read working in Telenor at
    the moment. Only the ones who get the desired results are happy and will remain
    happy. Simply where the FCUK you see an officer becoming an AM, he made Abeeda
    Haroon the AM. Let’s assume he changed it for the betterment of the
    organization then why nobody else after her becomes an AM. He makes a fraud and
    definitely gets a commission by having his desired insurance company onboard
    i.e. Asia Care. Yes we are grateful that Telenor is an amazing organization the
    best in the business no doubt about it. But one person personal interests makes
    life difficult for us.

    Forced bell curve hit everyone
    and hit big time, hiring people before the position announcement and then run a
    fake process…. This was never the part of the culture….. at the end he left for
    good and better for the employees currently working there…. Hopefully they get
    the right person

  • Hatim Ali

    telenor bad sarvce?

  • Irfan Arif

    he join PTI that is gOod!

  • Emoon

    Mein telenor k customer care officer se bat krney kaleay 3 din masalsal call krta rha but ghnta ghnta call chalti rhi wait pe kisi ne pic nhi ki nahi, jab k dosry network jasy mobilink 111 pe call usi wakt receive ki jati ha telenor ki saholiat gazishta salon ki nisbat is saal boht bad hn
    saboot by pic kisis ne call pic nahi 345 namiday ko call ki thi aak 45 min k bad mn ne kud cut kr di 2nd 22 min k bad mn ne kud cut kr di

  • Emoonch

    Is k siwa mn ne telenor cricket quiz mn 100 fisd hr sawal ka sahi jawab dia kafi balnce zaya krny k baad b koi msg masool nahi hua k ap ne win kia ha ya nahi ya kisi or ne win kia ha ,jb k sb se zayda jawaab deney waly ko 1 lac prize dia jae ga asa kaha gya tha 2020 pe massage k answer deney waley ko ,boht zayda bewaqoof bana rahy hn balky looot rhy hn awaam ko telenor waly ,salo mn ne hr sawal ka sahi jawab dia magr inaam ye mila k hr msg ka 5tex mujhe hi ada krna para ganda gatia network i hate telenor