Zong Officially Launches its 4G LTE Network in Pakistan

Zong has officially launched its 4G LTE services in Pakistan just moments ago through a launch ceremony held in PC Hotel Karachi. With this Pakistan gets the latest wireless broadband technology to join the league of 76 countries having LTE networks.

Dr. Fan Yunjun, CEO, China Mobile Pakistan, Dr. Zhao Peng, Chief Commercial Officer of CMPak, Mr. Sajid Mehmood, Chief Network Officer and Chief Regulatory Officer, Mr. Niaz A Malik, CIO and Corporate Chief Sales and Strategy were present at the launch ceremony.

Dr-FanDuring his keynotes, Dr. Fan said that Zong’s technical and commercial teams are all prepared to launch 4G LTE services in seven cities during the first phase.

Below are seven cities where, according to Zong’s CEO, 4G services will be available immediately:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta

Dr. Fan said that Zong will inject 1 billion dollars in Pakistan over the span of three to four years. He said that his company aims to add 4,000 new cell sites to the network by year end. He explained that 4G, 3G and even 2G networks will be expanded over the time.

Zong’s CEO said that his company is committed to build the strongest digital ecosystem in the country to get the best out of next-gen mobile networks.

Dr. Fan revealed that Zong has already added 866,000 3G customers on its network.

On its first day of launch, Zong’s 4G network footprint spans around seven cities in the country with strongest network in Lahore where it is likely to face tough competition from Warid, another contender that has plans to start 4G LTE services with-in two weeks from now.

Not to mention, Zong has 4G coverage maps of only five cities on the website.

Zong had bought spectrums for 3G and 4G bands earlier this year in an spectrum auction held by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority.

Not to mention, ProPakistani had already published the details about Zong’s 4G packages and coverage maps of Zong’s 4G Network for five cities.

Customers Need to Get 4G Enabled SIMs

Those Zong customers who reside with-in the 4G coverage areas and want to use Zong’s 4G network will have to get 4G enabled SIM. We are told that these SIMs will be available at customer care centres starting next week, however, you can also order a SIM replacement by visiting Zong’s website.

Zong 4G Packages

According to details we have got, Zong will be offering below five 4G packages:

  • Monthly Premium 2GB: Rs. 350 per month
  • Monthly Premium 4GB: Rs. 650 per month
  • Monthly Premium 10GB: Rs. 1500 per month
  • Monthly Premium 20GB: Rs. 2500 per month
  • Monthly Premium 30GB: Rs. 3500 per month

Please Note:

  • You can subscribe to one of these 4G-enabled bundles to activate 4G services.
  • The 4G-enabled bundles can be subscribed by both prepaid & postpaid subscribers.
  • The 4G enabled bundles can be used in 4G, 3G & 2G areas.

How to Subscribe: 

  • Prepaid Customers: Dial *6464# to activate 4G-enabled bundles
  • Postpaid Customers: Dial *7788# to activate 4G-enabled bundles

Hybrid Bundles

There are two more hybrid bundles offered by Zong. Monthly data limit on these hybrid bundles is 2GB and 4GB, while they offer unlimited on-net calling and 500 SMS a day. Both bundles are priced at Rs. 599 and Rs. 799 per month respectively.

For Further Reading

Zong has planned a fashion show later in the evening to celebrate the launch of Zong’s 4G network.

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    • Yes I am waiting for them too :) And I am 100% sure that their quality will be awesome ! but it will be expensive!

    • I think these are the same rate, no? I just ported to Zong last week and a 4GB monthly package for 3G is also Rs. 650.

      • Which network did you port from and what’s the difference in call connectivity, quality, hand overs, data, etc?

        • I ported over from Warid. Call quality is comparable, though I use my device for non-voice communications primarily.

    • Zong 3G and 4G bundle rates are almost same with the exception that there are two extra packages on 4G with maximum bandwidth of 30GB. 1GB monthy costs Rs. 250 for Zong 3G and 2GB monthly costs Rs. 350.

  • Congratulations Zong Management for attractive and cheap data packages.But please maintain quality as it will play pivotal role in growth.

  • i think all telecoms companies has launched 3G Services i shall appreciate if you share comparison of monthly bundles which can help users to choose best package & company as per their requirements.

    • At start, when consumers will be less in respective BTSs, average download speed should be more than 45 Mbps.This download speed will make this product more attractive in market.However with increase in customers, more technical infrastructure upgradations will have to be carried out by Zong for maintaining quality and average download speeds.

  • The 3G packages can also be used for 4G .. as the 4G packages given on zong website also show the same packages as 3G..

    • Carrier subsidised phones on two year contract? Except its almost impossible to enforce the contract here so not likely.

