Zong 4G Packages Get Leaked Ahead of Launch

After publishing the coverage maps of Zong’s 4G network, we have now the details about Zong’s 4G packages with us already – i.e. before the official launch ceremony of Zong’s 4G network.


According to details we have got, Zong will be offering below five 4G packages:

  • Monthly Premium 2GB: Rs. 350 per month
  • Monthly Premium 4GB: Rs. 650 per month
  • Monthly Premium 10GB: Rs. 1500 per month
  • Monthly Premium 20GB: Rs. 2500 per month
  • Monthly Premium 30GB: Rs. 3500 per month

30GB data might sound too little for 20Mbps speeds of LTE network (or more), but considering the data limits of other wireless broadband service providers, we believe that Zong’s 4G packages are here to give PTCL’s EVO a tough competition.


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While Warid’s 4G is about to see the light of the day in two weeks from now, one can expect some kind of fluctuation in above mentioned Zong 4G packages.

Not to forget, these 4G packages aren’t official and must not be considered as a final word.

Just in case if you are wondering, source of these 4G packages from Zong is a shortcode on Zong’s network through which customers will be able to subscribe to 4G packages.



From earlier leaks we know that Zong will be launching its 4G network in following five cities:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad
  • Quetta
  • Peshawar

If you want to see exact coverage map of Zong’s 4G network just head towards this URL and see the coverage maps yourself.

Before we conclude, a launch ceremony for Zong’s 4G is about to start in 30 minutes from now.

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  • after revealing affordable 4g data plans, now we are waiting to have affordabale 4g enabled phone too from zong

  • these networks has to keep in mind that ptcl dsl has reached most of the cities and towns of pakistan and most of the people who need internet at home or offices are already using ptcl dsl for the said purpose. if these new 3G and 4g operators wish to grab customers from ptcl they will have to lower their prices and increase the cap upto 100GB atleast.

    • Dude, 3G and 4G is not for a permanenet use, Its an alternative, a secondary way to use internet. primary will stay as dsl or wimax.

    • I think zong will come up with unlimited* data plans soon, for network like zong bandwidth isn’t a prob. Remember they use to offer unlimited edge for 10 Rs/daily on prepaid.

      • There is a huge difference between EDGE and 3G/4G dude.. Waiting desperately for a speed test of their 4G :)

        • well that’s obvious, my point here is that BANDWIDTH isn’t a prob for commies (china mobile). If PTCL can offer 75 gigs for 2 years on wireless and in that monopoly. Lets wait and see they fall for quality or Quantity. I guess for bloody ZONG its QUANTITY.

      • There will be no Unlimited plan on 3G/4G at least untill 50/100mbps internet speeds will be considered like a dial-up of past in future.

  • Quality matters much.If you get superior download speeds at these rates, these are amazing packages.

  • 4G lunched by Zong, today. And i am using with Zong Sim, Becus if you ant to use to Zong 4G, you must first buy new Zong Sim.

  • Official Rates are available at topthisweek,com website. They are claiming that they have official rates and plans of Zong 4G and they vary from yours.

    • Ya lo yar .. dekh loo screenshot ! pathetic 4G :( I was really happy with ZONG’s 3G :( They have really disappoint me with their LTE :(

  • What’s more important is delivery of the services in standardised manner. This means commitment by the company for the necessary infrastructure in adherence to the 4G/LTE duly endorsed by the regulatory authority. Before advertising the product the service provider Mobile Company should have in hand a LOI or Commencement Certificate for 4G/LTE in the defined areas. Without which they will not enter into a contractual binding with the customer, and charge them. It should be entirely free, un-commital, as there could be possible outages, break downs and many things. The other major issue is the infrastructure of 4G/LTE will drain the handset battery very quickly. I suggest the regulator being the licensing authority, the beneficiary of the Pie for spectrum auction should protect the consumer from absence of a Code of Conduct of Advertising. The Code of Conduct for Advertising has given loss for billions of Rupees to naive consumer, citizens of Pakistan from the Pre-Paid Cards which went bank rupt and people of this country common man beared the loss for billions of rupees. No one came to rescue, neither the regulatory authority, nor the Financial Regulator SBP, nor the SECP. Only the KSE members and holders of the Callmate suffered losses for share value could be billions. Today mobile companies advertise services and extract prepaid cards without any liability for any authority to protect the naive buyer of the prepaid card. Is there an answer to this?

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