#Bendgate: The Bending iPhone 6 and The Internet

It has not been a good week for Apple. Instead of positive media coverage and people talking about the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the focus has been on ‘Bendgate’ and other mishaps like a botched iOS 8 update in the wake of the launch of the new devices.

It all started when Unbox Therapy decided to do a video based on some reports that the iPhone 6 Plus was bending in the pockets of owners, and found that it was indeed the case. Two more videos followed which showed that the screens were prone to being shattered if you tried to straighten out the bend and the chief competition: Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3, HTC One M8, Nokia 1020 and others fared much better in the ‘bend test’.

The response from smartphone manufacturers, other companies and the internet in general has been hilarious. Piggybacking on a viral trend, everyone has tried to get in on the action at Apple’s expense.

Overall, all of the negative coverage just goes to show that Apple is no longer the infallible company it once was. Here are a few of the best responses to ‘Bendgate’.













Earlier this morning, Apple broke its silence over the controversy. An Apple spokeswoman said,

“With normal use, a bend in iPhone is extremely rare and through our first six days of sale, a total of nine customers have contacted Apple with a bent iPhone 6 Plus”.

Considering the company sold more than 10 million devices over the weekend, the manufacturing defects seem to be isolated incidents rather than commonplace occurrences. Nevertheless, Apple invited media personnel to tour their testing facility, presumably to placate the relentless bad press.

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  • Tàhír Mëhmõõd

    Haha bendable dispaly… wow

  • Uzair Farooqi

    I think if they have a flawless system and all the Q&C measures than why those 9 handset were vulnerable to bending? I saw on a website that Iphone 6 total costs of parts is 200$
    But they are taking 5-6 times of it because its name is Iphone.

    • SpeedBreaker

      You’ve forgot the iOS future software updates, Apple Support, Manufacturer’s cost, their cost of shipping in stores etc. And yes there might be 100$ for the brand itself ;)

  • SpeedBreaker

    These days android fans and Samsung giving more attention to iPhone 6 than Apple, lol

    • Eli Ehsan

      OffCourse! what’s new tech they have in Android to focus their attentions to. :D

  • Amir


  • jawadahsen

    At Apple we call this feature “” Bendability “” It’s like Magic

  • Zaki Uddin

    LOL, internet nailed apple XD

  • M. Salman

    hahaha hilarious article, good work (y)

  • Apple Bad PR

    Horrible response by Apple. By stating that only “9” people have had issues, they are opening flood doors for complaints and bad publicity. Now that number will exponential grow along with videos and bashing.

    • Umer

      So an independent entity has done the tests. Consumer reports has tested and shown that it’s all a propaganda against Apple and that the phones would require a lot of force to bend them.

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    Anoher secret feature from apple, new iphones are bendable :)

  • Adeel

    is it a feature or fault in iphone 6?

  • Yasir Mahmood

    Truly Funny for Poor EPPLE

  • guest

    Price tag of above one hundred thousands & you can break your device with your own hands?
    bull shitt