Which iPhone Model was Most Innovative? [Infographic]

Apple’s iPhone is arguably is the most innovative device in recent year. iPhone, theoretically, packed the MACs in a device that was much smaller, mobile and equipped with cellular technology. Before iPhone, no one had ever wondered that we could do our businesses, entertainment and communication while on the go with the touch of fingers.


Suddenly and conveniently we started browsing internet, made presentations, used Desktop Like apps and OS on our phones, and while on the go.

We are not establishing that iPhone has remained top innovator during the later iterations as well. In fact some critics believe that Apple will have to be more innovative to keep selling good number of devices in years to come.

Below is the list of innovations that iPhone brought to the consumers.  Check the infographic yourself:


Via Finances Online


  • I have been a regular reader of Propakistani & I must say that this is probably one of the best written blog on Propakistani. Hats off to the writer

    • “Best written blog” .. well, yes because it hasn’t been written by a
      ProPakistani writer. (No hard feelings please.)

      Via Finances Online – it says.

  • Why do we have only 3 comments on such a good article, so relevant and cutting edge of innovation and technology. Do we have the right customer group at ProPakistani, or is it just disgruntled employees who write comments only to complain about employers

    • Well, what kind of comments were you expecting to read?

      I mean, even look at your comment, it is not about the ARTICLE itself, it is about the other commenters. Not even relevant to the article

      • good point Shahid. We can all learn :) i was expecting users to give comments whether apple has lived to the hype of being an innovative leader – and leading that battle compared to its peers. My opinion.. Apple undoubted leads in the design element, but missed on the bigger screen for way too long. Not to mention absence of widgets which gives users more flexibility in customizing their phones. Even in design HTC One M8 is probably going to beat iphone6.

  • Now apart from a bigger screen, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have ZERO innovations :D. GO crazy apple fan boys.

  • Is this a joke? Since when is shooting videos and front facing camera considered innovation? And I’m sorry but under iPhone 4, “Micro SIM to expand storage”? Also apparently having colored phones in 2013 is innovation. What about all those colorful Nokia phones released since 2011? Can’t believe this silly infographic got a whole article to itself. At least do some research before publishing such absurdity ProPakistani.

  • iOS itself was and is a humongous innovation the Tech has seen EVER! (after Macintosh off course) the figures like JOBS & Wozniak are scarce these days..

  • Apple iPhone is the only branded phone in the world, from OS to Processor and now with Hexa core motion processor for gaming, hats off to Apple, no brand can beat it, in other words Bandar kya jaane Apple ka maza

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