China Mobile Pakistan Migrates to Teradata

Teradata today announced that China Mobile Pakistan is replacing its existing Data Warehouse systems with Teradata technology.

China Mobile Pakistan, the 100 percent-owned subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Corporation (CMCC), recognizing an urgent need to revamp their old infrastructure to support its growing network and customers base, and after an exhaustive evaluation process which included all reputable data warehousing vendors, the company decided to partner with Teradata going forward, and to upgrade their infrastructure.

To monetize all of its data with the latest technology, CMPak purchased a Teradata Extreme Data Platform 1700 with massive storage and deep-dive analytics capacity and a Teradata Data Warehouse Appliance 2750 for high-performance analytics. Teradata will also provide planning, implementation, deployment and consulting, along with managed services.

CMPak and Teradata officials at the signing ceremony!
CMPak and Teradata officials at the signing ceremony!

“A new approach is required to tackle new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities. Most customer management data warehouses were built to support voice revenue and churn, but with smart phones and 4G networks, the market has shifted to data being king,” said Khuram Rahat, managing director, Teradata Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh at the signing ceremony of this new partnership.

He further added, “Our strategy is to move Teradata’s installed base beyond ‘traditional analytics’ to next-generation capabilities that enable true innovation. This will help Communication Service Providers manage digital-services churn to create new business value, deliver new products and services, monetize data, and offer a superior experience for all customers in the future.”

Niaz A. Malik, CIO, stated,

“We believe in the capability of Teradata data warehousing solutions. This new investment will allow IT to become more agile with respect to how we consume our data and how we use it for our decision making.

It will also allow our stakeholder to make prompt decisions and have a comprehensive ability to forecast future trends. These capabilities will provide CMPak a strategic edge that will help our business in achieving its objectives.”

Dr. Fan Yunjun, CEO, in elaborating on the strategic decision taken by CMPak, said,

“We explored many options and found Teradata to be most focused on working with their customers and helping them to take advantage of what their technology has to offer, all toward better growth and better results. We look forward to a longstanding relationship with Teradata.”

      • Data warehouse uses data currently stored and perform analysis on it. It will help the end customers by answering questions like what time was the network clogged the most, which areas was the coverage bad, which time of the year people uses the network at max. Apart from that, by performing analysis on the customer demographics, like area, age, gender etc, the company can target their offers and packages accordingly which benefits its customers the most.

        All other operators in Pakistan and all over the world are already utilizing Teradata’s analytical capabilities to the fullest. This will help China mobile in keeping customers happy and growing their business as well.

        • Even NADRA is using teradata for all processing and analysis alongwith other biometric systems…

  • good step now make your network coverage strong in the city areas where you are for way behind by telenor and ufone

    • It is an excellent initiative at the right time when 3G/4G customers have crossed 2.5 million and there is an exponential growth in data market.

  • People are confused with this development. This is more about stored data analysis for planning’ observing and controlling strategic deciasions. It will help them in understanding current and future trends etc. The network is based upon core system and other things for real time communitions whereas datawarehouses are built with databases for analysis purpose . teradata is real leader in this industry.

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