      • though every other installment shop is selling mobiles on installment.
        almost impossible to enforce?? are you talking about 1973 ka aaien jisy abhi tak enforce nhi kiya geya??

  • “On its first day of launch, Zong’s 4G network footprint spans around seven cities in the country ”

    Naam bata dain in cities ka to meherbani ho gi.

    • Main aap ko janta bhi nhi ho lakin phr bhi naam bta rha ho….

  • Alas everybody is expanded their network. But yesterday I was in Saddar Rawalpidni where we used to get 3G signal but found no 3G signal in Saddar. Instead so called 2G signal was too very weak. Can anyone tell me why mobilink rolled back its service in Saddar Rawalpindi.

  • Could you please elaborate on whether Zong will be using TD-LTE or FD-LTE? Also, the LTE band being deployed on?

  • Packages Are Expensive !
    Should Lower Prices And Give GB’s Per Month !
    2 Gb is Like 1 Hour’s Game :P

  • Almost zong invest much investment among in all but
    Still zong expand their network in 8 cities after 6 month
    In other side same time Telenor expand in 32 cities
    So this mean telenor is going 4 time faster than Zong
    When zong will capable to reach in 32 cities
    Telenor will expand in whole country including azad kashmir

    Shame for zong people should wait 5 year
    For 4g in this situation

    • Lol, telenor coverage is just a illusion, covering just a chunks of cities,, where as zong provides velvet coverage, and not to mention higher speeds too!

      • i agree with you zaki, i love the coverage of Zong, even i got 3g signal in some area of Shahdara, Lahore

    • I don’t get Telenor or Ufone 3G coverage inside my house. And I live in a major sector in Islamabad.

      While Zong also provides indoor 3G coverage.

      Going to get my sim LTE Sim today.

    • I only get zong reception here in rwp so only zong is providing quality and coverage in areas they are covering.

  • Can any 1 describe 4g coverage in karachi wrt zong provided map on website? I don’t understand map on zong’s website. There are red, green and blue areas, which is coverer and not?

  • I went to Blue Area Zong HQ to get a 4G sim. Called the helpline to ask if they were available, and they said yes.

    When I got there. They told me that they don’t have them I stock they’re going to get them on the 2nd of October.

    What a disappointment. It’s especially difficult to drive around Islamabad these days.

  • No new 4G SIMs whole karachi’s main zong C.S.S & franchises.. Really Pathetic service :( so why are they offering new 4g services???

  • I Got a 4GLTE SIM but my package is employee special so 4G cannot be activated now :( ZONG is actually working on employee special packages :(

  • here is my Speed test from UAE near Burj Khalifa just remember this its the most busiest place so this is the average speed I’m getting, going to post 4G lte once I’m home from Sharjah

  • here is my Speed test from UAE near Burj Khalifa just remember this its the most busiest place so this is the average speed I’m getting, going to post 4G lte once i reached sharjah

  • here is my Speed test from UAE near Burj Khalifa just remember this its the most busiest place so this is the average speed I’m getting, going to post 4G lte this afternoon

  • Horrible coverage so far. Hardly getting 4G in f7, not getting it anywhere else….
    Get them for a few seconds in f8 markaz and hardly for a few seconds in g11 markaz

  • Has anyone got the zong 4G replacement sim? I requested the sim on zong’s website and visited their islamabad csc on 27th and today, the 30th. However couldn’t get a nano sim since my zong no is a converted no!

    • I didnt get the sim from Islamabad but I visited Rawalpindi office and got the SIM from there :)

  • But where are the speed test results? how much speed dose the users getting on ZonG 4G LTE in Islamabad?

      • Where? I can’t see…

        Another problem I am facing that my phone iPhone 4s gets only 0.50 mbps in 3G. When I reset my settings from Zong Services Center, it’s start getting 6,7 mbps. after few minutes wapis under .50mbps pay ajati hay… i don’t know whats wrong with it. I have changes my sim jacket as well as the handset. the problem is only with my number. even my phone is giving over 4,6 mbps download speed on another zong sim i tested on same device.

  • I got my 4g sim but cudnt connect to 4g I am in Lahore. My phone supports 4g but still it connects 3g. Poor service

  • My Galaxy S5 SM-G900F is unable to connect to 4G LTE of Zong even after subscribing 4G bundle and standing right inside the coverage area. APN used is cmpaktapn

  • Zong bohot menga hai, mobilink 5gb surf 60 ruppes mein deh raha ha, aur ufone 50gb surf 5 rupess mein surf night packeg main,,, so zong aur warid bhi kohee aacha sa peckeg deh

  • A.O.A Kindly guide me latest information of being independent and devloped.

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