Fire in PTCL Exchange Disrupts Landline and Broadband Services in Lahore

A PTCL exchange on Mall Road Lahore – which is said to be the backbone of company’s DSL services in the city – caught fire late last night at around 2AM, reported local TV channels.

After fire was briefly controlled by fire fighters, the massive fire erupted again at or around fourth floor of PTCL exchange that engulfed the entire building and surroundings till the morning of Sunday.

Rescuers are busy in extinguishing the fire and clearing the building. According to rescue high-ups, no life was lost however material damage can be in millions of rupees.

Early reports suggest that landline and DSL Broadband services are facing disrupting throughout the city.

According to “The News” as many as 45,000 telephone lines and almost 25,000 internet connections were disconnected due to the fire. Rescue 1122, Edhi helpline and other state call centres were also down due to the incident.

According to PTCL officials, the restoration of service in Lahore may take three to four days.

Reasons for fire eruptions are yet to ascertained by PTCL and rescue officials.

  • Affan

    Sounds curious, PTI jalsa is going on in lahore today and they use social media campaigns..
    Go Nawaz Go…..

    • Annonymous ninja


  • Eli Ehsan

    Great! Now AMRAN will have a field day of “OYEEEEEEEs” in Lawrrr jalsa later today.. :)
    *Grabs GO GO Pan masala & switches on TV*

    • Zaki Uddin

      Lol AMRAN, i see what you did there XD

  • Bilal Iqbal

    Sad… But a question mark on safety rules in critical building … :(

  • Faisal Basra

    Ufone is also totally out of service, no signals from Morning in Gujrat, Daska and Surroundings. Maybe its linked with it.

    • Noman

      No, Ufone’s partiall service is available in lahore but i hope soon it will be resolved.

  • Saleem Shah

    are the ATMs working in Lahore?

    • Muhammad Usman Ikram

      In some areas the atm’s aren’t working.

  • Mian Wattu

    No plausible explanation of the incident from PTCL’s foreign management so far whereas asset worth millions of $ has been burnt ot ashes. Thee is some similarity between the fire which burnt the nearby LDA plaza to eliminate some sensitive financial record?