Zong 4G Coverage Maps Get Leaked

The alleged coverage maps of Zong’s 4G services have been leaked ahead of its official launch. For those who don’t know, Zong is going to launch its 4G services later in the day today.

Zong’s 4G coverage maps – that are marked with areas and locations that will have 4G services at the time of launch – were leaked through Zong’s official website. A ProPakistani reader who found the directory listing of particular folder containing 4G coverage maps shared these maps with ProPakistani.


Maps are originally stored in KMZ format (Google Earth Files) and they contain the specific locations of 4G covered areas. Additionally, these files also contains exact location of cell sites that are 4G ready and can be shifted to 4G network with-in no time.

As per the coverage maps of Zong’s 4G service, it is believed that Zong will launch its 4G services with at least five following cities:

  • Islamabad
  • Rawalpindi
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Faisalabad


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If maps are to be believed than Lahore has extensive 4G coverage, while Karachiites might struggle with 4G signals.

Posh sectors of Islamabad are almost covered, while small chunks in Rawalpindi will have 4G service at the time of the launch. Bahria Town Rawalpindi is however fully covered by Zong 4G.

Faisalabad is slightly touched with 4G coverage, with a hope that more areas will come under 4G coverage soon.

Check below the maps yourself.





Bahria Town – Rawalpindi








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  • Nouman Younas

    Karachi Map is pathetic…. many major areas are missing…

    • Muhammad Bilal Khan

      But Thanks to Zong Clifton is included :D

    • Zaki Uddin

      some months before we hadnt EDGE every where, now 4G just reached, still we can say it pathetic XD

  • Ahmed Habib

    I am not even using 3G then why this 4G? I am enjoying 5mb connection on wifi which is unlimitted free, thanks to PTCL!!

    • Fakhre Alam

      am not sure what forced you to comment here?

      • Jaguar

        I think his (Ahmed Habib’s) comment is the dumbest one that I have ever read regarding 3G/4G!

        • Fakhre Alam

          yeah LOL. his comment doesn’t make any sense unless he’s a ptcl employeee

          • Strong Clix

            mai ne kingzone z1 buy kiya hy aur zong 4g sim b le hy per 4g chal nae raha hy signal k sath 3g likha ata hy mai ne seting se 4g enable b kiya hy per nae ho rha.kya mujy bata skty ho k signal k sath 4g q nae araha hy

            • Fakhre Alam

              whats ur location?

            • Fakhre Alam

              also i would like u to share ur experience with me regarding kingzone z1. battery timing, camera quality, how long the battery takes to charge from 0 to full.

        • teleman

          well Ahmed is right for a home connection and for the whole family to use, a dsl via wifi is enough. Most of us download and stream while we are in home or even in office. The percentage of time we are out is low . So 3g/4G is for people on the go. For most home users DSL is enough if its working.

      • tabish

        Dude, PTCL offering 8mb DSL for Rs. 3000 but I am happy using 2 MB of Wi-tribe wireless connection

        • Fakhre Alam

          you failed to get my point :-p . i know ptcl is even offering 50Mbps.

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      Jo chez app ko nai chaye woh sare chezin band kar dein?

    • MaDDY

      Just take a one try of zong 3g only and i’m sure u will definitely forget this 5mb

  • Zaki Uddin

    Exciting!!!! :D

  • Usman Sabir

    kisi ne test kia to idr screenshots de de yaroooo

    • MaDDY

      This is a speed test of zong 3g haven’t tested 4g yet

      • Muhammad Muaavia

        bhai ap ny kis area main check kiya hai

    • M


      • Muhammad Muaavia

        bhai ap ny kis city main check ki hai

        • زکریا

          حضرو اٹک
          پنجاب کا آخری ضلع

          • Muhammad Muaavia

            main waisa main rehta hun ap ko kis jaga 4G LTE k signal mil rahe hain hazro main

            • زکریا

              محلہ عبدل میں . لیکن صرف ایل ٹی ای سیٹ پر هی آتا هے. سگنل کیجگہ 4جی آ جاتا ہے

              • Muhammad Muaavia

                ok sukriyua hamre area mainZong 3G k signal aarahe hain laiken weak hain kya Hazro main Zong k 3G signal aate hain

                • Muhammad Zakaria

                  ٣ جی تو کی روز سے آ رہی ہے انتہائی اچھی سپیڈ ہے

                  • Muhammad Muaavia

                    kitni speed aarahi hai?

                    • Muhammad Zakaria

                      ڈیلی موشن اور سکائپ بلکل صحیح پلے ہو رہی ہے باقی سپیڈ چیک نہیں کی ہے

  • fendi

    What’s the point when they can’t even deliver the sims to their customers. Just sad!!!

  • test

    no offence, speed test is not an issue. Issue with most of operators including zong is consistently providing speed is an issue.

    • Zain

      But test I think Warid will compromise on its voice services.

      • test

        @Zain: Do not worry, every thing is planned and aligned ;-). Just stay connected. Ericsson is always on top.

  • I am getting an option of 4G in my area, so I guess its time to get a 4G SIM :D #Lahore

    • Ahmad

      what phone u have
      suggest me good and economical 4G phone

      • Fakhre Alam

        moto g 4g. qualcomm is going to release a low price chipset which will have native support of 4g as well as quadcore processor and the target will be mid range phones.

      • Zong is launching their own 4G phone next week.

  • Eli Ehsan

    #Yawn!! nothing shocking about the “EXPOSE” of the sights. would’ve been more BREAKING if it stated TANDO BAGO or UMARKOT as the launch sights.

  • Guest

    Zong 4G bundles prices not available yet

  • زکریا

    کبھی کبھی همارے علاقے میں بهی 4 جی کے سنگلز آتے ہیں حضرو اٹک

    • Muhammad Muaavia

      Ap kis Village main rehte hain

  • Only my university is covered in korangi Karachi. :P

    • monis

      yup onlu cbm

  • Hassan00107

    Zong 4G bundles prices not confirm

  • “Shellshock” bug :)

  • Muhammad Mashhood Iqbal

    4G packages of Zong
    2GB 350/month
    4GB 650/month
    10GB 1500/month
    20GB 2500/month
    30GB/ 3500/month

    • Muhammad Musa Raza

      they should make 30 gb package cheap then ptcl to take their customers

  • Muhammad Ashraf

    wrong, how come 4g packages are cheap than 3g?

  • orse

    When is 4g coming, already 27th september!

  • ali

    wtf khi major areas are missing

  • Guest

    Anyone with 4g sim can use it now. Rates are pretty good.

  • Guest

    Anyone with 4g sim can use it now. Rates are pretty good…..

  • Geekpk

    3g and 4g have same rates.

  • jmalik84

    zong4g packages

    Montly 2 [email protected] 350
    Montly 4 Gb 650
    Montly 10 [email protected] 1500
    Montly 20 [email protected] 2500
    Montly 20 [email protected] 3500

  • monis

    bohut fit coverage hia karachi may yar . not bad for starting :D

  • Naveed

    Its already 27th September , any update on ZONG’s 4G ? @aamir7:disqus

  • Oops :) That’s Good

  • Hadi

    Dumb question … But still , has it started yet , any reviews thinking of moving to zong

  • We Peshawaris are still out, :(

  • Rizwan mughal

    hamaray sailkot ma zong 4g or na 3g ha ibe

  • kiyo batao

    zong firod karta ha app is firod mai shamil na ho please